This page lists the resolved issues for the agents and the Controller (on-premises or SaaS) since the 20.2 release. For on-premises platform resolved issues, see Past Resolved and Known Issues by Release.

When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

21.12  Resolved and Known Issues 

Agent Resolved Issues 

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DBMON-8432Database AgentThe log4j library is upgraded to v2.15.0 21.12.0
DBMON-8436Database AgentThe log4j library is upgraded to v2.
DBMON-8443Database AgentThe log4j library is upgraded to v2.
DBMON-8445Database Agent

The operational metrics on the Metrics Browser are disabled by default. You can enable these metrics by starting the Database Agent with the following system property:



.NET AgentPage Redirect does not work with .NET core applications21.12.0


.NET Agent

Ensure that End-to-End Latency internal data doesn't stall

DOTNET-5847.NET AgentFix Negative number for CPU Usage in Machine Snapshot21.12.0


.NET AgentFix the End Transaction Correlation for Async Asp.Net Instrumentation21.12.0


.NET AgentFix typo in the AppDynamicsAgentLog.config file21.12.0


.NET AgentPropagate node name configuration from controller protobuf21.12.0


.NET AgentFix .NET IL transformation for switch statement21.12.1


.NET Agent.NET Core Application crashes with AccessViolation exception21.12.1
PHP-1550PHP AgentMySQLi interceptor displays warning messages while accessing an undefined parameter
PHP-1571PHP AgentThe Apache log4j library is upgraded to version
PHP-1575PHP AgentThe Apache log4j library is upgraded to version
PYTHON-962Python Agent

The Ignore Exception functionality of the Error Detection feature does not work



Python Agent

The log4j library is upgraded to v2.16.0



Python Agent

The log4j library is upgraded to v2.17.0



Machine Agent

The xercesImpl library is upgraded to 2.12.1



Machine Agent

The Apache log4j library is upgraded to version 2.15.0



Machine Agent

The Apache log4j library is upgraded to version 2.16.0



Machine AgentFixed crashing issue on Windows by bundling JRE version Zulu 8.54 (Java 8u292)21.12.2


Machine Agent

Reverts 21.11.0 enhancement that reported Duplex and MTU metrics on Windows



Machine Agent

The Apache log4j library is upgraded to version 2.17.0



Apache Web Server Agent

The Apache log4j library is upgraded to version 2.17.0



Apache Web Server Agent

The Apache log4j library is upgraded to version 2.16.0


Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ACTINT-102ServiceNow Sync Utility

The sync utility includes fixes for the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-45046). This version integrates with the Orlando, Paris, and Quebec Release of ServiceNow®. See Security Advisory: Apache Log4j Vulnerability.

ALERT-9821Alert & RespondAlert Sensitivity Tuning charts are not visible in UI21.12.0


AnalyticsFixed Last Connected column sorting error on Agent Setting page21.12.0
ANALYTICS-13922AnalyticsUnable to fetch license usage details at the account level21.12.1
BRUM-6670Browser RUMIncorrect processing of custom user data when displaying in UI21.12.0
BRUM-6734Browser RUMFetching business transaction data should not block the entire session summary page21.12.0
COGENG-4025Cognition EngineAnomaly event details are not displayed; 500 Internal Server Error is displayed21.12.1
DBMON-8262Database VisibilityHits column is sorted alphabetically when it should be sorted numerically21.12.0
DBMON-8284Database VisibilityExplain another query text field for Oracle shows an empty result with Controller
DBMON-8312Database VisibilityUnable to add databases into the role configuration21.12.0
DBMON-8357Database VisibilityError fetching the database health configuration ID from the Home Screen21.12.0
IAM-2163AuthenticationCorrected the login audit action for SAML users with credentials21.12.0
LIC-1525LicensingLicense consumption is not displayed for license rule for each module type21.12.0
PLATSE-325Platform Sustaining EngineeringUnable to configure session policies on a per tenant basis for tenants hosted on controllers21.12.1
SYNTH-7713Synthetic Browser MonitoringJobs failures in Chrome v86 with error 'Timed out receiving message from renderer: -0.000' caused due to page load failure with net::ERR_ABORTED21.12.0

Known Issues

There are no known issues for the 21.12 release yet.

21.11  Resolved and Known Issues 

Agent Resolved Issues 

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.NET AgentCommon Language Runtime (CLR) Metric drops21.11.0
DOTNET-5824.NET AgentThe instrumented application crashes due to access violation exception21.11.0
DOTNET-5831.NET AgentFix string transformation with en-US culture variant on .NET
DOTNET-5857.NET AgentQuery values are not retrieved in ASP.NET Core21.11.0


Java Agent

ETE time for each execution is not set in the snapshot for the Fire-and-Forget async activity. This occurs when async demarcation is set

JAVA-10590, JAVA-10592Java AgentUpgrade Apache log4j2 to latest stable version >=
JAVA-10602Java AgentThe Apache log4j library is upgraded to version
JAVA-10625Java AgentThe Apache log4j library is upgraded to version
JAVA-10663Java AgentThe Apache log4j library is upgraded to version


PHP Agent 

The application response time increases when you enable PHP Agent



PHP Agent 

The CPU utilization increases when you enable PHP Agent



PHP Agent 

The PHP application crashes when it calls the APIEndTransaction API function



PHP Agent 

Agent does not start after installation



Machine Agent
  • Linux only: JRE 11 upgraded to Zulu 11.52, which corresponds to JDK Version 11.0.13
  • Rest of OS: JRE 8 upgraded to Zulu 8.58, which corresponds to JDK Version 8u312


Machine Agent

Enhancement to report Duplex and MTU metrics on Windows environments


Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-9115Alert & RespondUpdate the health rule configuration to handle permission errors21.11.0
ALERT-9967Alert & RespondHealth Rule Affected Entities list is rendered bank when inverse is selected in the regex21.11.1
ALERT-9978Alert & RespondAlert Sensitivity Tuning charts are not displayed on the health rule dialog21.11.1
ANALYTICS-13601AnalyticsXLM widget not showing data in shared dashboards21.11.0
ANALYTICS-13875AnalyticsSearching for values based on set criteria yields no results because of null option values21.11.1
BRUM-6671Browser RUMSession Summary shows incorrect user data in browser session21.11.0
BRUM-6720Browser RUMResource timing markers are missing21.11.0
BRUM-6778Browser RUMJavaScript Agent auto-injection snippet includes incorrect copy of the JavaScript Agent for self-hosting deployments21.11.0
CDM-7594IoT MonitoringEnable data export from IoT widgets21.11.0
COGENG-4036Cognition Engine

Anomaly event details are not displayed; 500 Internal Server Error is displayed

DBMON-8091Database VisibilityDisplay error message when databases permissions at the application level are missing21.11.0
DBMON-8159Database VisibilityDrill Down button missing under Transaction Snapshot21.11.0
DBMON-8216Database VisibilityDatabase Collector created with REST API not working as expected when using the useSSL parameter21.11.0
DBMON-8319Database VisibilityUnable to add databases to the role configuration21.11.0
LIC-1335LicensingLicense usage for transaction analytics is incorrectly computed for data during the period that starts before the requested time range21.11.0
LIC-1681LicensingIBL license consumption is not reported for on premise controllers21.11.1
PLATSE-342Platform Sustaining EngineeringThe third-party Xstream library used by the Controller has been upgraded to version 1.4.1821.11.2
SYNTH-7432Synthetic Browser MonitoringUsers can edit synthetic jobs without EUM permissions21.11.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues for the 21.11 release.

21.10  Resolved and Known Issues 

Agent Resolved Issues 

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Analytics AgentFixed startup error21.10.0


Analytics Agent

Updated jakarta.el library to 3.0.4



Analytics AgentUpgraded netty library to 4.1.69.Final21.10.0


.NET AgentThe typo in "Query Type" snapshot property key for CosmosDb instrumentation is fixed21.10.0


.NET AgentThe Common Language Runtime (CLR) crashes when a log directory with no write permission is used21.10.0


Java Agent

RMI backends appear with improper names when you use the custom naming option to configure the backend names in the Remote Services screen, in the Controller

JAVA-10222Java Agent

The Controller does not detect Business Transactions; this intermittent issue occurs when a ProducerInterceptor is invoked before registering the business transaction on the Controller. 

JAVA-10231Java Agent

Correlation of Akka Http exit calls fail when the application invokes HttpRequest.withHeaders()

JAVA-10265Java Agent

When a JVM crash occurs on an application, the event logs are lost after some time from the Controller

JAVA-10035Java Agent

When debug logs including SegmentManager are collected from the Controller, the following issues are observed:

  • A significant drop in application load
  • Increase in Average Response Time
  • Decrease in the number of errors reported
SRVLESS-1862Node.js Serverless TracerUpdated Axios version to 0.21.321.10.316


Python AgentThe Python agent does not instrument the exit calls when used with the threading module21.10.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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Dash StudioThe Health widget search option does not work21.10.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues for the 21.10 release.

21.9  Resolved and Known Issues 

Agent Resolved Issues 

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Analytics AgentFixed Java 11 support21.9.0


Analytics AgentUpgraded the slf4j-api library21.9.0


Analytics AgentUpgraded the JNA library version to


Analytics AgentUpgraded the Docker image21.9.0
ANALYTICS-13739Analytics AgentUpgraded JNA and nuprocess libraries21.9.0


Analytics AgentUpgraded Jetty library to version 9.4.43.v2021062921.9.0


Analytics AgentFixed Analytics Agent startup issue in Windows 64 caused by JNA and nuprocess libraries21.9.0
DBMON-8156Database Agent

An issue occurs during MSSQL topology resolution and the Database Agent logs are flooded with the connection timeout errors

DBMON-8167Database AgentAn issue occurs during MSSQL cluster discovery because of the mismatch between the replica server name and cluster member names21.9.0
DBMON-8218Database AgentAn infrastructure-based licensing issue occurs for an MSSQL database when there is a mismatch between Database Agent and Machine Agent hostname21.9.0
DOTNET-5669.NET AgentAgent fails to get session value from the Asp.Net core applications21.9.1
DOTNET-5772.NET AgentFix the System.FormatException in Analytics21.9.1
DOTNET-5777.NET AgentFix hooking issues in the Windows Profiler21.9.0
DOTNET-5808.NET AgentFix the canary thread running as a foreground thread21.9.1
JAVA-10034Java Agent

Java Agent does not ignore btname if it is present along with btid in the incoming header. This results in the discontinuation of a business transaction

JAVA-10127Java AgentMongo DB connectivity fails after upgrading the agent to version 21.321.9.0
JAVA-10133Java AgentAkka 2.6 transactions are reported as stalled21.9.0
JAVA-10169Java Agent

The property disable-exit-call-correlation-for gets overridden by the values on the Controller when a configuration refresh is done

NODEJS-554Node.js AgentThe Node.js Agent overwrites the default port from 443 to 8021.9.0
SERVER-8624Machine AgentMemory Used % and Total (MB) metrics are incorrect for Solaris Sparc
SERVER-8622Machine Agenthostname resolution error in Infraviz in privateDNS setups of AKS 21.9.0
PYTHON-902Python AgentThe Java proxy considers the container ID instead of uniquehostid value in the Kubernetes and OpenShift environment21.9.0


Synthetic AgentScript with a custom exception throws the "Invalid Measurement status" error message21.9.0
SYNTH-7286Synthetic Agent

Removed the sum-chrome-agent dependency on docker runtime

SYNTH-7441Synthetic AgentSynthetic Sessions have broken measurements and display the message "Failed to parse measurement (RTE) on IE11" (Synthetic Hosted and Windows Private Synthetic Agent)21.9.0
SYNTH-7452Synthetic AgentTest agents fail to post results with the "Invalid value: "": must be no more than 63 characters" error message21.9.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-8962Alert & RespondCreation of Alerting template failed21.9.0
ALERT-9783Alert & RespondUser is not able to create a Custom Action due to the unavailability of the Save and Cancel buttons21.9.1


Alert & RespondLoading issue with the Alert Sensitivity Tuning charts21.9.2


Alert & RespondHealth Rule Affected Entities list is rendered bank when inverse is selected in the regex21.9.5
ANALYTICS-13614AnalyticsUnable to remove criteria from the Basic Query Search to the Visualization tab21.9.0
ANALYTICS-13617AnalyticsAnalytics Agent cache contains nulls21.9.0
ANALYTICS-13752AnalyticsExperience Level Management widget not showing data in the shared dashboards21.9.0


AnalyticsSearching for values based on set criteria yields no results because of null option values21.9.4
CDM-6406IoT Monitoring"Getting Started" page for IoT displays the wrong collector URL21.9.0
CDM-7657Mobile RUMBusiness Transactions and Snapshots are not correlated with the mobile sessions21.9.0
DBMON-8094Database VisibilityA license is consumed for all the servers in a configuration of all inactive servers21.9.0
DBMON-8171Database VisibilityThe values of Logical Reads and Logical Writes are displayed as the same on the MSSQL query details page21.9.0
DBMON-8316Database VisibilityExecution Plan for Oracle queries are not working21.9.2
DBMON-8320Database VisibilityUnable to add databases to the role configuration21.9.0, 21.9.2
IAM-1944Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditSupport tenant names that start with numbers21.9.0

Current license consumption is not displayed for license rules for each module type

LIC-1683LicensingIBL license consumption is not reported for on premise controllers21.9.5
PLATSE-240Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.9.1
PLATSE-265Platform Sustaining EngineeringHealth Status widget does not show configured entities when editing21.9.2
PLATSE-280Platform Sustaining EngineeringSelf-closing HTML element <input> does not render21.9.3
PLATSE-343Platform Sustaining EngineeringThe third-party Xstream library used by the Controller has been upgraded to version 1.4.1821.9.5
SYNTH-7453Synthetic Browser MonitoringSynthetic Jobs stopped running after outage 2021/06/1621.9.0
USERIMPACT-1108Experience Journey MapExperience Journey Map view remains in draft mode when map is expanded and the label is changed for a node21.9.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues for the 21.9 release.

