You can create, edit, or delete an action suppression in the Action Suppression tab. To access the action suppression configuration, click Alert & Respond > Actions Action Suppression.

Create an Action Suppression

When you create a new configuration, configure the panels in the same order as in the interface, because the configuration of the object scope determines the available affected entities presented in the object scope panel.

  1. In the Action Suppression panel, click the Create + icon. The Create Action Suppression wizard appears.

  2. In the Overview panel, enter a name for the action suppression. You can use alphanumeric characters to specify a name. Ensure that you specify a unique name.

  3. To prevent the agents defined in the object scope from reporting metric data during the action suppression active time frame, select Disable Agent Reporting
  4. Select a time zone from the Time Zone dropdown.
  5. To suppress actions only once, configure these One Time settings:
    1. The time to start action suppression. You can choose:
      • Now—to suppress actions immediately.
      • After—to suppress actions after the defined number of minutes.
      • Date—to suppress actions on a date, at a defined time.
    2. The time to stop action suppression. You can choose:
      • After—to stop suppressing the actions after the defined number of minutes.
      • Date—to stop suppressing actions on a date, at a defined time.
  6. To suppress actions on a recurring basis, configure these Recurring settings:
    • Daily—to suppress actions every day from the defined Start Time to the End Time.
    • Weekly—to suppress actions on a specific day of a week from the defined Start Time to the End Time.
    • Monthly—to suppress actions on a specific date or a day of the month.  
      • Specific date—to suppress actions starting on a specified Start Date and Start Time through the End Date and End Time.
      • Specific day—to suppress actions starting on a specified day and Start Time through the End Time.
  7. In the Object Scope panel, select what entities that the action suppression affects.
    Depending on the type of object, you can configure the corresponding entities that are affected. See Entities Affected for information about the type of entities that can be affected by various objects.
  8. To suppress actions only for the violations caused by specified health rules:
    1. In the Health Rule Scope panel, select Suppress Action execution for these specified Health Rules.
    2. Click Add. The Health Rule Selection dialog appears.
    3. Select the health rules and click Select Health Rule(s).
  9. Click Create.

Edit an Action Suppression

To modify an action suppression configuration, click the Edit icon.

Delete an Action Suppression

To delete a configured action suppression, click the Delete icon. A dialog asks you to confirm the deletion.