ADQL Reference:

For details for the Analytics data event types described below, refer to the links to the right under ADQL Data.

Transaction Analytics refers to event data collected by the AppDynamics Java and .NET app agents. Data is collected for each instance of a business transaction. Each instance of a business transaction passing through a tier is an event. You can view the raw data for any transaction instance that occurred within the data retention time. This gives you the ability to analyze the business impact of every event and learn how your customers use your application.

Log Analytics provides analytics on data collected from log files. 

Browser, Mobile and  IoT Analytics provide analytics on data collected by the AppDynamics End User Monitoring (EUM) JavaScript Agent, Mobile, and IoT Monitoring SDKs.

Synthetic Sessions Analytics provides analytics on sessions data collected by AppDynamics Browser Synthetic Monitoring.

Analytics Custom Events can be added using the AppDynamics Analytics Events API.