This page explains how to set compatibility mode for the .NET Agent. Compatibility mode allows you to collect and view machine or server metrics on a server with Machine and .NET Agents installed. 

Before You Begin

See the following list of requirements and general information about compatibility mode: 

  • .NET Compatibility Mode is required for metrics from a Machine Agent and a .NET Agent on the same server to be visibly associated with the same node in the Controller UI.
  • There might be differences in metric values reported by the Machine Agent and the .NET Agent due to different averaging rates and measurement methods.
  • You must enable .NET Compatibility Mode on the Machine Agent.  
  • When .NET Compatibility Mode is enabled:
    • Events from Service Availability and Custom Extensions appear in the Servers tab but are not associated with .NET applications in the Controller UI.
    • The Controller UI might show the server name with "-java-MA" appended to the host ID. Thus, a Machine Agent with a <unique-host-id> set to "ABC" might appear as "ABC-java-MA" in the Controller UI. This is expected behavior; the "-java-MA" suffix indicates that the host has a Machine Agent running in .NET Compatibility Mode. 
  • Do not specify the <application-name><tier-name>, or <node-name> properties on the Machine Agent. These properties are intended for use with a Machine Agent on a host that has no other AppDynamics agents installed.

Enable Compatibility Mode

To enable .NET Compatibility Mode:

  1. You need to enable .NET Compatibility Mode on the agent. There are two methods to do this:
    • Set the following options in <machine_agent_home>/conf/controller-info.xml
      1. <dotnet-compatibility-mode>true</dotnet-compatibility-mode>  
         You might need to add this line to the controller-info.xml file.
      2. <unique-host-id><unique-host-id-of-dot-net-agent></unique-host-id> 
        For both agents to report metrics to the same node, the Machine Agent must use the same case-sensitive Unique Host ID used by the .NET Agent. See FAQs and Troubleshooting
    • Set the ./bin/machine-agent system property as follows:

      ./bin/machine-agent -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.dotnetCompatibilityMode=true

  2. Save the controller-info.xml file. 
  3. Start or restart the Machine Agent. You must do this to apply the previous changes.