The Buckets window is available only for Couchbase collector.

The Buckets window shows you the names of the top 200 buckets sorted in descending order based on operations. To see the details of a specific bucket, click a bucket name, and then click View Bucket Details

Access the Buckets Window

  1. From the AppDynamics Home page, on the Databases card, click the name of the Couchbase collector that you want to view the buckets for.
  2. Click the Buckets tab.

Buckets Window Features

From the Buckets window, you can:

  • Double click the name of the bucket to view the bucket statistics for the selected time range.
  • Click the down arrow next to the Couchbase collector name at the top of the page to choose to view the buckets of a different Couchbase collector by either selecting the Couchbase collector from the list or by searching for the Couchbase collector by entering text in the search bar and then clicking the refresh icon to show only database collectors that meet that search criteria.
  • Click Actions to export the data on this window in a .csv formatted file that is automatically downloaded to your specified downloads directory.

From the Buckets window, you can view statistics for a bucket:

Operations (ops), Bytes Read (bytes_read), Bytes Written (bytes_written), Total Disk Size, in MB (couch_total_disk_size), Hit Ratio (hit_ratio)

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