Agent Management provides agent lifecycle management by using either Smart Agent, Smart Agent Command Line tool, or collection of other tools depending on your configuration environment. These tools simplify the management of agents, enabling you to automate the agent operations, such as install, upgrade, and rollback.

This is helpful for performing agent operations in a large-scale environment. For example, as an ITOps you would want to install an APM agent on more than 1000 machines. Installing the agents on the machines manually is a tedious task. Using the agent management tools, you can install agents on all the machines with an initial configuration.

You can use the following features of Agent Management either through Smart Agent or using the supported automation tools that you want to use :

  • Discover the agents that are running in your environment
  • Export the inventory of your agents
  • Install the same type of agents to the required machines at a time 
  • Upgrade the agents 
  • Rollback app server and Machine Agents to the previous version

Smart Management of Agents

To get started with the lifecycle management of the agents through the UI, you must install Smart Agent on all the machines that you require to manage. See Smart Agent.

When you have installed Smart Agent, you can perform the following tasks from the Agent Management page on the AppDynamics Controller UI:

Get Started

The following pages will help you get started:

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