To enable the integration for a SaaS Controller version older than 21.5.0, you need to raise a ticket at

Before you can access the ThousandEyes network data, you must configure the ThousandEyes token in your ThousandEyes Account. See account settings.

To access the ThousandEyes data, configure the ThousandEyes token by performing the following steps: 

You must have AppDynamics admin privileges access to this page. To request access contact the AppDynamics support.

  1. Click the gear icon at the top-right corner of the Home page and select Administration
    The Administration page displays.
  2. Click the Integrations tab. 
  3. Click the ThousandEyes tab. The ThousandEyes Integration page displays.
  4. Click the Enable ThousandEyes Integration toggle.
  5. Enter the token value in the Authorization Token field manually or you can copy and paste it. 


    The token must be in the format Bearer<space><token>.

    You can retrieve the authorization token by logging in to ThousandEyes Account.

  6. Click Save.

On disabling the ThousandEyes integration on the Administration page:

  • If you select ThousandEyes query in Show me data for dropdown list, it displays a warning message requesting you to enable the query:
  • The existing widgets that use ThousandEyes query do not render ThousandEyes data.