You can correlate mobile network requests with business transactions. In actuality, the correlation is made between instances of network requests (network request snapshots) and instances of business transactions (transaction snapshots).

Mobile Network Requests Correlation

When an end user takes an action with your mobile application that requires a network request:

  1.   The App Agent:
    • Sends HTTP headers identifying the business transaction to the end user's mobile device.
    • Aggregates backend metrics and sends them along with the business transaction identifiers to the Controller. This serves as the content for the transaction snapshot.
  2. The Mobile Agent sends metrics and the business transaction identifiers (from the HTTP header) to the EUM Server. This serves as the content for the network request snapshot.
  3. The Controller fetches the metrics and business transaction identifiers from the EUM Server. Using the business transaction identifiers, the Controller correlates the network request snapshot with the transaction snapshots.

View Business Transactions Correlated with Mobile Applications

There are several ways to navigate from a mobile network request snapshot to its correlated business transaction. This procedure provides a sample navigation:  

  1. From the Mobile App Dashboard, click Network Requests.
  2. Click Snapshots.
  3. You should now see network transaction snapshots:
    Network Transaction Snapshots

  4. Double-click one of the browser snapshots to open the Network Request Snapshot Details dialog. If a correlated transaction snapshot exists, a link displays in the Business Transactions section:

    Network Transaction Snapshot Details
  5. You can then click links in the transaction snapshot or transaction snapshot itself to view corresponding pages.