21.8  Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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CDM-7704iOS AgentNSURLSession handling for beacons is failing21.8.1
CDM-7684iOS AgentADEumTimeStamp initWithNSDate produces invalid UPTIME value 21.8.0
DOTNET-5589.NET AgentRe-enable the call graph consolidation by default21.8.1
DOTNET-5691.NET AgentThe Agentless Analytics on .NET Core Applications exits due to an error21.8.0
DOTNET-5699.NET AgentUpdate Docker Hub appdynamics/dotnet-core-agent:latest to the latest version.21.8.0
DOTNET-5721.NET AgentFix the increase of IIS Request queue21.8.0
DOTNET-5736.NET AgentRemove the use of IsBadReadPtr21.8.0
DOTNET-5738.NET AgentThe Application Restarted Events are not sending 21.8.0
DOTNET-5740.NET AgentEnsure that the stall transaction timeout is configurable21.8.0
DOTNET-5764.NET AgentFixed NullRefException while collecting SQL query for Analytics21.8.0
DOTNET-5769.NET AgentFix the SSL configuration validation 21.8.1
NODEJS-537Node.js AgentRemove the request module21.8.0
NODEJS-544Node.js Agent

Fix packaging of the standalone Node.js builds

PYTHON-874Python AgentFixed important security issues21.8.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-8681Alert and RespondThe alert email notification exposes the internal IP address of the instance21.8.1
ALERT-9137Alert and RespondUser getting logged out when trying to create action suppression with default view permissions21.8.0
ANALYTICS-11112AnalyticsThe query in the URL doesn't get updated when a filter is added in the search21.8.0
ANALYTICS-13461AnalyticsFixed the LoadingCache to fetch configurations21.8.0
BRUM-6847Browser RUMAuto-injected code snippet for the Java Agent is not correct for customers self-hosting the agent21.8.3
DBMON-7371Database VisibilityThe details of the database collector on the Databases window display mismatch between the card and the grid view21.8.0
DBMON-7829Database VisibilityIncorrect sorting for "Rows_examined" on the Session list page21.8.0
DBMON-7986Database VisibilityAll custom metrics are not reported when you change the value of the dbmon.config.max.custommetric setting21.8.0
DBMON-8059Database VisibilityThe Cassandra database metrics are not displayed when you select longer duration on the Databases Dashboard21.8.0
DBMON-8134Database VisibilityThe database collectors stop reporting to Controller, and the Database Agent logs display exception errors21.8.0
DBMON-8315Database VisibilityThe Oracle query Explain another query shows empty result; Database Execution Plan is not displayed21.8.4
IAM-1787Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditThe property system.use.notification.message is not working on Controller version 21.2.3 and higher21.8.0
MQS-1259Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work when the Metric Hierarchy is enabled21.8.0
MQS-1264Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work for database metrics21.8.0
PLATSE-224Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.8.2
PLATSE-237Platform Sustaining EngineeringApp Server Agent log files not available for download from Controller21.8.3
PLATSE-239 Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.8.3
PLATSE-279Platform Sustaining EngineeringSelf-closing HTML element <input> does not render21.8.4
PLATSE-264Platform Sustaining EngineeringHealth Status widget does not display any configured entities when you edit the health rule21.8.4
STUDIO-3412Dash Studio

If you use a variable during the Datagrid widget configuration, an HTTP 500 internal error is displayed on the dashboard

STUDIO-3761Dash Studio

Cannot change the number of applications on the Health Rule widget

STUDIO-3909Dash StudioUnable to view reports in the Reports & Dashboards > Reports tab21.8.3
STUDIO-4012Dash Studio

The following libraries in the Controller have been upgraded to the specified versions:

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • AngularJS 1.8.2
UIK-3644Dash StudioThe Dash Studio widgets do not render the quotation marks (" ") of metrics21.8.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues for the 21.8 release.

21.7  Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-13649Analytics AgentDisabled the /debug/grok endpoint 21.7.0
CLUSTERMON-2988Cluster AgentThe Helm repository is migrated to CiscoDevNet21.7.0
DBMON-8152Database AgentThe used memory calculation is fixed. It does not include the buffered memory and the swap cache memory21.7.0
DBMON-8155Database AgentThe error log file includes exception error messages when you start Database Agent on Windows21.7.0
DOTNET-5626.NET AgentSlow IIS restart with large numbers of App domains21.7.1
DOTNET-5638.NET AgentProfiler lock prober causes a stack overflow exception21.7.1
DOTNET-5639.NET AgentMIDC with a getter chain accessing a struct array element is not working21.7.1
DOTNET-5664.NET AgentDeadlock due to loader lock while snapshotting (while unloading a DLL)21.7.1
DOTNET-5693.NET AgentUpdated third-party dependencies21.7.0
DOTNET-5696.NET AgentFixed privilege escalation21.7.0
DOTNET-5713.NET AgentFailure to parse a certificate pem file on Linux21.7.1
DOTNET-5714.NET AgentBoost Log Console was changed to stdout instead of stderr21.7.1
JAVA-8010Java Agent

ReflectionUtility errors are detected for fileld[socket] when the Netiviz agent is used on the MultiplexedSocketChannel and DemultiplexedSocketChannel classes

JAVA-9658Java AgentThe Ignore Exception rules do not work as expected when configured to ignore the BT snapshot error21.7.0
JAVA-9724Java AgentCustom naming of the RMI backend does not work21.7.0
JAVA-9961Java AgentAsynchronous servlets that are not completed appropriately are detected as stalled in WebLogic21.7.0
PHP-1448PHP AgentWhen the Controller is down, the backend agents spam the log files with the error, Interceptors found on op_array when no interceptors have been registered21.7.0
WEBSRV-460Apache AgentA missing 'ts' flag in the correlation header sent by the Apache Agent21.7.0
WEBSRV-475Apache AgentAn issue with the Garbage URL is reported for the agent21.7.0
WEBSRV-477Apache AgentThe Java proxy for Apache Agent is upgraded21.7.0
WEBSRV-479Apache AgentA missing URL in the transaction snapshot for Apache Agent is displayed because the agent is unable to handle a sub-request or an internal redirect appropriately21.7.0
WEBSRV-499Apache AgentApache Agent does not handle the incoming correlation from an upstream application21.7.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues



Experience Journey Map

Custom Data Filter Fields added in filter panel are not persistent


Known Issues

There were no known issues for the 21.7 release.

21.6 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-13610Analytics AgentThe Analytics Agent file path is experiencing high CPU.21.6.0
CDM-7039Android AgentBuild time for debug builds is taking longer than expected.21.6.0
DBMON-8011Database AgentThe metrics on the Metric Browser drop to zero because of the thread synchronization issue.21.6.0
JAVA-9859Java AgentWSO2 business transaction naming also considers the URL parameter as part of the segment.21.6.1


C/C++SDK The C/C++SDK Transaction Type field in the Call Graph is displayed as Undefined21.6.0
NODEJS-314Node.js AgentThe Node.js Agent is experiencing an error when using reuseNode and reuseNodePrefix.21.6.0
NODEJS-383Node.js AgentThe Node process crashes when Snapshots is enabled.21.6.0
NODEJS-497Node.js AgentThe Node.js Agent crashes when Object Instance tracking is enabled.21.6.0
NODEJS-514Node.js AgentThe Node.js Agent is unable to capture exit calls for couchbase versions 3.x.x.21.6.0
PHP-1412PHP AgentPHP application crashes when ending Java proxy process21.6.0
PYTHON-772Python AgentPython Agent does not report some transactions because of missing backend metrics.21.6.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-8297Alert & RespondMissing line break in the alert message21.6.0
ALERT-8442Alert & RespondEvent API is returning NULL for some applications21.6.0
ANALYTICS-13426AnalyticsCorrected the limit issue for the application selector query from the Analytics landing page21.6.0
ANALYTICS-13663AnalyticsCorrect the LoadingCache issue in AnalyticsBTTypeConfigManager for the .NET Agent21.6.3
CDM-7192Mobile RUMNetwork Name dropdown under NetworkRequest > Snapshot tab should not accept random string21.6.0
DBMON-7969Database VisibilityDatabase Monitoring does not display Couchbase buckets and details for memcached type21.6.0
DBMON-7970Database VisibilitySorting does not work correctly when selecting last 1 week or longer period21.6.0
DBMON-8003Database VisibilityRegistering large numbers of database servers causes threadpool saturation21.6.0
DBMON-8012Database VisibilityHTTP 500 error displayed when trying to access a Database Agent health rule21.6.0
DBMON-8028Database VisibilityDatabase Metric Browser does not load intermittently21.6.0
DBMON-8029Database VisibilityDatabase Metric Browser does not load21.6.0
DBMON-8135Database VisibilityConcurrent Modification Exception while polling configuration21.6.1
DBMON-8314Database VisibilityExecution Plan for Oracle queries are not working21.6.5
DIAGPLAT-1256APMService endpoint Snapshots fail to load with error getRequestSegmentDataListItemsWithFilterHandle21.6.0
IAM-1924Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditLogin entries and user role/permissions are not displayed in the Audit Report & Audit Table21.6.2
LIC-779LicensingError "Current user does not have access to this method" appearing on the Getting Started Wizard - Servers page21.6.0
LIC-801LicensingLicense Rules page displays the message "Invalid License Key"21.6.0
LIC-1257LicensingLicense usage for Synthetic Hosted Pro package is displayed incorrectly21.6.3
MQS-1267Metric Query ServiceMetric Expressions are not working for database metrics21.6.1
MQS-1273Metric Query ServiceCreate a cache for existing Metric Hierarchy nodes21.6.4
PLATSE-223, PLATSE-242Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.6.5
PRE-873Server VisibilityServers no longer disappear and reappear rapidly. If the sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis property is set to lower than 1 day, the Servers list fetched for LivenessStatus=ALL displays correct results.21.6.0
STUDIO-4012Dash Studio

The following libraries in the Controller have been upgraded to the specified versions:

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • AngularJS 1.8.2
UISVCS-1491UI ServicesReports not working correctly for User Experience (EUM)21.6.0


Experience Journey MapThe calculation of the outgoing traffic percentage is incorrect21.6.0

Known Issues


Machine Agent

The http configuration properties work for both http and https. Use either http / https depending on the proxy configuration.

21.6.0 - June 24, 2021
Python AgentBackend resolution does not create the correct flow map in the case of cross-application architecture. See Cross Application Flow for details about cross-application architecture.21.6.0 - June 17, 2021

21.5 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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CDM-7188Android AgentApply code changes UI function is not working in Android studio when the appdynamicsGeneratedBuildId_ field is added or removed21.5.0
CLUSTERMON-2663Cluster AgentEven though the auto-instrumentation fails for an application, the environment is updated with some changes21.5.0
DOTNET-4246.NET Agent"Console" as a logging configuration directs logs to STDERR instead of to STDOUT 21.5.0
DOTNET-4793.NET AgentHTTP request body removed for certain cases when ASP.NET Legacy instrumentation is enabled in .NET Agent for Alpine Linux21.5.0
DOTNET-5344.NET AgentBy default, the Unique Host ID should be set to the Container ID21.5.0
DOTNET-5377.NET AgentThere is a System.TypeLoadException exception on POCOs with nullable arguments21.5.0
DOTNET-5490.NET AgentThe Linux Agent does not correctly instrument generic value types21.5.0
DOTNET-5551.NET AgentWhen the site-regex attribute is set to true  for an IIS site configuration in the config.xml file, the full Windows agent now applies the configuration to all site names matching the provided regular expression, instead of to just one site name.21.5.0


.NET AgentCoreCLR interceptors are not working with the MSI installation 21.5.0
DOTNET-5603.NET AgentImproved logging performance for .NET Agent on Linux21.5.1
DOTNET-5611.NET AgentSupports the APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_CERTFILE and APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_CERTDIR environment variables for Analytics SSL in .NET Agent on Linux21.5.1
DOTNET-5612.NET AgentSupports multiple certificates in a single file Base-64 format for .NET Agent on Linux21.5.1
DOTNET-5628.NET AgentDocker image is compatible with cluster agent auto-instrumentation21.5.1
JAVA-9254Java Agent

Instrumentation point gets disabled for Netty exits

JAVA-8827Java Agent

Agent does not sync with Controller appropriately for the purged application diagnostic ids



Node.js AgentAgent does not show the correct number of nodes when starting the process manager. 21.5.0
PHP-1396PHP Agent

One of the third-party libraries for the PHP Agent is upgraded

PHP-1357PHP Agent

The ADRUM_BT cookie is sent across only for secure connections (HTTPS)

SYNTH-7071Synthetic Agent"Test agent failed to post result" error is displayed while executing jobs21.5.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ANALYTICS-13291AnalyticsSelecting multiple source to create Business Journey Maps prevents the retrieving of data for selectors21.5.0
ANLYTCS_ES-4881Events ServiceResolve the discrepancy between Metric Processor parsing of control characters and Elasticsearch21.5.0
ANLYTCS_ES-5121Events ServiceElasticsearch analyzer does not match the current Metric Processor Lucene analyzer21.5.0


Events ServiceMerge changes in 20.9 to release/ 21.4.1
DBMON-7665Database VisibilityThe health rule violation details are not displayed when you click the health status in "Databases">"Dashboard" tab21.5.0
DBMON-7879Database VisibilityFor some database, the "Object Browser">"Error log" screen does not render the log data21.5.0
DBMON-7925Database VisibilityJMX connection not working for Cassandra cluster with SSL enabled21.5.0
DBMON-7931Database VisibilityDatabase Agent naming convention prevents collectors from reporting data21.5.0
DBMON-8032Database VisibilityAdd Controller flag to control metric filtering for configurations such as Cassandra's keyspace metrics and Couchbase's bucket metrics21.5.0
DBMON-8037Database VisibilityDBMonEventBus POST event caused thread pool saturation21.5.0
DIAGPLAT-1130APMSnapshots filter for data collectors when collector type is "Any" is not working21.5.0
DIAGPLAT-1151APMMissing end-to-end latency time in the "Business Transaction" view21.5.0
DIAGPLAT-1281APMService endpoint snapshots fail to load with the error getRequestSegmentDataListItemsWithFilterHandle21.5.0
EUMPLAT-2086End User MonitoringImprove the performance of a query affecting the browser Page Views in Session timeline21.5.4
IAM-1925Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditLogin entries and user role/permissions are not displayed in the Audit Report & Audit Table21.5.5
L4A-17293AccountsThe Controller Launch API used by Accounts is producing a SAML login error21.5.0
LIC-759LicensingSome Controllers are sending 0 hourly total count for licenses consumed21.5.0
LIC-1124LicensingRetrieving data causes high load on the database, which brings the Controller down21.5.0
METADATA-9578DashboardBusiness transaction metric expression is miscalculated on the Dashboard21.5.0
METADATA-9610APMCorrected caching issue to ensure the setting of the Strict-Transport-Security header21.5.0
MQS-1261Metric Query ServiceMetric Expressions do not work when the Metric Hierarchy is enabled21.5.1
MQS-1268Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work for database metrics21.5.3


Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.5.6
PLATSE-262Platform Sustaining EngineeringApply filter across all segments of data to retrieve snapshots21.5.6
STUDIO-4014Dash Studio

The following libraries in the Controller have been upgraded to the specified versions:

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • AngularJS 1.8.2

TMNTAPMNotifications slow the UI when there are many notifications21.5.0

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 21.5 release.

