AppDynamics provides release information for SaaS Controller and agent releases, resolved issues, system requirements, and all current product updates. 

Resolved and Known Issues

These are the resolved issues in the 22.3 SaaS Controller and agent releases.

When there is an update to an artifact, you can find the new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

Agent Resolved Issues

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CDM-8200Xamarin Agent

Using ProGuard (R8 setting) on Android is causing crashes on some build environments.

DBMON-8570Database AgentMicrosoft SQL Cluster Monitoring: Nodes are not discovered because of case sensitivity issues. 22.3.0


Database Agent

Cassandra Monitoring does not work when DB SSL is enabled and JMX SSL is disabled.22.3.0


.NET Agent The Method Invocation Data Collector is not working when performing complex Getter Chain transformations. 22.3.0


.NET Agent High memory usage occurs when Network Visibility is enabled.22.3.0


.NET Agent The Business Transaction correlation to EUM is not working because of a cookie configuration. 22.3.0


.NET Agent The inflight slow session snapshots do not appear for asynchronous requests.22.3.0


.NET Agent The Ignore Exception rules are not functioning for snapshot errors. 22.3.0


.NET Agent The snapshot collection attempt accesses the wrong Business Transaction. 22.3.0


.NET Agent The timing-out transactions do not terminate their associated snapshots.22.3.0


.NET Agent There are possible memory access violations in the dynamic reflection.22.3.0
DOTNET-6048.NET Agent The Coordinator should only run from the admin or local system account. 22.3.0
DOTNET-6054.NET Agent There is an error with InvalidCastException when comparing internal error objects.22.3.0
IIB-420IBM Integration Bus AgentIIB Agent snapshots are inconsistent and incomplete.22.3.0
IIB-425IBM Integration Bus AgentNew nodes overwrite the existing nodes in the IBM App Connect Enterprise environment.22.3.0
JAVA-10586Java AgentJava Agent creates a large number of segments of long URLs. These segments fill up the elastic index and are not processed by Analytics.22.3.0
JAVA-10670Java AgentService proxy causes JVM heap memory to delete all metric data.22.3.0
JAVA-10790Java AgentJava Agent instruments internal JAR files of Cisco Secure Application.22.3.0
PHP-1246PHP AgentPHP Agent with MySQLi extension does not capture queries in the Result mode.22.3.0
PHP-1644PHP AgentAnalytics does not parse responseTime and transactionTime in the string format.22.3.0
SERVER-8725Machine AgentJVM crashes when trying to run the Machine Agent in the latest JRE 8 on Windows.22.3.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-10439Alert & RespondAPI call to Retrieve Server Health Rule Details returns 400 error.22.3.0
ALERT-11007Alert & Respond'Error fetching temporary token for OAuth, null' message displays when you integrate Jira using the integration wizard.22.3.2
ANALYTICS-13883AnalyticsAdding Agent Scope fails when there are a large number of Analytics Agents.22.3.0
ANALYTICS-14157AnalyticsFetching the Analytics data retention period fails because of a missing license.22.3.1
APMC-208, APMC-216ControllerThe average response time (ART) metric data for a client service shows different values in various dashboards.22.3.2
BRUM-7138, BRUM-7157Browser RUMRequests per minute (RPM) metric shows different values in various dashboards over the same timeframe.22.3.2
BRUM-7164, BRUM-7242Browser RUMBrowser is unable to load JavaScript Agent from the AppDynamics CDN from the Getting Started Wizard.22.3.0, 22.3.1
CDM-8027Mobile RUMUI only shows the stack frame label only if the packageName field is present.22.3.0
CDM-8055Mobile RUMPie chart legend colors are not displayed on Mobile Usage Statistics page.22.3.0
DBMON-8417Database VisibilityEncoding characters in the connection URL string of database collectors prevent the collector configuration propagation to the Database Agent.22.3.0
DBMON-8421Database VisibilityThe DB_AGENT entity does not get exported to Custom Dashboard.22.3.0
DBMON-8437Database VisibilityThe Live view, Queries, Blocking Sessions, and Database Agents tabs do not display any data.22.3.0
DBMON-8504Database VisibilityThe execution count in the Queries tab and Query Details page does not match.22.3.0
IAM-2339Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditUnable to update email and password for non-Central Identity users.22.3.0
LIC-1881LicensingAgents do not get a lease even though there seem to be enough units.22.3.0
PLATSE-273Platform Service EngineeringUnable to save a data collector with too many business transactions.22.3.0
PLATSE-350Platform Service Engineering

From Applications > Configuration > Baselines, when creating a new baseline and setting a trend or time period, the time period is not getting updated correctly on the first click. 

SYNTH-8003Synthetic Browser MonitoringThai language characters are not rendered on Linux-based Agents with Chrome version 86 (AWS locations).22.3.0

Known Issues

This table includes known issues in 22.3 releases.

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ProductIssue SummaryWorkaroundVersion/Date
AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry

In the 22.3.0 release of AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry, the following issues have been identified:

  • RESOLVED IN 22.5.0 There are some inconsistent application metrics in OpenTelemetry flow maps.
  • For OpenTelemetry flow maps, Business Transactions (BTs) can lose the upstream context and appear as new BTs rather than continuations. This causes BTs to appear split up in the BT dashboard, resulting in BT Metrics to be split up as well.

N/A - AppDynamics is actively working on these issues. 

