Network Visibility can collect the following types of metric: 

  • KPI Metrics in Network Browser
    Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics are essential measures of whether a network element is performing successfully. The Network Browser shows KPIs for tiers, nodes, network links, and the entire application
  • KPI Metrics in Right-Click Dashboards
    You can right-click on a network element and perform network troubleshooting in the right-click dashboard. These dashboards make it easy to drill down to network elements and metrics that correlate with application-performance issues. 
  • TCP Connection Metrics
    When you narrow down a network problem to a specific network location, you can configure Network Agents to collect advanced metrics for the relevant connections.
  • Node Metrics in Network Dashboard and Metric Browser
    The Network Agent also collects node-level metrics for monitoring the TCP stack health, collisions, and errors on physical interfaces.