21.4 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

BRUM-6565JavaScript AgentError in Visually Complete Time calculation when element is detached from DOM in IE1121.4.0
BRUM-6613JavaScript AgentCalling the ADRUM command addUserData adds an entry even when the key/value pair is null or undefined21.4.0
DBMON-7950Database Agent

The pg_database_size metric for Postgres system statistics was computed every minute causing high CPU utilization.

With this release, the pg_database_size value is computed at an interval of 1hr approximately

DBMON-8026Database AgentThe Pluggable Database monitoring (PDB) does not work with the Database Agent
DOTNET-5406.NET Agent.NET Agent correctly reports all HTTP errors21.4.0
DOTNET-5555.NET AgentWhen restarting the application using the MicroServices Agent, the node reuse environment variables now use the correct values21.4.0
JAVA-9448Java Agent

After upgrading Java Agent from 4.5.9 to 20.x or 21.x, the servlet business transactions are not displayed. The node property osb-enable-webservice-entry value has to be set to false (true by default)

JAVA-9433Java Agent

An upgrade required for the agent such that the legacy agent uses commons-io-2.5 and non-legacy agent uses commons-io-2.8 library for singularity-commons dependency

JAVA-9361Java Agent

When you use action suppression for disabling agent reporting, the suppression is not performed for the complete configured duration

JAVA-9261Java Agent

Update the agent to allow splitting of business transaction on Spring Web Service entry by creating a custom configuration

JAVA-9235Java AgentThe name of a node is generated multiple times for ephemeral nodes21.4.0
JAVA-9110Java AgentSnapshot reporting stops after a few minutes post the agent-reset21.4.0
JAVA-9859Java Agent

WSO2 business transaction naming also considers the URL parameter as part of the segment.

The fix is available in 21.4.1 and versions>=21.6.

LIBAGENT-442Node.js AgentNode.js Agent does not report HTTP data collector to Analytics21.4.0
NODEJS-245Node.js AgentNode.js Agent fails HTTP tunneling for secure connections21.4.0
WEBSRV-398Apache Agent

HttpClient library for the Apache Agent is upgraded


Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-8667 Alert & RespondAffects column not available in the Health Rule widget21.4.3
ALERT-86678Alert & RespondBehavior of the Controller's Email Template Editor is confusing21.4.3
ANALYTICS-13273AnalyticsAdd back ticks to ADQL query if field matches ADQL keyword21.4.0

Optimize the Analytics Agent status call by using AnalyticsAgentConfigurationCache

ANALYTICS-13923AnalyticsBlank line in Dashboard where data exists21.4.10
ANALYTICS-13997AnalyticsSave and Cancel buttons missing on the Analytics Save Search dialog21.4.12
BRUM-6548Browser RUMNull Point Error preventing the Controller UI from loading the dashboard data21.4.0
BRUM-7066Browser RUM

AppDynamics Map widget displays incorrect map in Mobile RUM and Browser RUM screens

CLUSTERMON-2958Cluster MonitoringAfter adding namespaces, unable to add additional namespaces to monitor21.4.4
DBMON-7397Database VisibilityRemove incorrect max heap size information from the Getting Started Wizard - Databases21.4.0
DBMON-7533Database VisibilityHTTP thread pool saturation preventing access to the Controller UI21.4.0
DBMON-7843Database VisibilityNo auditing for database collectors (update/delete/create)21.4.0
DBMON-8033Database VisibilityAdd Controller flag to control metric filtering for configurations such as Cassandra's keyspace metrics and Couchbase's bucket metrics21.4.2
DBMON-8038Database VisibilityDBMonEventBus POST event caused thread pool saturation21.4.2
DBMON-8374Database VisibilityFor some database, the Object Browser>Error log screen does not render the log data


Database Monitoring

Inconsistency in identifying backends leads to the following automapping failures:

  • Case-sensitive identifications of backends
  • Incorrect identifications of URL, vendor, etc.
  • Case-sensitive mapping between APM backend and DBMON

Service Endpoints returns an HTTP 500 status and emits the error message Error handling snapshot data

IAM-1546Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditRemove invalid notification configs in SaaS Account DTO.21.4.6
IAM-1924Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditLogin entries and user role/permissions are not displayed in the Audit Report & Audit Table21.4.4
IAM-2067Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditLDAP user unable to import applications21.4.6
L4A-17233License ManagementUsage views not displaying proper data granularity21.4.0
L4A-17818License ManagementMultiple entries with the same key caused an llegalArgumentException in Glassfish21.4.0
L4A-19184License ManagementUnable to login to the Controller, LOGIN_FAILED error message is displayed21.4.13
LIC-1172LicensingServer exception for missing database partition encountered when fetching license usage21.4.4

Licensing error with the .NET Agent: vCPU information is not passed to renew lease calls

LIC-1669LicensingIBL license consumption reporting is not working for on-prem Controllers21.4.9
LIC-1691LicensingIntegrate the data migration fix to on-prem Controllers21.4.9
LIC-1981LicensingLicense consumption is not displayed for license rule for each module type21.4.13
METADATA-9564DashboardExport Custom Dashboard should check for null widgets and not include them in the export21.4.0
METADATA-9614DashboardCorrected caching issue to ensure the setting of the Strict-Transport-Security header21.4.2
MOBILE-1778Mobile AppRemove registered device details from cache when users delete the account from mobile applications21.4.7
MOBILE-1813Mobile AppNotifications are not being pushed to mobile devices21.4.7
PLATSE-132Platform EngineeringDisplay the correct node information in the flow map21.4.3


Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.4.7
PLATSE-250Platform Sustaining Engineering

HTTP Data Collector parameters conversion type is not getting applied to the .NET Agent

PLATSE-261Platform Sustaining Engineering

Error details are not reflected on the main dashboard flow map and in BT

PLATSE-263Platform Sustaining Engineering

Other Events section missing on the Create Policy window, Trigger tab for an on-prem controller

PLATSE-272Platform Sustaining EngineeringFrom the Waterfall view, drilling down to an application in a snapshot causes an error21.4.8
PLATSE-341Platform Sustaining EngineeringUpgrade Xstream to version 1.4.18 or latest21.4.11
PLATSE-352Platform Sustaining EngineeringController root and admin credentials leaked in log files
PLATSE-356Platform Sustaining EngineeringUnlock business transaction and Save options unavailable on the UI
PLATSE-365Platform Sustaining EngineeringAgent log folders are not available for download in controller UI21.4.11
PLATSE-378Platform Sustaining EngineeringWhen creating a new app in the Browser Apps section of the EUM, the CSRF token is leaked in the HTTP GET request
PLATSE-414Platform Sustaining EngineeringMultiple REST endpoints are susceptible to vertical authorization bypass21.4.13
PLATSE-415Platform Sustaining EngineeringUnable to save a data collector with many business transactions21.4.13


Dash Studio

Upgraded the following JavaScript libraries to the specified versions:

  • JQuery version 3.5.1
  • AngularJS version 1.8.2


Dash StudioCustom dashboard stops responding when you attempt to share it, on an on-prem controller21.4.11
SVCMON-1253APMNull Pointer Error is preventing the deletion of business transactions and applications21.4.0
SVCMON-1273APMService Endpoints page displays No Data Available message or blank screen after scrolling21.4.0
SVCMON-1277APMImproved the loading of Custom Dashboards by optimizing business transaction queries21.4.0

New Service Endpoints table does not fit on the screen size

SYNTH-7058Synthetic Browser Monitoring

Synthetic Agent is not displaying in the Job Editor

SYNTH-8011Synthetic Browser Monitoring

Synth jobs [On-Prem] can be edited even without EUM permissions 

SYSTEAM-306Systems EngineeringUpgrade the Reports Service version that uses Node.js version 14.17.521.4.7
SYSTEAM-322Systems EngineeringOn-prem controller performance impacted due to queuing on hashmap accesses
TMNT-1767APMLarge number of license notifications freezes Controller UI21.4.0
UISVCS-1622UI ServicesUpgrade Controller to use latest Reports Service with new nodemailer package21.4.6

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 21.4 release.

21.3 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

DOTNET-4992.NET AgentFixed process hang when capturing the thread snapshots under some conditions21.3.1
DOTNET-5382.NET Agent(For Full Windows .NET Agent) You can now use the APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_HOST_NAME , APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_PORT,  and APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_ENABLED configuration environment variables to override properties in the config.json file for "controller host", "controller port", and "enable controller ssl connection", respectively.21.3.1
DOTNET-5417.NET AgentSensitive URL filter has been fixed for stalled transactions in .NET Core MicroServices Agent21.3.0
DOTNET-5453.NET Agent.NET Agent for full Windows now reports correct Average CPU Time21.3.0
DOTNET-5455.NET AgentAble to switch to different DMM modes from KPI for .NET application through Netviz Agent on Windows21.3.0
DOTNET-5456.NET AgentCan start pcap for .NET application through Netviz Agent on Windows21.3.0
DOTNET-5492.NET AgentMemory leak due to NetViz has been fixed21.3.0
JAVA-9297Java Agent

Issue with the commons-io library that is packaged with the Java Agent

DOTNET-5527.NET AgentTypeCache implementation is now safe for threading
DOTNET-5534.NET AgentFix for proper handling of empty application configuration in .NET Agent configuration21.3.1
DOTNET-5536.NET AgentOptimization for CPU usage when NetViz is not enabled
JAVA-8997Java Agent

Servlet Split rule based on the selected parameter in the request does not work for the Reactor Netty framework

JAVA-8748Java AgentDuplicate backends are created with Java Agent API21.3.0
LIBAGENT-442Node.js AgentNode.js Agent does not report HTTP data collector to Analytics21.3.0


C/C++ SDKFix unsynchronized access to the Business Transactions data21.3.0
LIBAGENT-494C/C++ SDKFrame calls are abruptly failing21.3.0
NETWORK-6264Network AgentThe Network Agent Npcap version is upgraded to 1.2021.3.0
NETWORK-6269Network AgentThe Network Agent installation of Visual C++ is fixed 21.3.0
SRVLESS-1537 Node.js Serverless TracerUpdated appdynamics-lambda-trace package dependencies21.3.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

There was no Controller release for 21.3.

21.2 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

ANALYTICS-13226Java AgentEnabling recommended data collection intermittently affects Transaction Analytics reporting21.2.0
BRUM-6539JavaScript AgentReferenceError: hideCookieBanner is not defined when page is injected with adrum-latest.js21.2.0
BRUM-6552JavaScript AgentExtra value at the end of the app URL set by the ADRUM cookie21.2.0
BRUM-6553JavaScript AgentJavaScript statements inside setTimeout and setInterval run in local scope when adrum is enabled21.2.0
CDM-7032React Native AgentNetworking request responses are corrupted21.2.0
CDM-7033iOS AgentiOS Agent disables SwiftUI previews21.2.0
CDM-7175Android AgentEvents are stored on EventBus even when agent is not initialized21.2.0
DBMON-7552Database AgentThe Database Agent sends the health rule data of a MongoDB replica node even after the node is stopped21.2.0
DBMON-7568Database AgentThe Database Agent log file includes the error, invalid USERENV parameter, for an Oracle collector21.2.0
DBMON-7739Database AgentThe custom metrics value drops to zero intermittently21.2.0
DBMON-7654Database AgentThe Oracle collector log displays an error when Sysmetrics query is used21.2.0
DBMON-7745Database AgentThe Explain another query: field under Execution Plan displays an error without any details for MariaDB21.2.0
DBMON-3801Database AgentThe API Client (/controller/rest/databases/collectors) fails intermittently with java.lang.NumberFormatException21.2.0
DOTNET-4538.NET AgentOptimizations for Async tracking in .NET Core and .NET Framework applications21.2.0
DOTNET-4834.NET AgentFix for high thread contention in certain Async-heavy applications21.2.0
DOTNET-5175.NET AgentFix for analytics data loss in certain cases when the Analytics Agent is recycled and loses communication with the .NET Agent21.2.0
JAVA-9093Java Agent

The User Experience value based on the set threshold limit is incorrect only for those records that do not have a matching transaction snapshot on the APM

JAVA-9037Java Agent

Upgrading the Java Agent to 20.11 displays an exception Error instantiating DispatcherServletInterceptor in the logs

LIBAGENT-490Node.js AgentUnregistered backend metrics appear in the Metric Browser21.2.0
METADATA-9624APMEnsure that the HTTP header Strict-Transport-Security is set21.2.5


Network AgentNetwork Agent does not support host metrics on Windows21.2.0
NODEJS-324Node.js AgentHTTP Request Data Collectors collect HTTP Parameters Name instead of Display Name21.2.0
PYTHON-498Python AgentJava proxy caches stale agent data21.2.0
PHP-1170PHP Agent

PHP Agent does not support using an environment variable for defining a unique host ID


Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-7111Alert & RespondGarbled characters appear in email template instead of cyrillic string21.2.0
ALERT-7786Alert & Respond

Health rules not available in cache after Controller upgrade

AMCSEV-1260App Monitoring Cloud ServicesTiers Page does not show node details for the nodes after the 10th registered node21.2.0

From the Dashboard, double-clicking "business journey" transactions directs user to Overview page instead of Details dialog


When changing the date format in My Preferences to "DD/MM/YY" and then opening a transaction snapshot in Analytics the error TRS has illegal timeRange is displayed

ANLYTCS_ES-3474Events Service

Some logically incorrect ADQL is validated

BRUM-6410Browser RUMReview of health rules violations from User Experience applications redirects to health rules for Application Performance21.2.0


Cluster Monitoring

Agent registration is prevented while storing Cluster Agent properties in the database

DBMON-7131Database VisibilityAn Incorrect Database Agent version is displayed in the Database Agents setting after upgrading the agent and starting the new agent with the same name21.2.0
DBMON-7222Database Visibility

When configuring Monitoring Operating System for an AWS RDS collector, the required region is not displayed in the list.

