This page provides an overview of the Node.js Agent, which enables automated transaction detection and correlation across your Node.js-enabled environment. 

Node Naming for Node.js Agents

Each instrumented Node.js process corresponds to a node in the AppDynamics model.

The nodes are named by combining the prefix that you specify for the nodeName in the requires statement that you add to the application source code when you install the Node.js agent with a hyphen and a digit. 

For example, if you designate a prefix of MyNode for the nodes in the MyTier tier, the nodes in that tier are named MyNode-0, MyNode-1, MyNode-2, and so on.

Instrument a Node.js Application Overview

The Getting Started Wizard provides instructions on installing the agent. In the Controller Home page, click Getting Started > Node.js.

The wizard provides the minimum information that the agent needs to communicate with the AppDynamics Controller:

  • Controller Host
  • Controller Port
  • SSL (optional)
  • Application Name
  • Tier Name