To uninstall the Machine Agent:

  1. Stop the Machine Agent (or service). For the commands for your environment, see Start and Stop the Machine Agent.
  2. If you installed the Machine Agent as a service, delete the service using the commands described on this page. 
    For Windows and Mac OS X, the commands to remove the service also stop the service cleanly. 
  3. Delete the <machine-agent-install> installation directory.

Remove the Agent Service

Linux RPM

Execute the following command:

sudo rpm -ev appdynamics-machine-agent


Execute the following command:

> UninstallService.vbs

Mac OS X

Execute the following command: 

sudo launchctl unload -w <machine_agent_home>/com.appdynamics.machineagent.plist

Delete Using AppDynamics Manage Agents 

If you delete a Machine Agent from the Controller UI (as described in Manage Machine Agents), but do not shut down the JVM that the Machine Agent runs on, the Machine Agent reappears in the UI the next time it connects to the Controller. To prevent a Machine Agent from connecting to the Controller, you must remove the Machine Agent settings from the JVM configuration. This frees the license associated with the Agent in the Controller and makes it available for use by another Machine Agent.