Review the Agent Logs

After a successful install, your agent logs, located at <db_agent_home>/logs, should contain this message:

Started AppDynamics Database Agent Successfully 

If the agent log file is not present, the Database Agent may not be accessing the Database Agent command properties. To troubleshoot, check the application server log file where STDOUT is logged. It will have the fallback log messages, useful for troubleshooting the agent.

Verify that the Agent is Reporting to the Controller

  1. Click Settings > AppDynamics Agents.
  2. Click the Database Agents tab.

A list for each Database Agent reporting to the Controller should display. An agent can have one of the following statuses:

    • Active: The agent is running
    • Passive: The agent is used as a backup for active agents

If you don't see the Database Agent, check your controller-info.xml properties to ensure they have specified the correct host properties. 

Verify that the Agent is Running

Use the following command to verify that the agent process is running:


ps -ef | grep db-agent


  1. Open a command-line console.
  2. Start the Task Manager and click the Processes tab. 
  3. The agent process should be running. If it is not running, then stop and restart the agent.