This page describes how to upgrade the Cluster Agent using:

  • Kubernetes CLI, or 
  • Cluster Agent Helm Chart

See Install the Cluster Agent.

Upgrade the Cluster Agent Using Kubernetes CLI

  1. Download the target version of the Cluster Agent bundle from the AppDynamics Downloads portal.
  2. Unzip the bundle and cd to the unzipped folder:

    unzip appdynamics-cluster-agent-alpine-linux-<version>.zip
    cd appdynamics-cluster-agent-alpine-linux-<version>
  3. Update the cluster-agent.yaml to include any previously applied configuration.

  4. Update the image tag to add the version of the downloaded Cluster Agent bundle (for example, 21.12.0):

    kind: Clusteragent
      name: k8s-cluster-agent
      namespace: appdynamics
      appName: "<app-name>"
      controllerUrl: "http://<appdynamics-controller-host>:8080"
      account: "<account-name>"
      # docker image info
      image: ""
      serviceAccountName: appdynamics-cluster-agent
  5. Delete and re-create the Operator and Cluster Agent.

    kubectl delete -f cluster-agent.yaml
    kubectl delete -f cluster-agent-operator.yaml
    kubectl create -f cluster-agent-operator.yaml
    kubectl create -f cluster-agent.yaml

Upgrade the Cluster Agent Using the Helm Chart

The latest Cluster Agent Helm Chart is available at appdynamics-charts/cluster-agent. Before you can upgrade to the latest Cluster Agent, you must first uninstall the existing Helm Chart and then re-install it. 

  1. Use helm get and helm show to determine if an upgrade is required to install the most recent Cluster Agent images from appdynamics-charts/cluster-agent:

    # which images are currently installed by my release?
    helm get all "<my-cluster-agent-helm-release>" -n appdynamics | grep -E 'agentTag|operatorTag'
      agentTag: 21.12.0
      operatorTag: 21.12.0
    # which images are available to install?
    helm show values appdynamics-charts/cluster-agent | grep -E 'agentTag|operatorTag'
      agentTag: 21.12.0
      operatorTag: 21.12.0
  2. To perform the upgrade, uninstall and re-install the Cluster Agent Helm Chart using the same namespace from the previous installation:

    helm uninstall "<my-cluster-agent-helm-release>" --namespace appdynamics
    helm install -f ./ca1-values.yaml "<my-cluster-agent-helm-release>" appdynamics-charts/cluster-agent --namespace=appdynamics