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This page explains how to subscribe to Serverless APM for AWS Lambda. Cisco AppDynamics provides Serverless APM functionality in the form of a tracer library. See Serverless APM.


Serverless APM for AWS Lambda supports AWS Lambda functions implemented in Java, Node.js, or Python. A subscription to Serverless APM requires:

  • Cisco AppDynamics SaaS Controller >= 4.5.11.
  • An active Cisco AppDynamics Pro account.
  • A Cisco AppDynamics Premium or Enterprise license, using either the Agent-based Licensing model or the Infrastructure-based Licensing model.
  • Your Controller access key. This requires you to be a Cisco AppDynamicsAccount Owner or have Administrator privileges.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role with permission to one of these policies:
    • AWSMarketplaceManageSubscriptions 

    • AWSMarketplaceFullAccess

Subscribe to Serverless APM 

Subscribe to Cisco AppDynamics Serverless APM for AWS Lambda through AWS Marketplace.

  1. In the AWS Marketplace, navigate to the Cisco AppDynamics Serverless APM for AWS Lambda listing.
  2. Click Continue to Subscribe.
  3. Sign in to your AWS account. 
  4. Click Subscribe. A message, Congratulations! You are now subscribed!, appears confirming your subscription. 
    If the Subscribe button is unavailable:
    1. Navigate to Having issues signing up for your product?
    2. Select click here
    3. Proceed to step six.
  5. Click Set Up Your Account.
  6. Enter your SaaS Controller URL and Controller Access Key (Default), then click Continue

    • The SaaS Controller URL must be a full path URL with no whitespace or trailing slashes. 
    • Registration may take up to 30 seconds. 
    • You can only access the registration page through AWS Marketplace. 
    • Do not close the registration page while it attempts to connect to the Controller. If you close the registration page, you will have to subscribe again through AWS Marketplace. 
  7. Click Getting Started to learn more about Serverless APM for AWS Lambda.

Subscribe Multiple Controllers

You can subscribe multiple Controllers to Serverless APM, as long as each Controller meets the requirements described on this page. Begin with step 4a in Subscribe to Serverless APM above and complete the steps for each Controller. 

Unsubscribe from Serverless APM for AWS Lambda

Unsubscribe from Serverless APM for AWS Lambda to stop all tracing by Cisco AppDynamics

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
  2. Go to Your Account > Your Software Subscriptions > SaaS. Locate the  Cisco AppDynamics Serverless APM for AWS Lambda subscription.
  3. Select Cancel SubscriptionCancel Subscription unsubscribes all Controllers from Serverless APM.  

You can disable Serverless APM at any time. When you disable Serverless APM, the tracer continues to monitor any instances currently executing until those instances finish. Requests executed by instances started after you disable the tracer are not monitored. 

Technical support is available through Support Information. All billing related questions are handled by AWS Marketplace.

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