This page provides an overview of events actions in AppDynamics. An event represents an error or exception generated by the application, the crossing of a performance threshold, or an operational change in the application, such as a JVM restart.

You can view and analyze events in the Controller UI. From the Database Visibility, Server Visibility, or User Experience pages, you can view events by selecting Events from the left navigation panel. The events list also provides information on which policy actions are configured to start when a specific event occurs. It does not execute the actual actions configured for the policy.

This information provides answers to these questions:

  • Why didn't my policy action execute? Perhaps policies are not actually configured to respond to an event as you thought they were.
  • Why am I getting multiple actions, such as multiple emails, for the same event? Perhaps more than one policy is configured to perform the same action.

To see the actions that are triggered for an event:

  1. In the events list, select the event for which you expect actions to start.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Test Action Execution.