Controller Operations for Network Agents

Using an AppDynamics Administrator account, select Settings > AppDynamics Agents > Network Visibility Agents to see details and manage your installed Machine Agents. You can perform most operations on multiple Agents: Shift or Ctrl+Click the Agents of interest, right-click, and select the operation. These Agent settings are defined in the Controller and retain their state when an Agent is stopped and restarted.  

Right-click one or more Agents to:

View Packet Capture Configuration 

View and edit configuration settings for a single network Agent. See Packet Captures.

Start Packet Capture

Start a packet capture on one or more Agents.

Disable Agent(s) or Enable Agent(s) 

When disabled, the Agent temporarily suspends its collection of network metrics. You can quickly re-enable the Agent when you want.  

While disabled, the Agent continues to consume a Network Visibility license. The Agent maintains a "heartbeat" connection to the Controller so you can enable it again quickly. The Agent persists its enabled/disabled state after it restarts and resumes all normal activities after it is re-enabled.

To stop the Agent and remove the license, run the Stop Agent command for your operating system:

Change Dynamic Monitoring Mode

Defines the set of metrics that the Agent collects. In general, you should run the Agent in KPI unless you need to diagnose network performance on the node or Connections monitored by that Agent. See Dynamic Monitoring Mode and Network Visibility.

Delete Agent from System

Deletes the underlying Network Visibility metadata for an orphaned Network Agent. A Network Agent is considered "orphaned" when the Agent host no longer has any App Server Agents installed or running. To delete a Network Agent, you must first delete all APM nodes on that host. Account Administrator privileges are required to delete Network Agents.

Check Network Agent Status

To check the status of your Network Agents, access Tiers & Nodes and then select Network in the Show Data pulldown.