You can correlate every session with the business transaction that is used for completing the request. With this correlation, you can find the root cause of any degradation or failure in the session. The correlation is made between sessions and instances of business transactions (transaction snapshots).

How Sessions Are Correlated

  1. When the Synthetic Agent sends a request to a client server that has any AppDynamics agent installed, the Synthetic Agent receives some traces in the form of HTTP headers. For the supported agents, see App Server Agents.
    1. The Synthetic Agent sends an HTTP request to the client server and includes the allow_bt_cookie=true header: 

    2. The client server sends the response over HTTP. If the client server has any AppDynamics APM agents installed, it sends traces for the business transaction triggered through the call in the form of a cookie header. 

  2. AppDynamics processes the headers to correlate the backend data with the API monitoring session.

View Business Transactions Correlated with Session Details

To navigate from a Session Details page to its correlated business transaction, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Controller, click User Experience > API Monitoring.
  2. Select an API collection, then click Sessions.
  3. Double-click the API for which you want to view the correlated business transaction.
  4. On the Session Details page, click Business Transaction.
  5. Double-click the business transaction name. This automatically navigates you to the correlated business transaction page.Business Transaction

  6. Click the snapshot to view the details of the transaction or click Transaction Snapshots to view the corresponding pages in APM.