This page provides information and access instructions for the Cisco AppDynamics Administration Console.

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Do not confuse the Cisco AppDynamics Administration Console with the general application administration page in the Controller UI.

The Cisco AppDynamics Administration Console lets you configure certain global settings such as metric retention periods, UI notification triggers, tenancy mode, and accounts in multi-tenancy mode.

We recommend that you do not change Controller settings in the console unless under the guidance of a customer support or as specifically directed by documentation. 

Access the Administration Console

  1. If you are logged into a Controller UI session with an account other than the root user, log out or open a new browser window in private (incognito) mode. If you do not, you will get an "Access Denied" error when you attempt to open the console page.  

  2. In the browser enter the URL of the Administration Console:


    The console is served on the same port as the Controller UI, port 8090 by default.

  3. Log into the system account with the root user password. The root user is a built-in global administrator for the Controller. Use the password you set for this user when installing. See Update the Root User Password.

    The root user password is different from a normal Cisco AppDynamics account password. It is not the same as the account owner or account administrator password. If you are logged into the Controller using your current account, you need to log out of that account and then back in as the root user to access the Administration Console. You can change the Controller root user password if you wish. See Update the Root User Password.