The requirements for different components in the Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises platform are based on the performance profile you select. This page describes the different performance profiles and how to determine the profile size you need. 

CPU and Memory Space Requirements

When the Enterprise Console host is shared with the Controller host, it should have enough space to match the Controller host requirements, since there is no need for additional memory for the Enterprise Console.

However, when the Enterprise Console host is not shared with the Controller host, then it requires additional memory and disk space.

See Enterprise Console Requirements and Prepare the Controller Host for additional space requirements.

Network Considerations

Your network or the host machine may have built-in firewall rules that you will need to adjust to accommodate the Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises platform. Specifically, you may need to permit network traffic on the ports used in the system. For more information, see Port Settings.

For expected bandwidth consumption for the agents, see the requirements documentation for app agents, see Install App Server Agents.

System User Account

You need to install all platform components with a single user account or accounts that have equivalent permissions on the operating system. The user needs to have write permissions for the installation directory. 

Operating System Support

See Operating System Support.

Internationalization Support

The Controller and App Agents provide full internationalization support, with support for double- and triple-byte characters. This support provides the following abilities:

  • Controller UI users can enter double- or triple-byte characters into text fields in the UI.
  • The Controller can accept data that contains double- or triple-byte characters from instrumented applications.

Network Bandwidth Requirements

See Administer App Server Agents for information on bandwidth usage in an Cisco AppDynamics deployment.

More Information

For requirements that are specific to product components, see the following pages: