Installing the Network Agent is generally performed as part of an overall workflow for setting up Network Visibility. The three supported workflows are:

To determine the best workflow for your environment, see Set Up Network Visibility on Linux.

Installing the DEB Network Agent

  1. Check System Requirements: See Network Visibility Requirements and Supported Environments.
  2. If you are installing the Network Agent as part of the Multi-Tenant Install workflow, stop each application of interest if it is monitored by an installed App Agent. You will restart each application after you install and set up the Network Agent.
  3. Verify that you have sudo or root access permissions on the machine where you want to install the agent. (You do not need sudo or root access to run the agent.)
  4. Open a command prompt on the host, run the mount command, and check the mounted filesystem for the directory where you plan to install the agent. The filesystem should not have the noexec and nsuid flags set.
  5. Download the agent package to the machine.
  6. Enter the following command:
    sudo dpkg -i <installer.deb>
    The network agent software is installed under /opt/appdynamics/netviz
    The agent should start automatically with the following message: appd-netviz start/running. process <pid #>
    To verify the Network Agent status, run the following: sudo service appd-netviz status 
  7. If the agent does not start, run the following:  sudo service appd-netviz start 
  8. If you experience any problems or issues, see FAQs and Troubleshooting for Network Visibility.
  9. If you are installing the Network Agent as part of a Set Up Network Visibility on Linux workflow, proceed to the next step in the workflow:

Administering the DEB Network Agent

Start agent
sudo service appd-netviz start

If the agent starts successfully, you should see the following:

appd-netviz start/running. process <pid #>

Stop agent
sudo service appd-netviz stop

If the agent stops successfully, you should see the following:

appd-netviz stop
appd-netviz stop/waiting

Restart agent
sudo service appd-netviz restart

Check Agent Status

sudo service appd-netviz status

This command shows whether the agent is running or not. You should see the following: 

appd-netviz start/running, process <pid #>

Uninstalling the DEB Network Agent

The network agent software is installed under /opt/appdynamics/netvizTo uninstall the agent, run the following command. 

sudo dpkg -P appd-netviz