You must do the following before you enable Server Visibility:

  1. Review the Server Visibility Requirements and Supported Environments.
  2. Install and configure the Standalone Machine Agent on a machine with a supported OS as described in Install the Machine Agent.

Server Visibility License Required

Infrastructure Visibility is an add-on module to the Standalone Machine Agent and requires a Server Visibility license on the agent.

To enable Server Visibility
  1. Set the "sim enabled" property to "true". For details on where to put configuration settings, see Where to Specify Machine Agent Configuration. Configure the value depending on your configuration choice:
    • Element in controller-info.xml:  <sim-enabled>
    • System Property: -Dappdynamics.sim.enabled
    • Environment Variable: APPDYNAMICS_SIM_ENABLED

  2. Restart the machine agent. See Start and Stop the Machine Agent.