This page provides instructions and tips for solving some common iOS instrumentation issues.

Agent Not Detecting Requests

First, confirm that you are using either the NSURLConnection or the USURLSession class. By default, you are required to make network requests. If you are using a custom HTTP library, make sure you follow the instructions given in Use the Agent with a Custom HTTP Library.

If you are using NSURLSession, be sure to create an instance of NSURLSession after initializing the iOS agent. This is because the agent may not be aware of objects created before the instrumentation is initialized.

Unrecognized Selector Error

If you are instrumenting your app using the manual method and you see this error message:

+[NSURLConnection ADEumInsertHooks]: unrecognized selector sent to class <hex value>

Then, you did not add -ObjC to your link flags. See Set the -ObjC Flag for instructions.