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You can try AppDynamics free for 15 days with AppDynamics SaaS Pro Trial. At the end of the trial period, AppDynamics SaaS Pro Trial transitions to AppDynamics Lite, the free product edition.

AppDynamics Lite Features

AppDynamics Lite provides the same application monitoring and troubleshooting features as AppDynamics Pro, with a few limitations as described here. 

AppDynamics Lite includes the following license units: 

  • One unit of Java APM
  • One unit of .NET APM
  • One unit of PHP APM
  • One unit of Node.js APM
  • One unit of Python APM
  • One unit of Web Server APM
  • One unit of Database Monitoring 
  • Six units of Server Monitoring (via Standalone and .NET Machine Agents)

The data retention period is restricted to 24 hours.

For End User Monitoring, AppDynamics Lite provides access to a subset of features of the Pro product, as described in Browser RUM License and Mobile RUM Licenses.

AppDynamics Lite restricts queries to the last 24 hours both from the user interface and via API. Also, you can manage five applications on AppDynamics Lite, as well as on AppDynamics Self-Service Pro Trial and Standard editions. To retain history for longer than 24 hours and monitor an unlimited number of applications, upgrade to AppDynamics Pro.

See AppDynamics Pricing for information on changing or buying licenses. 

Transitioning from Pro Trial to AppDynamics Lite

When the trial period ends, and AppDynamics detects an expired AppDynamics Pro Trial license, the Controller resets all agents. See information on resetting app agents in Manage App Agents.

After the reset, the Controller limits agent registration to one each of the Java Agent, the .NET Agent, the PHP Agent, and the Node.js Agent. The Controller permits the first agent of each type to register and use a license.

AppDynamics recommends you uninstall any agents you do not use. For instructions on how to uninstall an agent, see the uninstall topic corresponding to your agent type under Install App Server Agents