This page provides an overview of the Controller UI for Mobile RUM applications. Mobile RUM presents your application information in the following ways:

  • Mobile App Dashboard: An overview dashboard, with tabs for
    • Widgets for visually displaying common metrics
    • Map-based performance display
    • Usage statistics
  • Experience Journey Map: A map of top user journeys navigating your mobile application
  • Mobile Sessions: A detailed list of mobile sessions, following users as they interact with your application
  • Network Requests Lists: A detailed list of network requests with dashboards
  • Crashes: A dashboard displaying of application crash trends and detailed snapshots of individual crashes with stack traces
  • Custom Data: A dashboard specific data you want the agent to collect for you

Access a Browser RUM Application

To see application data in the Controller UI:

  1. In the top tab bar, select User Experience. The list of instrumented Browser and Mobile Apps displays.
  2. Select the Mobile App tab.
  3. Double-click a mobile application.