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Requirements for Demo and Small Profile Environments

AppDynamics for Databases is an on-premise solution and can be installed on the same server as the AppDynamics Pro Controller, or on a different server.  In either case it requires 1 CPU and 2GB of RAM to monitor a single database instance. If you install it on the Controller server, these resources are in addition to the Controller resources. Also, change the default port number so it doesn't conflict with the Controller. 

Prevent and Resolve Port Number Conflicts

When installing AppDynamics for Databases on the same host as the AppDynamics Pro Controller, there is a port conflict. Both products use port 8090 for the UI by default. That means that the AppDynamics for Databases UI server will fail to start after the install. You must change the port number and then restart the server.

Change the Port Number of the AppDynamics for Databases UI Server

  1. Open the following file in a text editor:
     <AppD4DB install directory>/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml.
  2. Find the only line containing 8090 and change the number to the number of the desired port. 
    Note: We recommend that you use port 9090. Do not use 8091 because this port is used for the MySQL connection between AppDynamics for Databases and the MySQL server database where it stores the captured data, and do not use port 8092 either because that is the default shutdown port specified in the Tomcat server.xml file.
  3. Restart the AppDynamics for Databases process as follows:
    Windows: Restart the Windows services named: DBTuna_GUI and DBTuna_DB.
    Linux: From the AppDynamics for Databases home directory, run ./


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