This page provides a step-by-step procedure on how to get started with Cisco Secure Application. 


Step 1: Ensure:

  • All requirements are met
  • The licensed version of supported APM Agent is installed.

Check the required version of the Controller and APM Agent.

Cisco Secure Application is supported on a SaaS Controller only.

Step 2: Get the Cisco Secure Application licenseContact the AppDynamics sales representative or email

Cisco Secure Application Requirements

Step 3: Assign roles using the AppDynamics Administration Console.

  • Assign the Configure Cisco Secure Application account permission to the users who are required to modify configurable fields on the Cisco Secure Application dashboard.
  • Assign View Cisco Secure Application account permissions to users who are required to only monitor the dashboard.


Step 4: Click the Security Events widget on an application flowmap.

Launch the required AppDynamics Application dashboard using your account, and then click Security Events on the right pane.

This redirects you to the Cisco Secure Application dashboard.

Monitor Application Security Using Cisco Secure Application

Step 5: From the Cisco Secure Application Dashboard navigate to the Applications page, and then set Security Setting as Enabled for the target application.


Click the gear icon  that displays the Administration option. Navigate to the Settings tab. Here you can enable security for all applications by default.

This is applicable for all users with Configure permission for Cisco Secure Application.

The Security Setting value is set to Inherit by default for all applications that inherit the non-configurable tenant setting of Disabled. To enable security for an application, you must set Security Setting to Enabled.Monitor Security Status for Applications Using Cisco Secure Application
Step 6: From the Applications page, verify that the application nodes are registered and active.From the Applications page, check the Active Nodes and Registered Nodes fields for the specific application. Ensure that the application nodes are active. If the nodes are not active, then the application security data is not displayed on the dashboard.Monitor Security Status for Applications Using Cisco Secure Application
Step 7: From the Libraries page view the risk-sorted libraries of secured applications.The Libraries page displays all the existing libraries of application(s) based on the selected application scope. You can use the risk score to prioritize the remediation task.Monitor Libraries Using Cisco Secure Application

Based on your analysis from the dashboard you can create or modify policies and then view the different pages on the dashboard to monitor the security of APM-managed applications. See Cisco Secure Application Policies.