Check Agent Logs

After a successful install, the agent log at <machine_agent_home>/logs, should contain the following message:

Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully

If the agent log file is not present, the Machine Agent may not be accessing the command properties. To troubleshoot, check the application server log file where STDOUT is logged. It has the fallback log messages, which are useful for troubleshooting the agent.

Verify that the Agent is Reporting to the Controller

  1. From the Controller Top Navigation Bar, select Settings > AppDynamics Agents.
  2. Click the Machine Agents tab. 
    The listing for the Machine Agent displays. If you do not see the Machine Agent listed, check your property settings in <machine_agent_home>/conf/controller-info.xml. See Resolve Machine Agent Installation Problems.

Machine Agent Not Reporting

 If it seems that the Machine Agent is not reporting to the Controller, see Machine Agent Not Reporting article in the Community Knowledge Base.