AppDynamics provides release information for Controller and agent releases, resolved issues, system requirements, and all current product updates. 

Resolved and Known Issues

These are the resolved issues for the agents and the Controller (SaaS) in the 21.5 release. 

When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

Agent Resolved Issues

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CDM-7188Android AgentApply code changes UI function is not working in Android studio when the appdynamicsGeneratedBuildId_ field is added or removed21.5.0
CLUSTERMON-2663Cluster AgentEven though the auto-instrumentation fails for an application, the environment is updated with some changes21.5.0
DOTNET-4246.NET Agent"Console" as a logging configuration directs logs to STDERR instead of to STDOUT 21.5.0
DOTNET-4793.NET AgentHTTP request body removed for certain cases when ASP.NET Legacy instrumentation is enabled in .NET Agent for Alpine Linux21.5.0
DOTNET-5344.NET AgentBy default, the Unique Host ID should be set to the Container ID21.5.0
DOTNET-5377.NET AgentThere is a System.TypeLoadException exception on POCOs with nullable arguments21.5.0
DOTNET-5490.NET AgentThe Linux Agent does not correctly instrument generic value types21.5.0
DOTNET-5551.NET AgentWhen the site-regex attribute is set to true  for an IIS site configuration in the config.xml file, the full Windows agent now applies the configuration to all site names matching the provided regular expression, instead of to just one site name.21.5.0


.NET AgentCoreCLR interceptors are not working with the MSI installation 21.5.0
JAVA-9752Java AgentTier drill down missing on few transactions21.5.0
JAVA-9254Java Agent

Instrumentation point gets disabled for Netty exits

JAVA-8827Java Agent

Agent does not sync with Controller appropriately for the purged application diagnostic ids



Node.js AgentAgent does not show the correct number of nodes when starting the process manager. 21.5.0
PHP-1396PHP Agent

One of the third-party libraries for the PHP Agent is upgraded

PHP-1357PHP Agent

The ADRUM_BT cookie is sent across only for secure connections (HTTPS)

SYNTH-7071Synthetic Agent"Test agent failed to post result" error is displayed while executing jobs21.5.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-13291AnalyticsSelecting multiple sources to create Business Journey Maps prevents the retrieving of data for selectors21.5.0
ANLYTCS_ES-4881Event ServiceResolve the discrepancy between Metric Processor parsing of control characters and Elasticsearch21.5.0
ANLYTCS_ES-5121Event ServiceElasticsearch analyzer does not match the current Metric Processor Lucene analyzer21.5.0
DBMON-7665Database VisibilityThe health rule violation details are not displayed when you click the health status in the Databases > Dashboard tab21.5.0
DBMON-7879Database VisibilityFor some database, the Object Browser > Error log screen does not render the log data21.5.0
DBMON-7925Database VisibilityJMX connection not working for Cassandra cluster with SSL enabled21.5.0
DBMON-7931Database VisibilityDatabase Agent naming convention prevents collectors from reporting data21.5.0
DBMON-8032Database VisibilityAdd Controller flag to control metric filtering for configurations such as Cassandra's keyspace metrics and Couchbase's bucket metrics21.5.0
DBMON-8037Database VisibilityDBMonEventBus POST event caused thread pool saturation21.5.0
DBMON-8137Database VisibilityConcurrent Modification Exception while polling configuration21.5.2
DBMON-8139Database VisibilityFlags in DBMonAccountFlagManager need to be cached21.5.2
DIAGPLAT-1130APMSnapshots filter for data collectors when collector type is "Any" is not working21.5.0
DIAGPLAT-1151APMMissing end-to-end latency time in the "Business Transaction" view21.5.0
DIAGPLAT-1281APMService endpoint snapshots fail to load with the error getRequestSegmentDataListItemsWithFilterHandle21.5.0
EUMPLAT-2086End User MonitoringImprove the performance of a query affecting the browser Page Views in Session timeline21.5.4
IAM-1925Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditLogin entries and user role/permissions are not displayed in the Audit Report & Audit Table21.5.5
LIC-759LicensingSome Controllers are sending 0 hourly total count for licenses consumed21.5.0
LIC-1124LicensingRetrieving data causes high load on the database, which brings the Controller down21.5.0
METADATA-9578DashboardBusiness transaction metric expression is miscalculated on the Dashboard21.5.0
METADATA-9610APMCorrected caching issue to ensure the setting of the Strict-Transport-Security header21.5.0
MQS-1261Metric Query ServiceMetric Expressions do not work when the Metric Hierarchy is enabled21.5.1
MQS-1268Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work for database metrics21.5.3


Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.5.6
PLATSE-262Platform Sustaining EngineeringApply filter across all segments of data to retrieve snapshots21.5.6
STUDIO-4014Dash Studio

The following libraries in the Controller have been upgraded to the specified versions:

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • AngularJS 1.8.2

TMNTAPMNotifications slow the UI when there are many notifications21.5.0

Known Issues

The View Connected Agents button on the License Rules dashboard, shown below on the left, has been disabled due to a technical issue. As a result, you will temporarily not be able to access the Connected Agents page, shown below on the right. The issue will be resolved in the SaaS Controller 21.6 release.

Agent Enhancements

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Analytics Agent

This release includes the third-party library upgrades:

  • Jetty upgrade to version 2.34. 
  • Netty upgrade to version 4.1.63.Final.
Version 21.5.0 - May 27, 2021

Android Agent

Android Agent 21.5.0 released with minor enhancements and fixes.

