This page describes how to exclude MBean attributes from being monitored as JMX metrics. For background information about JMX metrics, see Monitor JMX.

Customize Metrics To Gather

AppDynamics provides a default configuration for certain JMX metrics. However, in situations where an environment has many resources, there may be too many metrics gathered. AppDynamics lets you exclude resources and particular operations on resources.

Exclude a Metric

For example, suppose you want to exclude monitoring for HTTP Thread Pools. Follow the procedure described in Create a new JMX Metrics Rule, using the following criteria:

  1. Set the Exclude Rule option to Yes.
  2. Provide the Object Name Match Pattern:



  3. Provide the Advanced MBean Matching value:


This configuration directs AppDynamics to stop monitoring metrics for HTTP Thread Pools. You can clear the Enabled checkbox to disable the rule.