Now, the required regions are included and some unnecessary regions are removed from the list.

DBMON-7302Database VisibilityDisk Usage within the database Queries displays an incorrect error message for the PostgreSQL database21.2.0
DBMON-7308Database VisibilityThe Live view session list displays all the active sessions when the View filter is set to All Sessions, but active sessions are not displayed when the filter is set to All Active21.2.0
DBMON-7354Database VisibilityThe Invalid DB error is displayed when saving an action suppression on one of the nodes of the database cluster21.2.0
DBMON-7373Database VisibilityA blank window is displayed when you click Drill Down for a database on the Transactions snapshot21.2.0
DBMON-7517Database VisibilityInconsistent Custom Metric permissions21.2.0
DBMON-7535Database VisibilityThe Exclude Schemas option gets checked after upgrading from old Controller to new Controller21.2.0
DBMON-7549Database VisibilityDuplicate IO Metric entries are displayed for Microsoft SQL Server on the Health Rule configuration page21.2.0
DBMON-7604Database VisibilityCustom Metric not displayed in Custom Metrics tab even though data is displayed in Metric Browser21.2.0
DBMON-8034Database VisibilityAdded the dbmon.config.metrics.filtering.enabled Controller flag to control the Database metric filtering for Cassandra's Keyspace and Couchbase's bucket-level metrics21.2.6
DBMON-8039Database VisibilityDBMonEventBus post-event call results in thread pool saturation21.2.6
DIAGPLAT-1080APMSearching for snapshots yields inaccurate results for Standard Time Range from Transaction Snapshot21.2.0
DIAGPLAT-1212APM"Internal Server Error" when opening Error Snapshots21.2.0
DIAGPLAT-1229APMCorrect the data population for the "Snapshots Summary View"21.2.6
DIAGPLAT-1279APMServiceEndpoint Snapshots fail to load with the error getRequestSegmentDataListItemsWithFilterHandle21.2.8
LIC-647LicensingDatabase Monitoring license usage reporting does not work with Agent-based license rules21.2.3
L4A-17203License ManagementThe Get License Usage API was reporting zero active licenses despite active agents with valid leases21.2.0
L4A-17796AccountsIncrease the container-app version in the Controller 21.2.1
L4A-17818License ManagementMultiple entries with the same key caused an llegalArgumentException in Glassfish21.2.0
L4A-17838AccountsMultiple entries with the same key21.2.1
L4A-17959AccountsSAML and LDAP users without email addresses are not able to edit or add roles21.2.2
PLATSE-120Platform MaintenanceReset counter when restarting Developer mode21.2.6


APMNPE in BtServiceImpl#registerDeleteMdsBtEntityTransactionListener does not allow purge of applications and Business Transactions21.2.0
UISVCS-1063AccessibilityThe color of blue links in data grids, such as the Business Transactions list, has been updated to #0040B6 for improved contrast21.2.0
USERIMPACT-714Experience Journey MapBad Link when clicking View All Applications in Experience Journey Map21.2.0

Known Issues

Synthetic Services (Version 21.2.0)

Change in Synthetic job failure events behaviour (in the 20.7.0. version) affects the alerting configurations. This change triggers alerts for wrong events. 

In this release:

  • The events behaviour is reverted to the standard behaviour in Chrome, IE, and Firefox browsers. The issue still persists in Mobile Browser Emulation. 
  • Non-alphanumeric characters are not displayed in script logs of the Synthetic sessions.

21.1 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

DOTNET-5316.NET AgentSensitive Message Filter has been fixed when including parameters message-pattern FOUND but redaction-regex NOT MATCHED21.1.0
DOTNET-5372.NET AgentImprovements to Azure Service Bus async error tracking21.1.0
JAVA-7603Java Agent

An error is reported when the maximum analytics collector limit exceeds

JAVA-8137Java Agent

A Null Pointer Exception occurs if no regex pattern is provided in the custom backend naming config

JAVA-8255Java Agent

Agent reset through the controller does not reset Dynamics Service (ADS) runtime state

JAVA-8380Java Agent

EUM does not work appropriately with request match rules in non-servlet environments

JAVA-8407Java Agent

Snapshots are not generated due to SQL parsing, even though the snapshots are reported to the controller

JAVA-8595Java Agent

The transformation limit is reached due to the Analytics data collection interceptor

JAVA-8878Java Agent

Business transaction data is not displayed if the business transaction lockdown is enabled in a service-proxy enabled environment

NODEJS-378Node.js AgentUnhandled TypeError exception terminates the Node.js Agent21.1.0
PHP-1210PHP Agent

PHP Agent does not report metrics after the Business Transaction lockdown in the Controller

PYTHON-640Python AgentApplied changes from JAVA-8878 to the Python Java proxy 21.1.0
SERVER-8458Machine AgentServer Agent no longer purges machines inadvertently before the expected purge time21.1.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-7111Alert & Respond

Garbled characters are appearing in email template instead of a Cyrillic string

ALERT-7682Alert & RespondAction suppression time selector value is reset once you navigate away from the tab20.
AMCSEV-575App Monitoring Cloud ServicesNot able to create custom Service Endpoint for JMS type with property type Integer21.1.0
AMCSEV-927App Monitoring Cloud ServicesLong thread names are difficult to read21.1.0
AMCSEV-1075App Monitoring Cloud ServicesPopup on flow map does not show the calls per minute/response as per grouped JDBC21.1.0
AMCSEV-1099App Monitoring Cloud ServicesFilter UI For Tiers & Nodes in application need to close on Cancel or Apply21.1.0
AMCSEV-1187App Monitoring Cloud ServicesMachine Agents screen displays the error unnecessary keys are empty error21.1.0

Automatic field extraction does not permit adding a definer sample for more than one field

ANALYTICS-12912AnalyticsMissing start tier causes TypeError in Business Transaction flow map with EUM and BT node21.1.0
ANALYTICS-12846AnalyticsBetter handling of fields to display from originating tier in Analytics data table21.1.0
ANALYTICS-12938AnalyticsFunnel Dashboard UI: Access to the specified resource forbidden21.1.0

When editing the Analytics Search widget on the Dashboard, the toggle Use Dashboard Time Range is not responding


From Analytics Search, the array of Booleans and numbers display incorrect values

ANALYTICS-13031AnalyticsFrom Analytics Search, the Tier filter is incorrectly initialized by the Node filter21.1.0

From Transaction Snapshots, the Analytics timestamp is incorrect if the customer changed Display Time Zone in Preferences

ANALYTICS-13090AnalyticsNodeJS does not receive Analytics HTTP config21.1.0
BRUM-6390Browser RUMFrom Timing Breakdown, the SSL/TLS bar is not rendering correctly21.1.0
CDM-7016Mobile RUMAccessing warning snapshots from Code Issues causes a java.lang.exception21.1.0

Snapshots are sometimes not displaying the potential issue information

DIAGPLAT-1043APMQuery executed in getSummariesAndAppendBlobsIfNeeded times out21.1.0
DIAGPLAT-1081APMSearching for snapshots yields inaccurate results for Standard Time Range from Transaction Snapshot21.1.0
L4A-15351AccountsEmail address field not accepting special characters.21.1.0
L4A-15898AccountsCompany Admin is unable to add new user21.1.0
L4A-16541Controller-LicenseThe UI is storing the machineId instead of the hostId value reported by the agent, therefore it doesn't match the value stored for the filter.
L4A-16565AccountsAfter migrating to Infrastructured-based Licensing, the Premium package had the wrong license consumption21.1.0
METADATA-9467APMThe security header response (HSTS) is fixed21.1.0
METADATA-9483APMHealth rule status precedence is fixed21.1.0
REPORTS-799ReportsScheduled reports are sent on clicking Save21.1.0
REPORTS-811ReportsReports (scheduled or one time) with a custom time range are delivered with the Login page21.1.0
TMNT-952APMCustomer time range does not display time as per the timezone configured in the preferences21.1.0
TMNT-1799APMNotifications slow the UI down when there are many notifications21.1.0
UISVCS-1011UI ServicesCreation of error detection configuration field for the HTTP return codes for the PHP Agent21.1.0

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 21.1 release.

20.12 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

ANALYTICS-13154Java AgenttoString() method displays [“[Ljava.lang.String;@23377943”] error for Java arrays in Data Collectors20.12.0
BRUM-6403JavaScript Agent

Page renders slowly for AngularJS apps if there is no onreadystatechange handler for AJAX calls

BRUM-6438JavaScript AgentADRUM cookie triggers sameSite attribute warning in Firefox20.12.0
CLUSTERMON-2259Cluster AgentThe cluster-agent-operator-openshift.yaml file fails to deploy the pod on OpenShift and the log displays the no matches for kind “Clustercollector” in version error20.12.1
CLUSTERMON-2088Cluster AgentThe auto-instrumentation does not work when there is a space in the appname configuration within the cluster-agent.yaml file20.12.0
DBMON-7391Database AgentThe Network IO metrics value displays an unreasonable number for the AIX servers20.12.0
DBMON-7561Database AgentWhen configuring Monitoring Operating System for an AWS RDS collector, the eu-north-1 region is not displayed20.12.0
DBMON-7495Database AgentWhen the IP address of the host machine keeps changing, the database metrics drop to zero and the Events page displays that the collectors are reinitialized20.12.0
DBMON-7444Database AgentWhen a database uses the Database Partitioning Feature (DPF), the Calls per Minute metric on the Metric Browser displays incorrect data20.12.0
DBMON-7428Database AgentThe hardware monitoring stops working and the log displays the com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: session is down error20.12.0
DOTNET-5047.NET AgentAbility to download latest .NET Agent from the Controller20.12.0
DOTNET-5108.NET AgentFixed issue of incorrect CPU% reporting in certain cases20.12.0
DOTNET-5111.NET AgentDownload link for .NET has been updated on the Getting Started Wizard page20.12.0
DOTNET-5270.NET AgentAbility to add headers to ASP.NET Core HTTP responses is now available20.12.0
DOTNET-5300.NET AgentAgent MSI MA registration request with vCPU information was extended to support IBL licensing20.12.0
DOTNET-5340.NET AgentUnhandled exception in timer thread may cause application crash in some situations20.12.0
NODEJS-199Node.js AgentStandalone 64-bit Node.js Agent versions 10 and 12 fail in Linux with a Segmentation Fault error20.12.0
NODEJS-284Node.js AgentNode.js Agent errors in Alpine-based Docker images20.12.0
PHP-999PHP AgentPHP Agent does not detect ports when a client uses CURLOPT_PORT instead of placing it in the URL20.12.0
PHP-1187PHP Agent

Analytics snapshot data is missing for continuing and terminating the PHP Tiers snapshots

PYTHON-518Python AgentUpstream application is not visible on Controller when the downstream application is Python20.12.0
SERVER-8351Machine AgentMachine Agent works with user-defined JAVA_HOME with -j flag20.12.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

There are no Controller releases for 20.12 yet.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 20.12 release as of yet.

