This page describes Analytics. Analytics is built on the AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) platform, which includes the Events Service, the unstructured document store for the platform.  

Analytics can answer business-oriented questions such as:

  • How many users experienced failed checkout transactions in the last 24 hours? 
  • How much revenue was lost because of these failures? 
  • How is the lost revenue distributed across different product categories?
  • What is your revenue for the day for a geographical region?
  • What was the revenue impact, by product category, associated with the two marketing campaigns we ran last week?

The exact components you need to install depend upon your environment and your requirements.

Analytics Home Page

The Analytics Home page consolidates data from the transaction, browser, and mobile events. The Home page automatically generates Transaction and End User Monitoring Summary panels through queries that aggregate data into widgets.

To view the different widgets on the home page, you need the appropriate licenses and access. See Restrictions and Security.  

You can access the AppDynamics home page by clicking the Home icon on the left navigation pane in Analytics. You can either use the left navigation pane, or click Home on the right pane to navigate to the Analytics modules (SearchesMetricsBusiness  JourneysExperience LevelsAlert & Respond, and Configuration).

Analytics Home View

Home Page Data

AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) queries are used to generate the data for each home page widget. You cannot access or edit the ADQL queries.

When you select a time range, each query automatically includes the time filter for the widgets. These widgets refresh every two minutes. 

Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary panel aggregates the Analytics data from applications and business transactions. Transaction Summary widgets are categorized by Transaction Threshold from normal to error. The Transaction Summary panel contains six widgets:

  • Total Transactions - Count of all transactions.

  • Problematic Transactions - Count of transactions that are not within normal threshold boundaries.

  • Normal Transactions - Count of transactions that are within the normal threshold boundaries.

  • Top 10 Applications by Transaction Volume - Graphical view of applications.
  • Top 10 Business Transactions by Transaction Volume - Graphical view of transactions.

  • Transaction Score Trend - Total number of transactions for all applications.

End User Session Summary

The End User Session Summary panel displays browser and mobile session data in widgets. The End User Session Summary panel contains six widgets:

  • Browser Sessions - Count of unique browser sessions.

  • Mobile Sessions - Count of unique mobile sessions.

  • Browser & Mobile Users - Count of browser and mobile users.

  • Browser Session Bounce Rate - Rate of bounces per total sessions.
    A bounce is a browser session where the page count is one. Bounces occur when a user opens a webpage and leaves the site without visiting additional pages.  

  • Top Page Referrers by Session Volume - Website visited by users before accessing your website. The referrer is an optional component of the Events Service. If you have not configured referrers, this widget does not contain data. 

  • Session Trend - Total number of sessions separated by browser and mobile sessions.

Options for Home Page Data

Transaction Score Options

You can select the transaction score in each chart to isolate metrics. For example, selecting Normal in Transaction Score Trend removes other transaction scores:  

Transaction Score Selection

Next to the Transaction Score Trend are two horizontal bar graphs that display the top ten applications and business transactions by transaction volume. Hover over the graphs to see a breakdown of additional transaction information. 

Top 10 Apps and Business Transactions

Transaction Filter Options

You can filter the view of each panel to display specific applications or application keys. Click the dropdown arrow at the top of each panel and select the desired fields. 

Transaction Filter Bar

End User Monitoring Filter Options

You can filter browser sessions and mobile sessions to display application keys. For mobile sessions, selecting specific application names further filters the application keys. 

End User Monitoring Filter

Drill Down Options

You can drill down into each metric to open the ADQL search that generates the metric. For example, selecting Normal Transactions automatically displays the ADQL Query for normal transactions. 

 ADQL Search

Restrictions and Security

If your Analytics Home page does not display data on widgets, there is either an error in retrieving data, or no data is available in the Events Service.

If panels or widgets are missing from your home page, confirm that you have sufficient licenses and have access to Analytics data. 


To view data on the Transaction Summary panel, you need:

  • At least one application enabled for Analytics
  • Active Transaction Analytics licenses

If your Transaction Analytics license expires, Analytics stops ingesting data for the Analytics Home page. The Transaction Summary panel still displays your existing data, but does not ingest any new data. 

To view data in the End User Session Summary panel, you need:

  • Browser Analytics and/or Mobile Analytics enabled. See Analytics Data Sources.  
  • Active EUM licenses to Mobile and/or Browser Real User Monitoring. 

Some widgets may not be available depending on your End User Monitoring (EUM) licenses. For example, if you have a license to Mobile RUM only, your Analytics Home page will not contain browser-specific widgets (browser sessions, bounce rate, and referrers). Aggregated widgets such as Browser & Mobile Users and Session Trend only show the data to which you have an EUM license. 


Analytics enforces role-based access control (RBAC). As a result of RBAC, your Analytics Home page displays only the data to which you have access. See Analytics and Data Security.

In the End User Session Summary panel, numeric widgets and the Session Trend chart requires access to both Browser and Mobile Real User Monitoring. To see data in these widgets, you must have access to Browser Requests and Mobile Requests and Sessions events.