In SQL, literals are the string or integer values representing data retrieved from the database. By default, literals are removed from SQL queries, as they can contain sensitive user data such as social security numbers, CC numbers, and so on.

To show literals in the queries, you can disable the Remove literals from the queries option. 

  1. Click Databases
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. In the Security section, uncheck Remove literals from the queries.

Once you uncheck the option, literals will always be displayed in the queries. You can revert to hiding the literals by checking the option.

The Database Agent does not mask the literals that occur after an inline or single line comment. This limitation applies only to Oracle database. However, you can mask literals if you use block comments.

To record the audit logs when this option is enabled or disabled, ensure to configure the Controller audit report with the object name as Remove Literals and object type as DBMON_ACCOUNT_CONFIGURATION. See Controller Audit Log.