Each network request type has its own dashboard that graphically displays key performance indicators for that type over the selected time range. To select the time range, use the general time range dropdown at the top right of the UI.

Network Request Dashboard Organization

The Network Request Dashboard displays summary key network request metrics for the time selected. To see any particular metric in the metric browser, click the metric value (in link blue).

The trend graphs for the key performance indicators are:

  • Network Request Time: Average times in milliseconds.
  • Total Server Time: Displayed only If the mobile request is correlated with a server-side application.
    The total server time is the interval between the time that the server-side application receives the network request to the time that it finishes processing the request. Use this graph to determine, on average, how much time is spent on the network versus how much time is spent on the server to process the user's request.
  • Load: Total Requests and Requests per Minute.
  • Errors: Network Errors and HTTP Errors in total and per minute.
  • Related Business Transactions: If the request is correlated with a server-side application, the dashboard lists business transactions associated with the request below the performance metrics. 
    You can click the link to a related business transaction to see its business transaction dashboard.
    If transaction snapshots were taken at the same time as the network request, the dashboard lists the transaction snapshots below the business transactions. See Transaction Snapshots.

You can hover over any data point on any of the trend graphs to see the metric for a precise point:

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