Version 21.5.0 - May 17, 2021

Apache Web Server Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

AppDynamics AWS Lambda Extension for Serverless APM

To use AppDynamics AWS Lambda Extension for Serverless APM, choose ARN 10 which corresponds to these versions ARN 10 - May 10, 2021


There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Cluster Agent

You can now use resourcesNetViz parameter within the infraviz.yaml filet to set the resources for the Network Visibility container.

Version 21.5.0 - May 25, 2021

Cordova Plugin

Cordova Plugin 21.5.0 release includes iOS and Android Agents 21.5.0Version 21.5.0 - May 18, 2021

Database Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.


There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

IBM Integration Bus Agent 

The IIB Agent 21.5.0 is released with bug fixes for cross-app BT correlation

Version 21.5.0 - May 27, 2021

iOS Agent

iOS Agent 21.5.0 released with minor enhancements and fixes.

Version 21.5.0 - May 12, 2021

Java Agent

Java Agent 21.5.0 released with minor enhancements and fixes.

Version 21.5.0 - May 26, 2021

JavaScript Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0.

Java Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Machine Agent

Machine Agent 21.5.0 release:

  • Deprecates the property.

Upgrades these third-party libraries:

  • Ant 1.10.10
  • Dropwizard 2.0.21
  • Fabric8-Kubernetes 4.13.3
  • Jackson 2.12.3

  • Jetty
  • OSHI 5.7.2
Version 21.5.0-3130 - May 19, 2021

.NET Agent 

.NET Agent 21.5.0 release

.NET Agent for Linux 21.5 incorporates significant architectural changes to accelerate the development of missing features in the Linux Agent relative to .NET Agent for Windows. These architectural changes do not affect .NET Agent for Windows (MSI and Microservices).

Because .NET Agent for Linux 21.5 is a significant architectural update, some issues may arise despite extensive testing performed. If you experience any blocking issues, please open a high priority support ticket where AppDynamics will provide workarounds or alternate options.

Generally, .NET Agent for Linux 21.5 maintains parity with existing features in .NET Agent for Linux < 21.5. However due to architectural updates, there are differences between .NET Agent for Linux >= 21.5 and .NET Agent for Linux < 21.5. Before you upgrade to .NET Agent for Linux 21.5, see Upgrade the .NET Agent for Linux.  


  • Sensitive data filters for Linux. See Filter Sensitive Data with the .NET Agent.
  • Custom exit points for Linux. See Exit Point Detection Rules.
  • Instrumentation configuration enhancements for: classIgnoretypeMatch 'Signature''IsSubClass' list and regex for Linux.
  • ASP.NET instrumentation enhancements for Linux. See ASP.NET Core Instrumentation Options.
  • Redis backend detection for IP address endpoint for all platforms.
  • EUM for .NET Core for Linux. See Browser RUM Supported Environments.
  • .NET extends support for BasicPublish and BasicConsume in the RabbitMQ client >= 6.0.0 for all platforms.
  • .NET Agent supports SSL mutual authentication for Azure PaaS app services for Windows only. 
  • The download package options for .NET Agent on Linux have been updated. The ".NET Agent - 64-bit alpine-linux" package has been discontinued and is replaced with the ".NET Agent - 64-bit linux" package. 
  • .NET Agent supports custom trusted certificate validation for all .NET Core Linux and Windows.
Version 21.5.0 - May 28, 2021

Network Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Node.js Agent 

This release includes:

Version 21.5.0 - May 28, 2021

Node.js Serverless Tracer

The Node.js Serverless Tracer has been updated to 21.5.286Version 21.5.286 - May 10, 2021

PHP Agent

PHP Agent 21.5.0 released with bug fixes.

Version 21.5.0 - May 26, 2021

Python Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Python Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Private Synthetic Agent (K8S Container Based Agent)New Private Synthetic Agent (K8S Container Based Agent) is available now. See Private Synthetic Agent.Version 21.5.0 - May 25, 2021

React Native Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0.


SAP 21.5.0 released. See Release Notes Version 21.5.0.
Version 21.5.0 - June 1, 2021

Synthetic Hosted Agent

There is no release for 21.5.0 yet.

Xamarin Agent

The Xamarin 21.5.1 Agent includes newly exposed APIs to:

  • Configure a semi-automatic HTTP tracker using the HttpMessageHandler
  • Transform URLs for network requests
  • Configure, disable, block, and unblock screenshots

See Customize the Xamarin Instrumentation.

Other enhancements:

  • When setting up the Xamarin Agent, you must add the AppDynamics.Agent package and call an extra line of code in MainActivity.cs under OnCreate. See Instrument Xamarin Applications.

Version 21.5.1 - May 18, 2021

Controller Enhancements

Controller 21.5.6 Release

The 21.5.6 released with upgraded JavaScript libraries and bug fixes. See Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues for details.

Controller 21.5.5 Release

The 21.5.5 released with a bug fix. See IAM-1925 in Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.

Controller 21.5.4 Release

The 21.5.4 released with a bug fix. See EUMPLAT-2086 in Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.

Controller 21.5.3 Release

The 21.5.3 released with a bug fixes. See MQS-1268 in Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.

Controller 21.5.2 Release

The 21.5.2 released with a bug fixes. See DBMON-8137 and DBMON-8139 in Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.

Controller 21.5.1 Release

The 21.5.1 released with a bug fix. See MQS-1261 in Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.

Controller 21.5.0 Release

License Management

For infrastructure-based licenses in Controller 21.5.0:

  • The license summary drill-down dashboard allows you to filter usage data by time and view a list of agents connected to a license rule. 
  • When looking at license usage and license rules, you can view and sort applications with analytics enabled.

Database Visibility

The Controller audit report can fetch the audit log for the Remove literal flag. See Controller Audit Log and Configure Query Literals Security.

The user interface is updated. You can: