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After you sign up for an account, you can download available AppDynamics software packages on the AppDynamics Download Portal.

Where applicable, AppDynamics also publishes software for distribution on package manager repositories such as RPM, npm, pip, NuGet, and more. For products that are available via the package manager, you can find relevant instructions to retrieve and install the software in the installation documentation.

When you download files, always copy or transfer the files in binary mode. If you want to transfer a file you have downloaded on Windows to a Linux machine, use binary mode in your transfer program when you move the file to the destination Linux environment.

Download AppDynamics Software with cURL

The following steps demonstrate how to use cURL to get the latest version of an AppDynamics software download.

  1. Retrieve an OAUTH token with the download scope:

    curl -X POST -d '{"username": "<username>","password": "<password>","scopes": ["download"]}' https://identity.msrv.saas.appdynamics.com/v2.0/oauth/token
  2. View the latest version of each available product from https://download.appdynamics.com/download/downloadfilelatest/. For example:

    curl https://download.appdynamics.com/download/downloadfilelatest/ 
  3. Inspect the response (or parse via script) to find the download_path of the latest product version. 
  4. Download the binary by running the following command:

    Replace access_token with your OAUTH token from Step 1, and replace url_to_file with the download_path value from the response in Step 3.

    curl -L -O -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" <url_to_file>

Validate Software Package Downloads

You can use checksum validation and a digital signature (for specific packages) to validate software downloaded from the AppDynamics Download Portal. This requires the machine on which you validate a package to include a TLS 1.2 implementation. 

Checksum Validation

  1. In the download portal, click the Checksums link beneath a software package. This displays the MD5 and SHA256 checksums. 
  2. After your download completes, run a checksum tool and compare the results against the checksum information from the download portal.

Digital Signatures

AppDynamics digitally signs the following packages using a certificate signed by a publicly known certificate authority:

  • .NET Agent
  • AppDynamics Controller for Windows MSI installer

AppDynamics digitally signs the following packages using a PGP key:

  • Java Agent
  • Standalone Machine Agent
  • Standalone Machine Agent RPM package
  • Python Agent pip package

The AppDynamics PGP public key is hosted on https://pgp.mit.edu under the User ID "help@appdynamics.com". For information on using a PGP signature to validate a software package, see Verify AppDynamics Software Downloads with PGP.