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What we are announcing?

AppDynamics is announcing we will no longer be providing support for all versions of Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS, which are used solely for the purpose of Controller deployment, effective 09/2016.

Who is impacted?

On premises customers deploying versions of AppDynamics Controllers shipped after 09/2016 will need to upgrade their Operating System to a 64-bit supported version, or use another supported Operating System for Controller deployment.

We will continue to support Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS for Controller deployment from earlier releases.

Will agents be affected?

Customers deploying AppDynamics agents on Windows machines running a supported Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS are not affected by this announcement. AppDynamics will keep supporting agent deployment on supported Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS.

Why is AppDynamics making this announcement?

As AppDynamics continues to provide more a rich, premier application intelligence data platform we require higher bitness of the Operating System.


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