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  • Microsoft Orleans is supported on the .NET and .NET microservices agents.
  • .NET Core 2.0 for Windows is supported on the .NET microservices agent.
  • Support for Azure Service Fabric Remoting v2.

The following NuGet packages are now available. If you have used a previous version of an AppDynamics NuGet package, you will need to upgrade to the new version. See Upgrade AppDynamics.WindowsAzure NuGet Package.

AppDynamics.Agent.Distrib.Micro.WindowsAppDynamics NuGet package for .NET. This package should not be installed directly and is intended for download and file distribution. This package is used for Azure Service Fabric deployments. See Install AppDynamics for Azure Service Fabric for instructions.
AppDynamics.Agent.WindowsAppDynamics .NET Core microservices agent for Windows. Recommended for standalone installations. See Install the .NET Core Microservices Agent for Windows for deployment instructions. NOTE: This package does not support .NET Framework, only .NET Core for Windows.


AppDynamics .NET agent for Azure Cloud Services. See Install AppDynamics for Azure Cloud Services.


AppDynamics .NET microservices agent for Azure App Service. This package is intended for applications deployed to Azure App Service (Azure Web Apps and Azure API Apps). See Install the AppDynamics .NET Microservices Agent and Install AppDynamics for Azure App Service for instructions.

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