20.11 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

BRUM-6350JavaScript AgentVisually Complete Time sometimes reports as a Page Complete Time20.11.0
CDM-6991Android AgentIssue parsing the mobile agent token that registers the agent with the Controller, causing extra licenses to be consumed20.11.0
CLUSTERMON-2089Cluster AgentAgent registration is prevented while storing Cluster Agent properties in the database20.11.0
CLUSTERMON-2057Cluster AgentThe terminologies blacklist and whitelist are replaced with blocklist and allowlist to follow neutral usage of words20.11.0
DOTNET-4986.NET AgentFix for race condition in tracking CLR instances for IIS in-processes hosted by .NET Core 3.1 applications20.11.0
DOTNET-5159.NET AgentTo prevent correlation headers from becoming too long, the Linux Agent now limits the number of in-process call chain segments for thread correlation to ten segments per node. To disable this limit, set the node property track-all-async = true.20.11.0
DOTNET-5244.NET AgentFix for application crash if more than one URL filter is configured20.11.0
JAVA-8599Java Agent

Upgrading the Java Agent to use Agentless Analytics results in custom data not getting reported to analytics

JAVA-8536Java Agent

A significant number of threads are blocked in the Java Agent UUID generation

JAVA-8456Java Agent

Issue with the snapshot generation post-JVM restarts

JAVA-8441Java Agent

When JVM is restarted before the end of Action suppression rule created with disable agent reporting, the agent is not re-enabled automatically and the metrics are not reported

JAVA-8283Java Agent

A Null Pointer Exception error is reported when retrieving JMX attribute

JAVA-7944Java Agent

Issue with the Average Response Time and reporting of Thread Task metrics

JAVA-7603Java Agent

An error is reported when the maximum analytics collector limit is exceeded

PYTHON-517Python Agent

Python agent does not group all methods (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) when custom transaction detection rules are applied without HTTP method criteria

PYTHON-581Python AgentIndividual Business Transactions are formed even in the presence of Custom Transaction Rule20.11.0
SERVER-8419Machine AgentMachine Agent installed with RPM does not honor settings for user and user group20.11.0


Machine AgentJVM options provided via service installation is set in vmoptions file20.11.0
SERVER-8471Machine AgentCPU usage reporting fix for Solaris 1120.11.0
SERVER-8530Machine AgentCorrect CPU used percentage reported for each processor group20.11.0
SRVLESS-1305Serverless TracerThe Java, Node.js, and Python Serverless Tracers now default HTTP calls made by the tracer to timeout after 2000ms20.11.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-6830Alert & RespondIncorrect link destination during remediation script action creation20.11.0
ALERT-6990Alert & RespondOnly application object scope is supported for application error displays when you suppress an action (one-time) for an EUM enabled APM application20.11.0
ALERT-7088Alert & RespondHealth Rule for the User Experience Application does not automatically include new pages20.11.0
ALERT-7828Alert & RespondHealth rules not available in cache after Controller upgrade20.11.4
ALERT-9686Alert & RespondUnable to create a Custom Action due to unavailability of Save and Cancel buttons20.11.0
AMCSEV-727App Monitoring Cloud ServicesAutomatic Leak detection session duration shows 60 minutes when the agent default is 30 minutes20.11.0
AMCSEV-1023App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUnable to export the call graph20.11.0
AMCSEV-1328App Monitoring Cloud ServicesTiers page does not display node details after the 10th node is registered20.11.7
ANALYTICS-12780Application AnalyticsADQL basic search filter does not escape double quotation20.11.0
ANALYTICS-13089Application AnalyticsIncorrect Browser Sessions/Mobile Sessions details in the Analytics Home page20.11.1
ANALYTICS-13095Application AnalyticsNode.js Agent does not receive the Analytics HTTP configuration20.11.0
ANALYTICS-13067Application Analytics

From Analytics Search, the Tier filter is initialized incorrectly by the Node filter

CLUSTERMON-2089Cluster MonitoringAgent registration is prevented while storing Cluster Agent properties in the database20.11.0
DBMON-7170Database VisibilityThe database health rule is not evaluated for the custom metric name that has more than two | (pipe) symbols20.11.0
DBMON-7256Database VisibilitySome Sybase custom metrics do not display when the SQL query returns multiple result sets20.11.0
DBMON-7268Database VisibilityYou cannot update the Advanced Options for a collector because the collector is automatically updated when you select the Advanced Options on the Collector configuration page20.11.0
DBMON-7269Database VisibilityThe values cannot be added in Advanced Options on the Edit Collector page20.11.0
DBMON-6620Database VisibilityThe Oracle collector cannot be created with a custom connection string and sub-collectors20.11.0
DBMON-7615Database VisibilityCustom Metric appears in the Metric Tree for all the configurations regardless of the configuration it belongs to in the Metric Browser20.11.1
DBMON-7618Database VisibilityUnable to create action suppression on single node for database with multiple nodes (topology)20.11.1
DIAGPLAT-879APMRetrieve Event Data API is not filtered by the tier ID20.11.0
DIAGPLAT-891APMEvent creation locked because of a thread pool saturation20.11.0
DIAGPLAT-907APMFiltering is incorrect for the Service Endpoints in getRequestSegmentsByFilterHandle API20.11.0
DIAGPLAT-947APMSome TSS bound its detail string with the wrong ID20.11.0
DIAGPLAT-950APMProviding JavaScript to purge bad TSS detail IDs from the cache20.11.0


APMQuery executed in getSummariesAndAppendBlobsIfNeeded timed out20.11.3
DIAGPLAT-1082APMSearch for snapshots gives inaccurate results for Standard Time Range under Transaction Snapshot20.11.4, 20.11.5
JAVA-8865APMServiceProxy feature for Controllers upgraded to 20.11.0 are disabled20.11.2
L4A-14347AccountsImproper Authorization allows access to admin.jsp20.11.0
METADATA-9402APMREST API has added load historical liveness data for a tier, its node, and its parent app based on a anchor metric ID provided by users20.11.0
METADATA-9485APMEnsure that the HTTP header Strict-Transport-Security is set20.11.0
METADATA-9488APMHealth rule status precedence is incorrect20.11.0
MQS-1247Metric Query ServiceMetric Browser does not display data for some random window sizes20.11.9
REPORTS-813ReportsReports with custom time ranges getting delivered with login page20.11.0
SVCMON-1301APMImprove queries for business transactions to optimize performance20.11.8
SYNTH-5864Synthetic Browser MonitoringSynth Credential vault shows EUM App name in the dropdown instead of the app name20.11.0
TMNT-707APMWhen exporting metric data, the browser does not show data points after the Daylight Savings Time (DST) change20.11.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues in the 20.11 release.

20.10 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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BRUM-6375JavaScript AgentInvalid pointer error for JavaScript Agent in Internet Explorer/Edge is caused by HTMLImageElement URI length20.10.0
BRUM-6230JavaScript AgentupdateFetchEventResponseHeaders throws the error message "forEach is not a function.." intermittently20.10.0
BRUM-6351JavaScript Agent

A virtual page event is triggered when there is a call to push or replace states, even when there is no URL change

CDM-5817iOS AgentMAT is retained across calls when config.collectorChannel is set20.10.0
DBMON-7057Database Agent

The database events summary displays an error, Maximum custom metric limit 40 is reached, even when the number of custom metrics is lower than 40

DBMON-7280Database AgentMetric Browser does not display the performance metrics for Oracle Pluggable Database (PDB)20.10.0
DBMON-7423Database AgentThe Topology tab displays incorrect port numbers for the non-default ports of Microsoft SQL and Oracle clusters
DBMON-7255Database AgentOracle Database failover issue with the SCAN IP in a custom JDBC string20.10.0
DBMON-6900Database AgentEven when an SQL query is updated to include a label for a column within a custom metric, the Details tab of the event displays the column name instead of the label 20.10.0
DOTNET-4860.NET Agent.NET Agent logging has been fixed and no longer shows extraneous Socket error messages20.10.0
DOTNET-4990.NET AgentWhen you split a URI using a custom exit call naming rule with method parameters, the string length has been expanded to 100 characters20.10.0
DOTNET-5082.NET AgentFix for 20.4 .NET Agent for Windows causing high CPU in some scenarios20.10.0
DOTNET-5141.NET AgentAdded a new configuration option (set APPDYNAMICS_AGENT_MASK_ENV_VARS environment variable = true) to mask environment variables in the Linux agent before sending information to the Controller20.10.0
DOTNET-5171.NET AgentFix for .NET Agent for Windows where diagnostic messages from the agent were failing on malformed Regex rules 20.10.0
DOTNET-5205.NET AgentFix for BT level error metrics not including HTTP errors in some situations20.10.0
JAVA-8537Java Agent

After upgrading the Java Agent version 4.5.9 to 20.8, the OSB Rules are not applied correctly

JAVA-8436Java Agent

When Java Agent 20.9 is instrumented with JDK 15, the agent does not start and throws a Null Pointer Exception error

JAVA-8399Java Agent

Snapshots are not generated, even though they are reported to the controller

JAVA-8009Java Agent

The agent is unable to find the matching AgentBackendDiscoveryConfig as it is unable to extract the database names for the Oracle RAC connection 

JAVA-7898Java Agent

The Java Agent cannot be dynamically attached to the Java 11 process

JAVA-7775Java Agent

The JVM tab displays empty contents for the Java Agent installed on Docker and instrumented with JDK11

JAVA-7713Java Agent

java.lang.IllegalStateException is reported due to incomplete instrumentation and a race condition seen under heavy load

NODEJS-10Node.js AgentMark Nodes as Historical API causes C++ Rest SDK errors on shutdown20.10.0
NODEJS-245Node.js AgentRemove request package from the Node.js Agent20.10.0
NODEJS-261Node.js AgentUpgrade Java proxy to version
NODEJS-285Node.js AgentRemove console.log(process.env); from Node.js Installer script20.10.0
PHP-1044PHP Agent

PHP Agent does not capture Postgres queries when an explicit connection handle is passed to the query functions

PHP-1040PHP Agent

The PHP Agent crashes due to a null reference, when accessing a call graph node on the request shutdown

PHP-1001PHP Agent

The PHP Agent crashes applications during the call graph collection

PHP-987PHP AgentThere is no way to filter expected error codes resulting from an outgoing service call using drupal_http_request20.10.0
PYTHON-324Python AgentPython Agent collects all the errors in one bucket when custom error codes are configured20.10.0


Machine AgentResolved high CPU usage caused while executing WmiPrvSE.exe process commands20.10.0


Machine AgentReports correct CPU usage date for AIX systems20.10.0


Machine AgentEnglish Locale set for AIX collector to parse output correctly20.10.0
WEBSRV-298Apache Agent

Issue with the backend naming for a large number of virtual hosts.


Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-6669Alert and RespondDrill down for health rule violation and affected entities display blank results20.10.0
ALERT-6767Alert and RespondApplication with id:-1 does not exist error is displayed when you access the health rules using the dashboard and click on Critical or Warning tab20.10.0
ALERT-6781Alert and RespondSupport Overall Application Performance type health rules through Alerting Templates for EUM-enabled APM applications20.10.1
ALERT-7379Alert and RespondUnable to save action suppression for EUM-enabled applications20.10.1
AMCSEV-743App Monitoring Cloud ServicesNode count on the Dashboard does not match the node count on the Node panel20.10.0
AMCSEV-768App Monitoring Cloud ServicesCustom transaction match rules cannot be created from Snapshot screen20.10.0
AMCSEV-808App Monitoring Cloud ServicesJava Agent version not displayed correctly on Tier & Nodes20.10.0
AMCSEV-862App Monitoring Cloud ServicesBackend discovery rules losing data upon enabling or disabling20.10.0
AMCSEV-885App Monitoring Cloud ServicesJava Agent version not displayed correctly on Tier & Nodes. Backport to 20.820.8.0, 20.10.0
AMCSEV-1170App Monitoring Cloud ServicesEnable Automated Transaction Diagnostics in the Controller by default20.10.1
ANALYTICS-11516Application AnalyticsUI not setting start and end timestamps correctly in ADQL aggregation query20.10.0
ANALYTICS-12809Application AnalyticsSelected options do not attach the correct options in Add Business Journeys20.10.0
ANALYTICS-12926Application AnalyticsLimit error messages and stack traces in Business Transactions to 8191 characters20.10.0
ANALYTICS-13094Application AnalyticsNode.js Agent does not receive the Analytics HTTP configuration20.10.5
BRUM-6243Browser RUMCreating EUM Application using Getting Started Wizard fails with error20.10.0
BRUM-6223Browser RUMEURT column on Pages and AJAX request UI is too slim and column sizing does not persist20.10.0
CDM-6544Mobile RUMCorrect Fragment Start Event type typo in the Collector20.10.0
CDM-6571Mobile RUMCreate unit test cases for IP Header and Geo resolution handling for mobile beacons20.10.0
CLUSTERMON-1948Cluster MonitoringThe Pods tab does not display data20.10.0
CLUSTERMON-2090Cluster MonitoringCluster Agent runs out of database space when persisting the agent registration request20.10.2
DBMON-6275Database VisibilityWhen you edit the query text of a custom metric, the changes get saved without clicking Save20.10.0
DBMON-6816Database VisibilityThe Metric Browser displays a 504 Error when you launch it for the first time20.10.0
DBMON-6937Database VisibilityThe Custom Metrics tab displays a 500 internal error 20.10.0
DBMON-6947Database VisibilityThe database health rules are not evaluated for the collectors with the view permissions20.10.0
DBMON-7055Database VisibilityThe memory metrics are not displayed for the Oracle 11g database20.10.0
DBMON-7060Database VisibilityThe Transaction Snapshot is not displayed for the Oracle Cluster20.10.0
DBMON-7600Database VisibilityOnly add custom metrics to the configuration which it belongs to in the Metric Browser20.10.8
DBMON-7617Database VisibilityUnable to create action suppression on single node for database with multiple nodes (topology)20.10.8
DIAGPLAT-767APMNo RSD found for filter error in /snapshot/getRequestSegmentDatav220.10.0
DIAGPLAT-925APMFiltering incorrect for the Service Endpoints in the getRequestSegmentsByFilterHandle API20.10.0
DIAGPLAT-961APMSome top summary stats (TSS) are bound to the wrong ID20.10.0
DIAGPLAT-994APMAdded a filter to the REST endpoint /restui/events/query to curtail unexpected results20.10.3
DIAGPLAT-1018APMIncorrect join for archive queries when getting potential problems for snapshots20.10.5

Query executed in getSummariesAndAppendBlobsIfNeeded timed out

DIAGPLAT-1083APMSearch for snapshots gives inaccurate results for Standard Time Range under Transaction Snapshot20.10.9, 20.10.10
IAM-1541Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditThe Controller is running slow due to multiple calls for config import/export to ApiClientResourceImpl. 20.10.0
L4A-8473AccountsWhen passing multiple groups, the SAML Access Attribute does not work20.10.0
L4A-13281AccountsAccount key is appearing in the Controller audit report 20.10.0
METADATA-9355APMMDS connection pools no longer ignore JDBC parameters in domain.xml20.10.0
METADATA-9372APMMDS connection pools no longer ignore JDBC parameters in domain.xml20.10.0
METADATA-9486APMEnsure that the HTTP header Strict-Transport-Security is set20.10.4
METADATA-9489APMHealth rule status precedence is incorrect20.10.4
MOBILE-1619Mobile AppFetch push server URL from the Configuration Manager in each notification request20.10.2
METADATA-5428DashboardsDashboard health status widget appears green even when the health rule shows grey20.10.0
REPORTS-799, REPORTS-814ReportsScheduled reports are sent on clicking Save20.10.0, 20.10.6
REPORTS-812ReportsReports with a custom time range are delivered with the login page20.10.6
SVCMON-963APMExit calls to resolved backends now display on Flow Maps20.10.0
SVCMON-1252APMQuery updating a flow map preference causes high CPU usage20.10.7

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 20.10 release.

