This page provides information about the different agent properties that are used for database monitoring. For configuring the basic agent properties, see Database Agent Configuration Properties.

You can update the following properties using the controller-info.xml file located in the <db_agent_home>/conf directory.

The following table includes the property names that can be used for any specific database or for all the databases along with the purpose of the properties.

Agent Properties for Monitoring Relational Databases

Property NameDatabasePurposeDefault Value

This property specifies whether the agent should disable Sybase. You may want to disable Sybase monitoring with Database Visibility if you are already using other tools to monitor Sybase. Refer to Sybase Database Permissions for information on configuring Sybase permissions. 

If an agent is run with the -Ddbagent.disable.sybase.ase.system.monitoring flag, Database Visibility will stop executing sp_sysmon for Sybase databases. As a result, the following metrics might not show reliable data:

  • Calls per Minute (KPI)
  • All metrics under Server Statistic in the Metric Browser
  • The Load value on the Sybase dashboard

All relational database

This property can be used for MongoDB and Couchbase.
This is the interval at which queries are sampled. The interval can be 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, or 30s. For example, if you have configured the property value as 2Elapsed Time is displayed for 2s, 4s, 6s, and so on (in the multiples of 2).1

Agent properties for monitoring Cassandra

Property Name


Default Value


The interval at which queries are sampled. According to the sampling interval (between 1 and 60), the sampling threshold is set (between 300 ms and 1000 ms).

dbagent.cassandra.max.query.execution.time.secondsMaximum query execution time. Queries executing for more than this duration are not be sampled.300
dbagent.cassandra.query.sampling.limitThe maximum number of queries to sample in a single sampling period. If this value is 0, query sampling is disabled.100,000
dbagent.cassandra.dse.skip.slow.query.table.for.samplingWhether to use sampling from query traces instead of the node_slow_log table for DSE Cassandra.false

Defines the sampling threshold for Apache Cassandra. In other words, queries taking more than this threshold to execute, are sampled by the database agent. 

This property sets a fixed sampling threshold. To use a dynamic sampling threshold based on the sampling interval set a negative value to this property.