Once the OpenTelemetry™ Collector is deployed and configured, you must set the resource attributes to your AppDynamics-monitored application and tier names, and verify that the telemetry.sdk.language attribute is set to your application's language. This will map OpenTelemetry services from your application to AppDynamics.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have deployed and configured the OpenTelemetry™ Collector before configuring the attributes in the sections below.

Set service.name and service.namespace to Your Application and Tier Names

For applications monitored by OpenTelemetry tracers/SDKs, make sure the service.name and service.namespace are configured to map to the tier and application names in the AppDynamics Controller UI. See Attributes with Special Handling.

You have three options to set service.name and service.namespace resource attributes:

  • (Recommended option) Set service.name and service.namespace inside your application code:
    • For Node.js applications monitored by AppDynamics, the OpenTelemetry ApplicationName and TierName is derived from the ApplicationName and TierName in the Node.js require statement:

    • For Java applications monitored by AppDynamics, set the tier name (in service.name) and application name (in service.namespace) for the JVM:

  • Set service.name in your OpenTelemetry otel-config.yml file (see Collector Configuration Sample) to your AppDynamics-monitored tier name(s):

    service.name: shopping cart
  • Set service.name and service.namespace in the OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES environment variable. See OpenTelemetry Instrumentation for language-specific instructions.

Set telemetry.sdk.language to Your Application Language

Most language SDKs populate the attribute telemetry.sdk.language automatically. If this attribute is not set, the AppDynamics Controller may not able to determine the language of your application. To set this language attribute, see OpenTelemetry Telemetry SDK.

Next Steps

Once you have configured the resource attributes, see Instrument Applications with AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry™.

OpenTelemetry™ is a trademark of The Linux Foundation®.