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When AdBlock is enabled on Chrome or other browsers, several screens in the Controller do not load data and appear as blank screens. Specifically, the screens with lists are affected: Business Transaction list, Applications list, License list, Agents list, Transaction Snapshots.

Affected Software

All Controller versions when viewed in a browser that has AdBlock or AdBlock Plus extensions enabled.


The workaround is to disable Adblock or Adblock extensions from the browser. If disabling the extensions at the browser-level is not feasible, then exclude the AppDynamics Controller site from these extensions/add-ons.

See How do I disable AdBlock in Chrome? for more information on how to enable the workaround.


The hotfix 4.5.2.x is not released yet.

Revision History

  • 10/11/2018, v1 (initial publication)
  • 11/6/2018, v2 (added link to Knowledge Base)
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