20.9 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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BRUM-6321JavaScript Agentpromise.then() throws an error when receiving non-function parameters20.9.0
CLUSTERMON-1910Cluster AgentCluster Agent is unable to monitor the namespaces that include the config string20.9.0
CLUSTERMON-1869Cluster AgentThe auto-instrumentation of Java applications fail when using the 20.6 version of the Redhat Java Agent image20.9.0
DBMON-7160Database AgentThe Disk IO hardware metric is not displayed for a Linux machine20.9.0
DBMON-7231Database AgentThe monitoring of Oracle database is affected when the v$osstat permission is missing20.9.0
DBMON-7232Database AgentIssues with Oracle topology resolution when using a specific LDAP connection string or a specific local_listener value20.9.0
DBMON-7127Database AgentThe CPU metric value is displayed incorrectly when the instance caging is enabled in Oracle20.9.0
DOTNET-4397.NET AgentBusiness Transaction name now registers as the ControllerName.ActionName20.9.0
DOTNET-4942.NET AgentBusiness Transaction correlation for EUM has been fixed so that the .NET Agent appends the Business Transaction ID cookie20.9.0
DOTNET-4954.NET AgentWindows service does not stall after a few days of instrumentation20.9.0
DOTNET-4973.NET Agent

The .NET Linux Agent no longer crashes with a seqfault error.

To avoid potential crashes, you can disable snapshots by entering the following code:

{               "eventMask": 2149842980         }
IIB-316IBM Integration Bus Agent (IIB)

Business Transactions are missing for some of the message flows on the AppDynamics Business Transaction view

JAVA-8110Java Agent

Java Agent is unable to register an application and send metrics because an InstantiationException with NettyMarkerInterceptor is observed on the console or agent logs when the Servlet monitoring is disabled

JAVA-8052Java Agent

A Snapshot call graph contains CPU times - This is a Hotspot call graph message is displayed on some of the transaction snapshots

JAVA-8047Java Agent

A large number of AppDynamics threads are found on the applications using Vert.x

JAVA-7947Java Agent

A ClassCastException is observed when the Live Preview session is started with the Custom Servlet rule

JAVA-7601Java Agent

Ignored errors or exceptions are still counted towards Service Endpoint errors per minute

LIBAGENT-46C/C++ SDKThread Name shows -1 for C/C++ SDK segments in the Waterfall View tab20.9.0
LIBAGENT-53C/C++ SDKCross-application correlation displays incorrectly in the primary Application Flow Map dashboard20.9.0
LIBAGENT-54C/C++ SDKC/C++ SDK Agent on Windows fails to connect and logs an Open failed error20.9.0
PHP-988PHP Agent

PHP Drupal application crashes when handling an outgoing HTTP request

PHP-985PHP Agent

PHP packages fail the Aqua security scan

PHP-974PHP Agent

PHP Agent crashes PHP applications on Drupal7 HTTP interception



Python AgentJackson jars dependency removed from Python Agent20.9.0
PYTHON-473Python Agent

Python Agent reports misleading error format

SERVER-8437Machine AgentMachine Agent now extracts numerical addresses for network interfaces without symbolic host, port or user names20.9.0
SERVER-8443Machine AgentMachine Agent for AIX no longer gets stuck on remote volumes command and reports only local volumes metrics20.9.0
SERVER-8446Machine Agent

Removed perfstat_partition_config() call due to AIX bug crashing the Machine Agent

WEBSRV-256Apache Agent

Agent crashes the worker process when the Backend ID is NULL


Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-6835Alert and RespondAlerting template popup status does not change as per the template progress statusuic-20.9.0
SYNTH-6536Synthetic Browser MonitoringCookies not visible in request headers of Chrome v8320.9.0

20.8 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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BRUM-6191JavaScript Agentadrum.js beacon response fails due to multiple Access-Control-Allow-Origins headers being set20.8.0
BRUM-6216JavaScript AgentConsole error cannot read property url of undefined on a fetch call20.8.0
BRUM-6207JavaScript Agentadrum.js beacon contains more events than the graphql events call20.8.0
CDM-6144iOS AgentInconsistent crash report time stamp in Controller20.8.0
DOTNET-4089.NET AgentApplications no longer generate invalid token exceptions20.8.0
DOTNET-4579NET AgentAccess violation in Redis backend resolution attempt to retrieve host name20.8.0
DOTNET-4599NET Agent

Two lines of the console output that appeared when the Windows agent started up no longer appear.

To restore them, create and set an  appdynamics.outputMode environment variable. 

DOTNET-4659.NET AgentReporting service from the Microsoft Power BI Tools no longer fails20.8.0
DOTNET-4707.NET AgentAnalytics transaction metrics are not starting unless Micro Services APM Agent is restarted
DOTNET-4811.NET AgentOWIN cookies no longer lost after agent upgrade20.8.0
DOTNET-4898.NET AgentIPC timeout configurability between coordinator and .NET Agent20.8.0
JAVA-7625Java Agent

A null message passed causes a Null Pointer Exception in the ALoggerMessageInterceptor

JAVA-7569Java Agent

Sensitive message filter does not work appropriately when the message-pattern is FOUND but redaction-regex is NOT MATCHED

JAVA-7939Java Agent

Vertx exit interceptor fails to create exit call due to a bad URI

JAVA-7950Java Agent

In certain scenarios, ServerTransactions, which are started before all required classes get instrumented, remain in the agent memory permanently even after they get aborted

JAVA-8007Java Agent

After a tier is deleted, JMX rules are not re-registered and therefore the JMX metrics are not displayed on the Metric Browser

JAVA-8013Java Agent

The auto-discovered spring web service names display multiple duplicate names with different ns numbers when auto-detection is enabled (java web services)

NETWORK-6171Network AgentNetwork Agent now reports data in low throughput environments20.8.0
PHP-984PHP Agent

A large number of errors are displayed in the agent logs due to No URL filter config found in filterUrl

PYTHON-244Python AgentMongoDB Transaction snapshots expose sensitive data20.8.0
SERVER-8361Machine AgentAIX CPU metrics calculation now uses proper timestamp20.8.0
SERVER-8367Machine AgentThe Controller has been enhanced to not allow registration of misconfigured container type Server Visibility or Docker Visibility Agents (released in disabled mode)20.8.0
SERVER-8420Machine AgentAdd default heap JVM options in InstallService.vbs for Windows MA installer20.8.0
SERVER-8450Machine AgentDefault heap JVM options now default to -Xms256m and -Xmx256m in the InstallService.vbs script for the Windows Machine Agent installer20.8.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-6676Alert and RespondThe third-party Bzip2 library used by the Controller has been updated to version 1.0.820.8.0


Alert and RespondUpon clicking the View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation for a BT, you are redirected to a non-existing entity with the id -120.8.0


Alert and RespondWhen you access a health rule using the health status widget on the dashboard, Application with id:-1 does not exist error is displayed20.8.0
ALERT-6916Alert and RespondUpgrade to Kafka Streams
ALERT-6996Alert and RespondActions are not getting triggered after Recurring Action Suppression time has expired20.8.0
AMCSEV-62App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUnable to save an exception match condition20.8.0
AMCSEV-90App Monitoring Cloud ServicesCreate Method Invocation Data Collector dialog from call graph does not autofill20.8.0
AMCSEV-519App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUnable to save Java Error Detection Configuration because of an OptimisticLockException20.8.0
AMCSEV-543App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUnable to delete archived machine snapshots20.8.0
AMCSEV-607App Monitoring Cloud ServicesError counts for the URLs in the Error Occurrence Details table are not getting refreshed for different time ranges20.8.0
AMCSEV-755App Monitoring Cloud ServicesFailed to create a backend detection Custom Exit Point via the right-right-click 20.8.0
AMCSEV-885App Monitoring Cloud ServicesJava Agent version is not displayed correctly with the Controller version on Tier & Nodes20.8.0
ANALYTICS-12711Application AnalyticsOverloaded method checkbox becomes unchecked in Create Data Collector dialog box20.8.0
ANALYTICS-12730Application AnalyticsAnalytics widget size is setting wrong when add to absolute layout dashboard20.8.0
ANALYTICS-12900Application AnalyticsAnalytics Home page displays inconsistent EUM charts20.8.1
ANALYTICS-12912Application AnalyticsMissing start tier causes TypeError in Business Transaction flow map with EUM and BT node20.8.0
ANALYTICS-12935Application Analytics

When you add a Business Journey and select a Business Transaction, the BT name is replaced with the BT ID upon saving the Business Journey

ANALYTICS-13024Application Analytics

The Business Transactions are not filtered based on the tier selected in the Business Journey page

ANALYTICS-13093Application AnalyticsNode.js Agent does not receive the Analytics HTTP configuration20.8.9
ANLYTCS_ES-3766Events ServiceThe third-party netty library used by the Controller has been updated to 4.1.4820.8.0
ANLYTCS_ES-3804Events ServiceUser is unable to see data in the Metric Browser because of the error message last run failed20.8.0
ANLYTCS_ES-3861Events ServiceThe third-party search-guard-ssl library used by the Event Service is updated to version 24.0 and kibana plugin is updated to version
APMPLAT-11061APMApp and Machine Agent Status now correctly display percentages for Nodes and Tiers in the user interface20.8.0
BRUM-6161Browser RUMAnalyze records can fail to load20.8.0
CLUSTERMON-1870Cluster MonitoringCollect Cluster Agent adoption and usage data20.8.0
COGENG-901Cognition EngineThe third-party netty library used by the Controller has been updated to 4.1.4820.8.0
DBMON-6596Database MonitoringThe Oracle Collector does not work when the Oracle Wallet option is enabled during the Oracle Collector configuration20.8.0
DBMON-6764Database MonitoringThe Hardware Monitoring option includes an outdated region for Amazon RDS20.8.0
DBMON-7005Database MonitoringThe third-party netty library used by the Controller has been updated to 4.1.4820.8.0
DBMON-7111Database MonitoringThe Controller does not display any data when you open the Metric Browser for the first time20.8.0
DBMON-7140Database MonitoringUpgrade the JAR singularity-xml to include Apache Xerces
DIAGPLAT-798APMSnapshots do not get loaded, 500 Internal Server Error is displayed20.8.0
DIAGPLAT-828APMCall to /snapshot/getRequestSegmentDatav2 returns the error No RSD found for filter20.8.0
DIAGPLAT-893APMCorrect the exit call mapper RSD v220.8.0

When reviewing a Business Transaction Snapshot, the display of Potential Issues takes time of 30 to 60 seconds


Service Endpoints do not filter corresponding transaction snapshots when you use the getRequestSegmentsByFilterHandle API

DIAGPLAT-942APMCorrect the Service Endpoints filter for snapshots at the front-end layer20.8.5
DIAGPLAT-960APMModify query for loading the TSS detail string to cache20.8.7
DIAGPLAT-963APMSome TSS bound its detail string with the wrong ID20.8.7
JAVA-8021Java Agent - ControllerUpgrade the Java Agent to 20.6.0-30555 in the Controller20.8.0
L4A-12908AccountsReset password via email does not work for single tenant20.8.0
L4A-14101AccountsUpgrade platform-rbac to 20.4.0-17020.8.0
L4A-14454AccountsUpgrade the dropwizard library to 20.4.0-17020.8.0

LDAP group sync fails due to deleted groups being included in results

METADATA-9008APMSocket timeout and number of connections in Jedis pool are configurable20.8.0
METADATA-9384APMMDS connection pools no longer ignore JDBC parameters in domain.xml20.8.0
METADATA-9397APMUpgrade the JAR singularity-xml to include Apache Xerces

The context is not reset post an exception in some dashboard flows

METADATA-9453APMREST API loads historical liveness data for a tier, its node, and its parent app based on an anchor metric ID provided by users20.8.7
METADATA-9487APMEnsure that the HTTP header Strict-Transport-Security is set20.8.8
METRICSVC-5021Metric ServiceApp and Machine Agent Status now correctly display percentages for Nodes and Tiers in the user interface20.8.0
METRICSVC-5758Metric ServiceUpgrade the PostreSQL JDBC Driver library to 42.2.1420.8.0
MQS-1139Metric Query ServiceApp and Machine Agent Status now correctly display percentages for Nodes and Tiers in the user interface20.8.0
NETWORK-5403Network VisibilityUser with Administration, Agents, Getting Started Wizard permission is not allowed to view the Network Visibility Agents tab20.8.0
REPORTS-791ReportsController changes made all reports fail if any had scheduling fails on startup 20.8.0

NodeJs used by controller has been updated to v14.8

REPORTS-777ReportsUpgrade the version of Node.js in the Controller to
SERVER-8174Machine AgentApp and Machine Agent Status now correctly display percentages for Nodes and Tiers in the user interface20.8.0
SVCMON-827APMIn Controller UI, Web Service Exit Call showing as ui:ms_TransactionExitPointType_null20.8.0
SVCMON-864APMController logs full of the Redis error Cache unavailable issue20.8.0
SYNTH-5965Synthetic Browser MonitoringProblem Ended event should be generated only after Error/Warning is confirmed20.8.0
TMNT-720APMTime changes randomly in the Custom Time range component20.8.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues in the 20.8 release.

20.7 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

No results found.

CDM-6426Android AgentScreenshot tiles are not properly sent to the collector and as a result, screenshots may not be rendered correctly in the collector20.7.0
CLUSTERMON-1758Cluster Agent

The Cluster Agent Pod does not start and remains in the Pending state when taint is defined in the nodepool

This release adds support to set tolerations. See tolerations in the Configure the Cluster Agent YAML File section.

