The AppDynamics mobile app provides a fast and reliable way to access and share time sensitive, critical information as quickly as possible. The mobile app provides detailed information about Health Rule violations or detected anomalies that you can use to target and identify event causes quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

The AppDynamics mobile app provides a top-down view of events and alerts in your instrumented environment so you can monitor the health and performance of your applications on iOS and Android devices. AppDynamics alerts notify you of application issues in your instrumented environment within minutes of the occurrence. The Events screen provides filters and time range options to refine your events list for targeted troubleshooting. As you navigate, each selection provides a deeper dive into the details of the reported event.  

The AppDynamics mobile app currently supports application performance management (APM). The AppDynamics Classic app also supports end user monitoring (EUM), server infrastructure monitoring (SIM), and database monitoring (DBMon).

To install AppDynamics mobile app, use your mobile phone to scan this QR code.


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