Business operations must ensure their internal and external teams have full access to the content and collaborative services that SharePoint offers. To do that, administrators need an APM solution with total visibility across the SharePoint environment. AppDynamics works with SharePoint to give you the details for complex tasks such as end-user monitoring, log analytics, and server support.

Here are the benefits of using AppDynamics to monitor SharePoint:

  • Using AppDynamics, you can monitor most SharePoint components (web applications, search components, workflow and Office Web Apps), using a mixture of .NET APM agents, EUM agents, analytics agents, and machine agents.
  • AppDynamics can help you understand what is happening on the end user page and document navigation/browsing using End User Monitoring.
  • AppDynamics APM partitions user activity by content web applications.
  • AppDynamics APM can provide insights into Office Web Apps document rendering behavior.
  • You can get more details on search and query usage. 

    AppDynamics is not a replacement for the Systems Center Operations Management (SCOM) pack or a well-planned IBM Tivoli implementation, particularly when just interpreting PerfMon counters. SharePoint Server 2013 integrates well with SCOM, which is very useful but still optional.
    Finally, AppDynamics is not meant to be a replacement for native monitoring tools but rather works together with tools from Microsoft and its robust partner ecosystem.

Download and read this eBook, and work with an AppDynamics expert in your organization, or AppDynamics Professional Services, before implementing this solution.