DBMON-7036Database AgentThe literals are unmasked for a CREATE statement even after selecting Remove literals from the queries in the Security configuration20.7.0
DOTNET-4728.NET AgentUnable to see complete stacktrace after upgrading to MSI-based 20.5 agent from .NET Microservice agent20.7.0
IIB-253IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

IIB Agent log files grow continuously for un-instrumented execution groups

IIB-280IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

Nodes are not getting discovered by the IIB Agent on ACE (IIB 11)

IIB-294IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

Shutdown of the broker that runs multiple execution groups might result in a crash on some execution groups

IIB-287IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

The Broker on AIX crashes during startup when instrumented with IIB Agent version 20.7.0

JAVA-7825Java Agent

Java Agent stops reporting analytics data on the agent version 20.4

JAVA-7820Java Agent

Running Corretto with Java Agent results in an Unrecognized Vendor message

JAVA-7800Java Agent

End User Monitoring (EUM) correlation with ADRUM headers does not work for Akka HTTP

JAVA-7569Java Agent

The slowest database and remote calls are not displayed for any time slice (current or historical) for one hour or less

JAVA-7504Java Agent

The ApacheLog4 library in appserver agent shipped with controller installer is upgraded

JAVA-7234Java Agent

The Servlet filter API is displayed as a POJO type in the call graph in place of Servlet entry point

NODEJS-39Node.js AgentAgent detects proxy server as HTTP Backend and displays it in the Flow Map20.7.0
PHP-947PHP Agent

PHP Agent reports incorrect HTTP response code when exceptions are thrown

PYTHON-323Python AgentPython Agent affects the request header of Application API when using pyagent20.7.0
PYTHON-20Python Agentdef get_proxysupport_dir() error is displayed when instrumenting ODOO application using the Python Agent20.7.0
PYTHON-228Python AgentCVE-2019-17571 vulnerability found in the Python AppDynamics proxy20.7.0
SERVER-8322Machine AgentWindows: OSHI process CPU utilization metric displays correctly when compared to WMI-based metrics20.7.0
SERVER-8348Machine AgentCPU User metric now shown in KPI mode20.7.0
SYNTH-5620Synthetic AgentResource errors are not excluded when authentication protocol determines synthetic job session status20.7.0
SYNTH-5313Synthetic Agent

In certain cases of network failure in Chrome, the Synthetic Agent records retried network requests as two distinct pages in the session

SYNTH-6495Synthetic Agent

Synthetic job results in the error Invalid SSL/TLS certificate: INET_E_INVALID_CERTIFICATE' in IE11 Browser for Azure Agents

WEBSRV-241Apache Agent

The script unnecessarily creates an entry in the /etc/ directory


Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

ALERT-3800Alert and RespondThe audit.log and REST API response include a typo, helathRuleIds20.7.0
ALERT-4781Alert and RespondWhen you update an existing action, OBJECT_UPDATED events in the audit log file show old values as 0 instead of the previously configured value20.7.0
ALERT-5940Alert and RespondWhen you update a global health rule checkbox for an application, the application name is missing in the audit log20.7.0
ALERT-6106Alert and RespondAction suppression does not work for health rules with status Ended – Critical; this happens for events of the type Database20.7.0
ALERT-6139Alert and RespondAlerting template does not get applied to applications, it gets stuck with a status In Queue20.7.0
ALERT-5349Alert and RespondWhen you open an Event UI and reload the background UI, the refreshed background UI display is distorted20.6.0, 20.7.0
ALERT-6028Alert and RespondRemove Alerting Template RBAC constraints20.4.0, 20.7.0
ALERT-6684Alert and RespondThe third-party Bzip2 library used by the Controller has been updated to version 1.0.820.7.1
ALERT-6764Alert and RespondDeep link for Affected Entity and View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation is taking -1 instead of the correct entity ID20.7.2
ALERT-6857Alert and RespondAccessing the Health Status widget returns the Application with id:-1 does not exist error20.7.4
ALERT-6915Alert and RespondUpgrade to Kafka Streams
AMCSEV-49App Monitoring Cloud ServicesMissing information when exporting JMX Rule20.7.0
AMCSEV-191App Monitoring Cloud ServicesCustomization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration20.7.0
AMCSEV-470App Monitoring Cloud Services

500 Internal Server Error occurs while loading Application Dashboard

AMCSEV-512App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUser Getter Chain not working correctly when \. operator is found20.7.0
AMCSEV-518App Monitoring Cloud ServicesDeleting backend throws the error message Invalid unresolved backend call id20.7.0
AMCSEV-521App Monitoring Cloud ServicesSnapshots link broken in Transaction Summary Statistics UI with RSD V2 enabled20.7.0
ANALYTICS-11038Applications AnalyticsADQL with substring function does not work for fields with hyphen20.7.0
ANALYTICS-11634Applications AnalyticsMIDC configuration incorrectly stores method chains from APM configurations20.7.0
ANALYTICS-12263Applications AnalyticsBO definition in draft state with duplicate names will loop forever in UI20.7.0
ANALYTICS-12441Applications AnalyticsAnalytics: UI Fails To Handle Long Queries20.7.0
ANALYTICS-12571Applications AnalyticsPage Name filter in Add Business Journey dialog does not display by App Key and does not use ADQL20.7.0
ANALYTICS-12675Applications AnalyticsBO grid view API call should include an additional param flowmapDetails set to false20.7.0
ANALYTICS-12878Applications AnalyticsSelected options do not attach the correct options in Add Business Journeys20.7.3
ANLYTCS_ES-3415Events ServiceCannot create Analytics metrics from an ADQL query that contains a comma20.7.0
ANLYTCS_ES-3803Events ServiceUnable to see metric data on the Metric Browser, last run failed message is displayed20.7.1
ANLYTCS_ES-3860Events ServiceThe third-party search-guard-ssl library used by the Event Service is updated to v24.0 and kibana plugin is updated to v5.6.8.720.7.3
ANLYTCS_ES-3938Events ServiceUpgrade the Controller HTTP Client, HTTP Core, and AsyncHTTP Client library versions20.7.3
APMPLAT-11934APMJMX create metric operation to auto-fill domain name in UI popup and JMX rule using the create metric operation have been fixed4.5.17, 20.7.0
APMPLAT-13274APMThis event warning has been updated: "Automatic Service Proxy Discovery functionality has minimum agent version requirements for agents upstream of discovered proxies. Please check the documentation for details."20.7.0
CLUSTERMON-1358Cluster MonitoringThe Pods tab does not display the pod list after the re-registration of Cluster Agent20.7.0
DBMON-6529Database VisibilityThe Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status message is displayed every time, even when it is not required20.7.0, 20.4.3
DBMON-6628Database VisibilityThe Network Dashboard flowmap does not display the backend nodes of the database20.6.0, 20.7.0, 20.4.2
DBMON-6601Database VisibilityThe Events tab for the MySQL collector displays the error, Error processing InnoDB metrics for config20.7.0
DBMON-7141Database VisibilityThe third-party Apache xerces library used by the Database Agent is updated to
DIAGPLAT-807APMSnapshots do not get loaded, 500 Internal Server Error is displayed20.7.1
DIAGPLAT-809APMArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is displayed for RSD V2 enabled Controllers20.7.1
DIAGPLAT-815APMAllow a list of GUIDs in SnapshotListFilter to view multiple GUIDs in the snapshot list view20.7.3
DIAGPLAT-857APMNo RSD found for filter error is displayed for the REST API call /snapshot/getRequestSegmentDatav2?20.7.3
DIAGPLAT-892APMCorrect the exit call mapper RSD v220.7.5
DIAGPLAT-915APMCorrection of a query for the RSD v2 20.7.5

Service Endpoints do not filter corresponding transaction snapshots when you use the getRequestSegmentsByFilterHandle API


Correct the Service Endpoints filter for snapshots at the front-end layer


EUMPLAT-593EUMArchived Browser Snapshot does not open when the linked Transaction Snapshot does not exist20.7.0
EUMPLAT-831EUMAccount credential is not updated when hitting renew-license-key endpoint20.7.0
JAVA-8020APMThe third-party Apache xerces library used by the Java Agent is updated to
L4A-12097AccountsNo audit log entry created for license changes20.7.0
L4A-12444AccountsNullPointerException when using REST API to generate an access token for API Client20.7.0
L4A-12447AccountsEncountered LDAP sync failure while updating user outside Hibernate session20.7.0
L4A-13981AccountsThe third-party Jackson databind library used by platform-rbac is updated to
L4A-14453Accounts Upgrade the dropwizard to 20.720.7.5
L4A-14542Accounts LDAP group sync fails due to deleted groups being included in results20.7.5
METADATA-7833APMAnchor metrics for business transactions are getting lost causing issues in entity liveness20.7.0
METADATA-8834Metric BrowserADDs display correctly in the Metric Browser without a name conflict20.7.0
METADATA-9035APMAble to use native query to find Business Transaction IDs and their tier IDs from the database correctly20.7.0
METADATA-9171APMNo snapshots are created because the ADD stacktrace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.7.0
METADATA-9381APMMDS connection pools ignore the JDBC parameters in domain.xml including useSSL, which impacts the the AppDynamics GovAPM deployment20.7.4
METADATA-9393APMUpgrade the JAR singularity-xml to include Apache Xerces

Context is not reset in some dashboard flows post an exception

METRICSVC-5472Metric ServiceReader client version was updated to version for Controller primary20.7.0
METRICSVC-5776Metric ServiceThe third-party PostgreSQL JDBC Driver library used by the Controller has been updated to version 4.2.1320.7.1
METRICSVC-5972Metric ServiceClient connection pool saturated20.7.4
MQS-1100Metric Query ServiceMissing business transaction specific graphs in the Expression Dashboard20.7.0
REPORTS-792ReportsScheduled reports not working after Controller upgrade if any invalid report definitions exist when appserver is restarted20.7.3
REPORTS-796ReportsNodeJS used by controller has been updated to v14.


Server VisibilityService availability check interval in the Controller UI now displays minutes instead of seconds20.7.0
SERVER-8271Server VisibilityServer metrics no longer disappear in the UI when scrollinguic-20.5.0, 20.7.0
SVCMON-883APMWebService type exit call is displayed as ui:ms_TransactionExitPointType_null20.7.0
SVCMON-900Controller UIResourceManager renders package:key strings when a key is not found instead of the locale strings, with a log message package or string not found20.7.0
TMNT-580Machine AgentUnable to download the Machine Agent from Getting Started Wizard - Servers20.7.0

Known Issues

There were no known issues in the 20.7 release.

20.6 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-4256Analytics AgentAnalytics Agent inside Machine Agent does not drop PID file20.6.0
ANALYTICS-12717Analytics AgentRecommended Data Collectors field name appears as null20.6.0
ANALYTICS-12739Analytics AgentUpgraded SCS Tool library20.6.0
ANALYTICS-12740Analytics AgentUpgraded common-codec-1.14 library20.6.0


Database Agent

The TOTAL_LOG_USED metrics value displayed on the Metric browser does not match with the value in Database server

DBMON-6074Database Agent

The agent logs display org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException when connecting to the Controller

DBMON-7037Database MonitoringThe Database Agent fails to monitor Oracle version 1120.6.0
DBMON-4943Database MonitoringExecution Plan is not displayed on the dashboard for MySQL Server 820.6.0
DBMON-6936Database MonitoringThe hardware metrics are not displayed on the dashboard when enhanced monitoring is enabled on Microsoft SQL Server on AWS RDS20.6.0
DOTNET-3457.NET AgentInteger and Boolean type of SQL data gatherer for Analytics is not working20.6.0
DOTNET-3640.NET AgentUnable to configure apps running on .NET Core due to incorrect assembly reference20.6.0
DOTNET-4410.NET AgentIIS Ping failure/hang in presence of AppDynamics Agent20.6.0
DOTNET-4513.NET AgentSensitive URL filters not working on HTTP exits20.6.0
DOTNET-4574.NET AgentAgent Coordinator service throwing unhandled exception20.6.0
DOTNET-4678.NET AgentController application name in config.xml is case sensitive20.6.0
DOTNET-4710.NET AgentService End Point is not identifying in .NET Agent version 20.520.6.0
DOTNET-4717.NET AgentExclude rules not working with .NET Agent 20.3.0 and later20.6.0
DOTNET-4723.NET AgentAppDynamics coordinator service no longer fails with a system management exception20.6.0
DOTNET-4745.NET AgentHTTP request collection fails for all transactions once a stalled transaction is identified
DOTNET-4711.NET AgentError in CLR Version shown in Controller UI20.6.0

Node.js Agent

Agent capturing disabled snapshots with node-level properties crashes20.6.0
NODEJS-103Node.js AgentMongoDB queries fail20.6.0


Machine Agent

No longer runs multiple awk commands resulting in system resource exhaustion

SERVER-8091Machine AgentRegistered Machine Agents no longer report metrics after default account access keys are changed20.6.0
SERVER-8207Machine AgentAIX Machine Agent should not have JavaHardwareMonitor enabled20.6.0
SERVER-8272Machine AgentAIX collector was reviewed and produces well-formed JSON to prevent script errors20.6.0
SERVER-8279Machine AgentWindows: OSHI reported processes now list multiple processes sharing the same name20.6.0
SERVER-8318Machine kubernetes.default.svc exception is fixed20.6.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-5349Alert & RespondWhen you open an Event UI and re-load the background UI, the refreshed background UI display is distorted20.6.0
ALERT-5731Alert & RespondAlert link in the email notification is broken and does not display the alert details, post Controller upgrade20.6.0
ALERT-6220Alert & RespondWhen you apply an alerting template, it gets stuck in a queue and is not applied20.6.0
ALERT-6355Alert & RespondAlerting Templates not showing in 20.6 Controllers20.6.2
ALERT-6377Alert & RespondEditing or deleting custom roles for Alerting Templates causes the error CONFIG_ALERTING_TEMPLATES_PLANS doesn't exists20.6.2
ALERT-6518Alert & RespondUnable to add dashboards to the admin role, error permission action is not specified due to missing CONFIG_ACTION_SCHEDULE permission20.6.3
ALERT-6914Alert & RespondUpgrade to Kafka Streams


App Monitoring Cloud ServicesCustomization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration20.6.10
ANALYTICS-12073Analytics Events Service (SaaS)Inconsistency in counting business transaction segments for Analytics licensing4.5.13
ANALYTICS-12775AnalyticsBizOutcome Grid View API call should include the parameter flowmapDetails set to false20.6.3
ANALYTICS-12644AnalyticsBusiness Journeys are failing to load20.6.3
ANLYTCS_ES-3536Events ServiceUpdate the Events Service version in Controller to get library updates for Apache Kafka, Google Guava, and snakeyml20.6.3
ANLYTCS_ES-3859Events ServiceRemove the search-guard library from the Events Service20.6.9
ANLYTCS_ES-3937Events ServiceUpgrade the Controller HTTP Client, HTTP Core, and AsyncHTTP Client library versions20.6.9
BRUM-6022Browser RUMGrid columns appear when user sorts some EUM paginated grids20.6.0
CLUSTERMON-1257Cluster MonitoringThe Succeeded pod count includes the number of deleted pods on the Pods page20.6.0


