The Pages & Ajax Requests page provides detailed information on how your pages, Ajax requests, iframes, and virtual pages perform over time. 

Access Pages & Ajax Requests

  1. Open the browser application in which you are interested. 
  2. On the left navigation bar, select Pages & Ajax Requests.

What is a Page?

In Browser RUM, a page represents an individual source for the information that an end-user sees in one browser window.

Types of Pages

A base page is the core HTML page, and may also include one or more iframes, which you can nest.

A base page or an iframe can also make one or more Ajax requests (using XMLHttpRequest or the Fetch API) to fetch data to display on the Web page.


You can collect Browser RUM metrics for base pages, iframes, Ajax requests, and virtual pages.

Each base page, iframe, Ajax request, and virtual page type is assigned a unique name, which you can configure. See Configure Page Identification and Naming.

Pages & Ajax Requests

The Pages & Ajax Requests page has two options: All Pages and Top Pages, selected using the dropdown in the upper right. All Pages displays a list showing a high-level summary of all the monitored types, along with their key performance indicators. Top Pages displays the ten worst performing items grouped by common metrics: Requests per Minute, Page Render Time, and so forth. Use this option for a quick start to troubleshooting.

How the All Pages List is Organized

The All Pages list displays each monitored base page, iframe, Ajax request, and virtual page type.

Click a column header to sort the pages based on the column's metric. 

To view a dashboard for a specific page item in the list, select it and click View Dashboard or just double-click the page. See Page, Ajax, and Iframe Dashboards.

To filter the types of pages displayed in the list, select the type at the top of the list. Check With Load to see only pages currently reporting load.

More Actions Menu

Using the More Actions menu, you can select a page in the list and make changes to it, including directing the agent to ignore the page and stop reporting metrics for it.

Access Top Pages

Click the View dropdown on the upper-right side of the page and select Top Pages as a shortcut to troubleshooting the ten worst performing pages regarding various metrics. 

Page Limits

There is a limit of 500 total base pages (including virtual pages) plus iframes and 500 Ajax calls that can be individually tracked per application. If your usage exceeds these limits, the Controller begins to drop metrics. If your installation is approaching these limits, you can modify how your metrics are collected by:

If you reached your page limit, you need to delete the affected old page names before any new page names can be added to the database. Doing so also deletes any accumulated metrics for those page names.