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The installation of AppDynamics Controller to 4.5.0 (new install or upgrade) fails with the following error: “MDS MIGRATION FAILED in upgrading MDS schemas to the latest version with the message: Unable to update database”. This error occurs if the host running the Controller does not have access to the Internet. The error results from a third-party library misconfigured to request a schema file from the third-party’s download servers. Upgrades that fail with this error result in an unusable Controller.

Affected Software

This problem applies when upgrading to Controller version 4.5.0 (Enterprise Console Installer versions prior to or when installing it for the first time. It does not impact previous versions of the Controller, or any other AppDynamics components.


You can prevent this issue by temporarily providing the Controller host with Internet access for the duration of the upgrade. Internet access is not required after the upgrade.

If you do encounter this error, you should contact AppDynamics support to help recover your Controller before taking any action.


Download and execute Enterprise Console Installer version This will install the Controller version Work with the AppDynamics support team to upgrade to the hotfix version if you previously ran into this issue.

Revision History

  • 07/17/2018 v1 Initial publication
  • 07/20/2018 v2 Added referenced to the release hotfix version in the resolution

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