This page discusses best practices for managing disk space for the MySQL database used by the Controller.

Disk Space Considerations

To ensure database integrity, the Controller automatically shuts itself down when available disk space falls below 1 GB.

Before it reaches that point, the Controller displays a low disk space alert in the UI and writes an error level event to server.log. The point at which the Controller generates the alert depends on its profile, as follows:

  • For large and extra large profiles: 10 GB or less
  • For all other profiles: 2 GB or less

The Controller shuts itself down when there is less than 1 GB on the disk regardless of the Controller profile type. 

It's important to note that the Controller monitors the disk or partition that it is installed on. If the Controller data resides on a different disk or partition from the Controller home directory, you will need to monitor available space on that disk or partition separately.

Managing Disk Space

If the disk space is low, you need to reduce the size of the Controller database.

To manage how much disk space the Controller database uses, you can change the amount of data retained in the Controller database. See Database Size and Data Retention.