22.3.0 - March 30, 2022
Database Agent

In the Metric Browser, the keys of one Database Collector get displayed under other Database Collectors. 

For example, keys of Database Collector 1 can appear under Database Collector 2, even if the keys are not part of the Database Collector 2 query output.

This issue occurs when you create a custom metric that runs on multiple databases and returns multiple key-value pairs. In such scenarios, only the keys get duplicated, not the metric values.

-22.3.0 - March 24, 2022
Synthetic Private Agent (Windows-based)

Vulnerabilities in the PSA Server:

  1. Add a firewall rule to prevent communication of external IPs with the 4444 port. 
  2. Block all IPs except

    You need to perform this step to allow localhost access for internal communication.

21.7.0 - March 4, 2022


These are the enhancements in the 22.3 SaaS Controller and agent releases.

Agent Enhancements

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Analytics Agent

This release includes:

  • The netty libraries were upgraded from 4.1.73.Final to 4.1.75.Final.

  • The logback libraries were upgraded from logback 1.2.8 to logback 1.2.11.

AppDynamics recommends upgrading the Analytics Agent to 22.3.0 if the logback and netty libraries need to be upgraded to the versions above.

22.3.0 - April 1, 2022
Android Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Apache Web Server Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

AppDynamics AWS Lambda Extension for Serverless APM

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.


This release includes:

  • Support for the C/C++ SDK Agent on the Alpine Linux distribution, which is based on musl runtime.
  • Users can now configure Analytics limits to match the limits of the Analytics Agent if it overrides default limits.
  • Upgrades to the following toolchains:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows) to version 2019. 
    • GCC to version 9.3. 
22.3.1 - March 15, 2022

Cluster Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Cordova Plugin

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Database Agent

This release includes:

  • An option to set the context protocol for the SSL environment using the CASSANDRA_SSL_CONTEXT_PROTOCOL system variable. See Configure Cassandra Collectors.
  • An option to delete the servers manually from the database topology window. See Database Topology Window.
  • Automatic deletion of stale servers from the database server table after completing the retention period.
22.3.0 - March 24, 2022
Flutter AgentThis is the first release of the Flutter Agent for monitoring Flutter mobile applications. See Instrument Flutter Applications.22.3.0 - March 8, 2022


There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

IBM Integration Bus Agent 

This release includes:

22.3.0 - March 3, 2022

iOS Agent

This release includes support for:

  • Support for Xcode 12.5 and later
  • Applications running on Apple Silicon Simulator

22.3.0 - March 22, 2022

Java Agent

This release:

  • Includes bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Removes JDK7 support for Cisco Secure Application.
  • Includes support for Apache HTTP Client, Java Servlet API, and Spring Boot. See Java Agent Frameworks for OpenTelemetry.
22.3.0 - March 24, 2022

JavaScript Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Java Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Machine Agent

This release includes:

  • The Linux JRE version was upgraded to JRE11 (Zulu 11.54), which corresponds to JDK Version 11.0.14.
  • The Windows and Solaris JRE version was upgraded to Zulu 8.60, which corresponds to JDK version 8u322.
  • The Machine Agent is now FIPS compliant.

AppDynamics recommends using Machine Agent 22.2.0 for AIX OS.

The 22.4.0 Machine Agent release will include:

  • On Linux systems, the flag -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.extensions.calcVolumeFreeAndUsedWithDfCommand will be set to TRUE by default.  See Configure Disk Usage Metric Collection on Linux for more details on current disk usage metrics.

22.3.0 - March 30, 2022

.NET Agent

This release includes:

  • Adding logging messages for Network Visibility communication.
  • Switching the concurrent hash map internal implementation.
  • Adjusting the agent to toggle Business Transitions based on GDPR.
22.3.0 - March 15, 2022

Network Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Node.js Agent 

This release includes support for OpenTelemetry. See Instrument Applications with AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry™

22.3.0 - March 30, 2022

Node.js Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

PHP Agent

This release includes support to report analytics data after a specific number of data events/transactions or after a specific time interval. See Configure Transaction Analytics for Node.js, PHP, and Python Applications.22.3.0 - March 3, 2022

Python Agent

This release includes a minor bug fix.

22.3.0 - March 30, 2022

Python Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

React Native Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.


There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Synthetic Hosted Agent

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Synthetic Private Agent (API Monitoring)

There is no release for 22.3.0 yet.

Xamarin Agent

This release includes enabling and customizing Xamarin-specific automatic instrumentation of page tracking and UI tracking. See Enable Xamarin Automatic Instrumentation.

22.3.0 - March 17, 2022

Controller Enhancements


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 22.3 Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 22.3 Controller Resolved Issues for details.



The following configurations were added to enhance audit logging:

Configuration Name

See Controller Audit Log.

End User Monitoring

When you create a Controller Audit scheduled report, you can filter the data by EUM_CONFIGURATION filters.

Database Monitoring

Added the Number of Sessions column on the Queries page. See Database Queries Window.

Cluster Monitoring
  • The log collection works even if the AWS account display name contains a plus (+) character.
  • An option to save the logs in the S3 bucket or in the Controller filesystem by using the sim.cluster.logs.s3.enabled Controller setting. See Enable Log Collection for Failing Pods.
Dash Studio

Support for running a custom query for any metric. See Data Binding.

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry is a new service to ingest and visualize OpenTelemetry data. See AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry documentation.

There are known issues in the 22.3 release. See Known Issues.