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AppDynamics eXchange provides many ways for you to extend and integrate AppDynamics Pro with other systems.

Build a Monitoring Extension

Using the standalone Machine Agent you can create extensions that add metrics to the set that AppDynamics already collects and reports to the Controller. These can include metrics that you collect from other monitoring systems and from services that are not instrumented by AppDynamics, such as databases, LDAP servers, web servers, C programs, etc.

To learn how to write your own monitoring extension see:


Build an Alerting Extension

You can create a custom notification to integrate AppDynamics health rule violations and events with your alerting or ticketing system. See Alert and Respond.

To learn how to write your own custom notification see:

Build an Extension Using the REST API

You can programmatically retrieve data from AppDynamics and use it elsewhere, including:

  • Performance testing tools
  • Unified monitoring portals
  • Phone apps
  • Corporate warehouse with other corporate data
  • Tools that analyze other systems

You can retrieve any metric available in the AppDynamics Metric Browser using the REST API, such as:

  • Metadata that describes your applications, tiers, nodes, business transactions, etc.
  • Real data such as metrics, events, transaction snapshots, health rule violations, etc.

See Use the AppDynamics REST API.

Build a Cloud Auto-Scaling Extension

The AppDynamics IConnector interface helps you create custom implementations of orchestration functionalities such as creating, destroying, restarting, configuring, and validating machine and image instances directly from the AppDynamics Controller UI. See Cloud Auto-Scaling Actions.

To learn how to write your own cloud auto-scaling extension see: