This page describes top use cases for Experience Journey Map and is categorized by application stakeholder: IT operations, developers, and application owners.

IT Operations

GoalUse Case
Prioritize performance-related incidents

Investigate why users are experiencing Ajax errors on a browser application:

  1. In Experience Journey Map, you see that a correlation of Ajax errors, a high drop-off rate, and the majority of Ajax errors occurs on Internet Explorer browsers.
  2. Filter user journeys by browser and notice that the trend maintains.
  3. Click on Analyze to see Browser Sessions with the criteria you filtered in Experience Journey Map.
Create real-world, data-backed testing

Create a data-backed Synthetic script for browser application testing:

  1. In Experience Journey Map, look at top user journeys within the default time frame.
  2. Adjust the time frame to one day, one week, and one month.
  3. Identify the top user journeys in each time frame and note if there are consistencies throughout.
  4. Write a synthetic script to test those top user journeys.

Investigate if crashes correlate with a specific mobile device version:

  1. In Experience Journey Map, click on a few iOS views containing crashes. You see that most users experiencing those crashes are using iPhone 8.
  2. Filter user journeys by mobile device version to diagnose if one version is causing those crashes.
  3. Fix the issue related to the device version.
  4. Filter Experience Journey Map by that device version again and validate the fix.


GoalUse Case
Prioritize and resolve errors

Identify the source of iOS application crashes in the last 24 hours:

  1. In Experience Journey Map, click the traffic segment to identify the top user device and OS.
  2. Use this data to reproduce the crashes.
  3. Click Analyze on the traffic segment to view each mobile session crash and identify the mobile crash stack trace.
  4. Once you fix the issue, use Experience Journey Map to validate the fix.

Application Owners

GoalUse Case
Manage and prioritize resource investments

Evaluate user interactions with a new banking application feature:

  1. In Experience Journey Map, filter user journeys to see traffic metrics for the new feature.
  2. Depending on whether the new feature is gaining more or less traffic than expected, collaborate with IT operations and developers to increase or decrease resources around the feature.