This page describes AppDynamics Downloads.

AppDynamics Downloads is a central location to download agents, platforms, and security documentation as well as access your license entitlements and review system updates. The site provides download availability according to your subscription type and permissions. 

AppDynamics has implemented restrictions and will not enter into any negotiation with, or seek to solicit any interest from, any third party in relation to the sale or use of the AppDynamics products or software or any part thereof, whether directly or indirectly with any country or region subject to an embargo including but not limited to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Crimea. 

Navigation Overview

There are quick links provided to assist with management functions: 

  • Getting Started—provides instructions for creating an account, gaining system access, and so on.
  • Entitlements—provides license packages, package editions, and license restrictions.
  • Updates—provides product announcements, releases, and resolved issues.
  • Automation—provides guidance for automating new version downloads.

Download Options

AppDynamics provides downloads for monitoring agents, server platforms, and security documents. Under Available Downloads, use the filter options or the Search field to find the desired download. 


AppDynamics Agents monitor every line of code in your instrumented environment by using unique tags that are assigned to method calls and request headers. The agents capture performance activity and report to the Tenant in real-time. Use the Agents download tab to access every available agent in each applicable version for three operating systems to match your environment. 


AppDynamics provides several versions of the Controller, End User Monitoring (EUM) servers, and Synthetic servers for download on OSX, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Security Documents

AppDynamics provides current Service Organization Control (SOC 2) compliance documentation and annual Penetration Test (PenTest) reports with user identity watermarks on each page. This self-service download option allows you to perform annual security validation quickly and easily.

Filter and Search Options

Refine Using Filters:

Each filter dropdown menu provides options that, when selected, automatically update the list of available downloads. If none display, edit your filter selections. 

  • Type—select one or more options for download. 
  • Version—choose the latest or one or more previous versions.
  • Operating System—select one or more operating systems. 

  • Compatible With Controller (Agent Only)—choose the latest or one or more previous versions.
Search Field:
  1. Type the name and/or version of the desired package in the Search field. 
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to update the list of available packages for download.
  3. If no options display, there are none that match your search criteria. You may want to try the filter options. 

Once you have a list of available downloads:

  1. Hover over Checksums in the Description column to view the MD5 and SHA256 hash functions for the component. 
  2. Click View to review the latest release notes.
  3. Click Download to obtain the .zip file.
  4. Click cURL to generate the code for cURL that includes a time-sensitive OAUTH access token.
  5. Select Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard and paste the code in your server, VM, or docker container within an hour. 

Automate AppDynamics Software Downloads with cURL

When you download files, always copy or transfer the files in binary mode. If you want to transfer a file that you have downloaded on Windows to a Linux machine, use binary mode in your transfer program when you move the file to the destination Linux environment.

Where applicable, AppDynamics also publishes software for distribution on package manager repositories such as RPM, npm, pip, NuGet, and more. For products that are available via a package manager, you can find relevant instructions to retrieve and install the software in Install the Machine Agent.

The following steps demonstrate how to use cURL to get the latest version of an AppDynamics software download.

  1. Retrieve an OAUTH token with the download scope:

    curl -X POST -d '{"username": "<username>","password": "<password>","scopes": ["download"]}'

  2. View the latest version of each available product from For example:


  3. Inspect the response (or parse via script) to find the download_path of the latest product version. 
  4. Download the binary by running the following command:

    Replace access_token with your OAUTH token from Step 1, and replace url_to_file with the download_path value from the response in Step 3.

    curl -L -O -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" <url_to_file>

Validate Software Package Downloads

You can use checksum validation and a digital signature (for specific packages) to validate software downloaded from AppDynamics Downloads. This validation requires the machine on which you validate a package to include a TLS 1.2 implementation. 

Checksum Validation

  1. Navigate to AppDynamics Downloads.
  2. Click Checksums beneath the software package description to display the MD5 and SHA256 checksums. 
  3. After your download completes, run a checksum tool and compare the results against the checksum information on the downloads page.

Digital Signatures

AppDynamics digitally signs the following packages using a certificate signed by a publicly known certificate authority:

  • .NET Agent
  • AppDynamics Tenant for Windows MSI installer

AppDynamics digitally signs the following packages using a PGP key:

  • Java Agent
  • Machine Agent
  • Machine Agent RPM package
  • Python Agent pip package

The AppDynamics PGP public key is hosted on under the User ID "". For information about using a PGP signature to validate a software package, see Verify AppDynamics Software Downloads with PGP.