Database Monitoring

The queries that correlate with standalone collectors are not displayed when you drill-down Business Transactions



Database Monitoring

The Network Dashboard flowmap does not display the backend nodes of the database

DBMON-4676Database MonitoringCollectors display multiple nodes with the same name when creating a health rule20.6.0
DBMON-6718Database MonitoringThe Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status message is displayed every time, even when it is not required20.6.0
DBMON-5508Database MonitoringSorting does not work as expected for the Queries, Time in database, or CPU Usage(%) metrics in the Databases page20.6.0
DBMON-6948Database MonitoringRemoved a singleton from an Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) to prevent a Database Monitoring thread pool saturation20.6.3
DBMON-6983Database MonitoringAfter upgrading to 20.6, the Database Dashboard is missing the CPU and Network I/O graphs20.6.3
DBMON-7142Database MonitoringUpgrade the Apache Xerces third-party library to
EUMPLAT-601End User MonitoringUpdate the Neustar map library to correct geodata20.6.0
EUMPLAT-776End User MonitoringMetrics missing intermittently due to an SocketTimeoutException when EUM tries to download metrics20.6.0
JAVA-8019Controller - APMUpdate the Java Agent in the Controller20.6.9
L4A-12343AccountsCompany admins getting "email address already a member" error while adding self service users to the account.20.6.0
L4A-14102AccountsUpgrade platform-rbac to 20.4.0-170 20.6.9
L4A-14452AccountsUpgrade dropwizard to 20.620.6.10
L4A-14541AccountsCustomization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration20.6.10
METADATA-9220APMNo snapshots are created because the ADD stack trace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.6.1
METADATA-9399APMUpgrade the Apache Xerces third-party library in the Controller to
METRICSVC-5901Metric ServiceClient connection pool saturated 20.6.9
MQS-1131Metric Query ServiceServer|Component:tearName metrics not supported by new implementation of Custom Dashboards20.6.0
MQS-1163Metric Query ServiceMissing graphs specific to business transactions in the Expression Dashboard20.6.3
SERVER-6833Server VisibilityServer page displays the total number of servers in the bottom right footer20.6.0
SERVER-7785Server VisibilitySearching using the Hierarchy field is now possible20.6.0
SERVER-8250Server VisibilityUpgraded Apache httpclient to
SERVER-8279Server VisibilityThe dashboard now displays all processes, even if they share the same name20.6.0
WEBSRV-6Apache Agent

Apache Agent injects ADRUM headers when Business Transaction correlation is disabled

WEBSRV-22Apache AgentUsing AppDynamicsLaunchProxy directive with the apachectl reload (graceful) option does not delete a previous proxy task20.6.0
WEBSRV-228Apache Agent

The Webserver Agent version is displayed in place of the proxy version on the Controller UI


Known Issues

There were no known issues in the 20.6 release.

20.5 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-12608Analytics AgentHealth Check commands failed due to deprecated method20.5.0
CDM-5998Android AgentServer is returning null response headers for correlated requests20.5.0
DBMON-6508Database Monitoring

After upgrading the Database Agent, the database collectors fail to retrieve data. Hence, the summary of each event on the Events page displays the java.sql.SQLException: Connection property: format error: Property is 'v$session.program error

DBMON-6805Database MonitoringFor Mongo database, Database Agent includes its own monitoring query20.5.0
DLNATIVE-2544Node.js AgentCustomer Transaction Naming based on HTTP headers and cookies is now enabled.20.5.0
DOTNET-4608.NET Agent.NET Agent Nuget package for Azure App Service does not support .NET Core 2.2+20.5.0
DOTNET-4465.NET Agent
BT detection stopped working after upgrade to .NET core 3.1 version and disable MVC naming20.5.0
DOTNET-3654.NET Agent
MVC Controller/Action BT naming with Linux full agent is not working with endpoint-based routing20.5.0
DOTNET-4063.NET AgentA request container already exists on the request error when implementing .NET Core Agent with oData 20.5.0
DOTNET-4286.NET Agent
ASP_DOTNET Core Interceptors reporting sporadic stalled/abandoned transaction20.5.0
DOTNET-4621.NET Agent
Azure WebApp is crashing with agent version
DOTNET-4442.NET Agent
AccessViolationException crashes applications with .NET Agent
IIB-256IBM Integration Bus AgentIIB Broker starts up with the instrumented Appdynamics Agent but crashes after sometime20.5.0
JAVA-6431Java Agent

The correlation between client and server is not reported for Spring Boot RMI

JAVA-6793Java Agent

Applications using the SAP wily Agent along with Java Agent fail to start

JAVA-6876Java Agent

Akka Http Exit call does not report correct average response time

JAVA-6993Java Agent

Agent fails to collect logs through the Controller in the Debug level mode

JAVA-7005Java Agent

A verification error results in the application failure to run the database calls

JAVA-7164Java Agent

Java Agent throws the exception java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException with jdk-11.0.6.jdk

JAVA-7257Java AgentAppDynamics Opentracer library is incorrectly published to Maven20.5.0
JAVA-7338Java AgentJava Agent reports insecure Deserialization Arbitrary CodeExecution due to htpclient-cache third party library vulnerability20.5.0
JAVA-7368Java AgentASM is updated to the latest version,
JAVA-7389Java Agent

The following Apache commons packages have been upgraded:

  • apache-fileupload to 1.4
  • apache-commons-codec and httpclient to 4.5.12
JAVA-7471Java AgentRunning an application server with Java Agent 20.4+ throws a NullPointerException in the Java Agent logs20.5.0
NODEJS-83Node.js AgentNode.js Agent fails when variables pass through the Express middleware20.5.0
NODEJS-89Node.js AgentNode.js Agent does not capture the cookie value for HTTP Data Collector configuration if the specific cookie is not first in the cookie header.20.5.0
PHP-171PHP AgentPHP Agent causes a CLI process to crash during batch processing20.5.0
PHP-822PHP AgentSQL query does not get masked when a comment is included in the actual query20.5.0
PHP-852PHP Agent

Agent shows increased Response Time for the socket connection with JAVA proxy

PHP-863PHP Agent

PHP RPM files do not have the relevant version numbers

PHP-891PHP AgentWordpress and Drupal Frameworks are not detected in the downstream app when the downstream app receives a call from the upstream app using the file_get_contents function20.5.0
SERVER-6824Machine AgentMachine Agent ignores IPv6 network interface if it is not available20.5.0
SERVER-8182Machine Agent

OSHI CPU utilization metric displays correctly when compared to WMI-based metrics

SERVER-8205Machine AgentThe Windows collector script exits gracefully if it times out20.5.0
SERVER-8273Machine AgentSupport of runtime system properties for logging functionality20.5.0
SERVER-8284Machine AgentMachine Agent for Linux no longer gets stuck on remote volumes command and continues to report metrics20.5.1
WEBSRV-20Apache AgentUpgrade Java version for proxy to fulfil security audit requirements20.5.0
WEBSRV-24Apache AgentCrash in the destruction of the exit call under heavy load20.5.0
WEBSRV-63Apache AgentApache aborts under high load and worker thread counts20.5.0
WEBSRV-66Apache AgentUnix Socket Limitation in Apache Agent20.5.0
WEBSRV-69Apache AgentApache worker thread crashes within ZeroMQ calls20.5.0

Cloud Monitoring Resolved Issues

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CLUSTERMON-1576Cluster AgentCluster Pods list is populating correctly for SaaS Controllersuic-20.5.0
SERVER-8264Controller UIWhen navigating to the cluster dashboard, the dashboard no longer displays a 500 Internal Server Error while fetching High Metric Retention minute-level data for more than 1 houruic-20.5.0
SERVER-8271Machine AgentServer metrics no longer disappear in the UI when scrolling uic-20.5.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

No results found.

L4A-12476AccountsInternal users are not able to add an organization from "Manage Zendesk Organization" in the portal because it's not fetching the right parent company from Zendesk while trying to update.

Known Issues

Android Agent (Version 20.5.2)

Screenshot tiles are not properly sent to the collector and as a result, screenshots may not be rendered correctly in the collector.

20.4 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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CLUSTERMON-168Cluster AgentAfter Cluster Agent pod restarts, it does not preserve the configuration for monitored namespaces20.4.0
CLUSTERMON-1164Cluster AgentClusterAgent v4.5.16.780 on a K8s Cluster v1.11 crashes with panic: runtime error: integer divide by zero20.4.0
CLUSTERMON-6628Cluster AgentCluster Error Graph: Shows an incorrect number of Error Events20.4.0
DBMON-6219Database MonitoringDatabase Agent cannot connect to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 SP0320.4.0
DBMON-6553Database Monitoring

Database Agent does not capture details from Sybase 15.5 database.

DBMON-6303Database MonitoringThe metric browser does not capture the buffer and the cache memory metrics for a Linux collector20.4.0
DBMON-6460Database MonitoringDatabase Agent cannot resolve the different nodes of Oracle RAC by using LDAP authentication20.4.0
DOTNET-4521.NET AgentAgent does not report Http Status codes in Asp.Net core in-process hosted app20.4.0
DOTNET-4448.NET AgentCoordinator taking longer to start when set as Earlystartservices20.4.0
DOTNET-4508.NET Agent.NET Core 3.1 based application is failing to instrument with .NET Agent version 20.320.4.0
BRUM-5979JavaScript Agentnode.type not supported in IE11 and throws an error20.4.0
JAVA-6355Java AgentServer Transaction times out and is abandoned in based application with executor mode thread tracing enabled20.4.0
JAVA-6560Java Agent

Java Agent does not start when trying to instrument an application running with JDK1.6 due to log4j

JAVA-6965Java AgentIn the dynamic agent attach scenario, the agent throws a NullPointerException and is unable to start due to a cached system property20.4.0




Java AgentJMX attributes are marked as ignored if they are de-registered from the Mbean server. The attributes are not registered by the agent even if registered again with the Mbean server20.4.0
JAVA-7139Java AgentObject Instance Tracking (OIT) does not work for all the Adopt JDK versions with both Hotspot and OpenJ9 distributions, the OIT works with AdoptJDK9-Hotspot20.4.0
JAVA-7225Java AgentFixed the VerifyError that is displayed on the application startup20.4.0
JAVA-7279Java AgentThread dump files captured are reported with a length of zero bytes20.4.0
JAVA-7312Java AgentUpgrade the commons-io:commons-io library to 2.6 version20.4.0
JAVA-7322Java Agent

An exception is reported when Java Agent runs with an application that has JDK9+ and the application makes SQL calls

JAVA-7342Java Agent

An error is reported in the agent when instrumenting apps deployed on jetty 6.x because the class org.mortbay.jetty.Response#getHeaders returns an enumeration object

SERVER-6167Machine AgentMachine Agent shows wrong IPV4 address for the network interface card20.4.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-2307Alert & RespondImport of Action API fails with a Could not import Actions: Transaction marked for rollback error20.4.0
ALERT-4482Alert & RespondAction suppression with object scope set to node resets to scope application when saved20.4.0
ALERT-6028Alert & RespondRemove Alerting Template RBAC constraints20.4.2


Alert & RespondEditing or deleting custom roles for Alerting Templates causes the CONFIG_ALERTING_TEMPLATES_PLANS doesn't exists error20.4.8
AMCSEV-544App Monitoring Cloud ServicesSnapshots link broken in Top Summary Lists UI when RSD V2 is enabled20.4.6
AMCSEV-941App Monitoring Cloud Services

Customization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration

ANALYTICS-10310Application AnalyticsSQL data collectors are not enabled for Analytics when saved from new HTML screens20.4.0
ANALYTICS-12272Application AnalyticsCannot save Analytics searches if the search name exists in another account20.4.0
ANALYTICS-12322Application AnalyticsNo access to Mobile Code Issues event type on Analytics search screen20.4.0
ANALYTICS-12397Application AnalyticsOption to create SQL Data collector from APM snapshot is missing from 4.5.10 Controller version20.4.0
APMPLAT-11662APMExcessive logging of error messages has been fixed20.4.0
APMPLAT-13124APMFilters for Transaction Snapshots has been fixed and is working correctly20.4.0
CDM-6119iOSAppD sessions do not end post 10 mins inactivity as per the defined timeout, leading to long-running events20.4.0
CDM-6198Mobile RUM

Crash Snapshot Details dialog fails to open

CLUSTERMON-868ControllerSome Cluster Agent metrics are listed even when there are not enough Server Visibility licenses20.4.0
CLUSTERMON-1177ControllerHigh load on Controller when monitoring the deleted and the succeeded pods in a cluster20.4.0
COGENG-110Cognition EngineSelecting the business transaction in filters does not change the list of violations20.4.0
COGENG-438Cognition EngineVariables are not being replaced with values intermittently, within an email template for anomaly events20.4.0
COGENG-703Cognition EngineUI does not invoke the API to plot the abstract syntax tree (AST) graph intermittently20.4.6


Database VisibilityThe hardware metrics are not captured on the MS SQL Database dashboard or on the Metric Browser when using a custom cluster20.4.0
DBMON-6115Database VisibilityThe controller displays access key mismatch event when the database agents start with license rule access key20.4.0
DBMON-6119Database VisibilityThe details pane on the Queries Statistics Report page is too small to view the data20.4.0
DBMON-6307Database VisibilityRemote DB Service with meta-info jdbc|db|adodotnet cannot be mapped to a database collector20.4.0
DBMON-6529Database VisibilityThe Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status message is displayed every time, even when it is not required20.4.3
DBMON-6628, DBMON-6641ControllerMissing the database nodes in the Network Dashboard flow map20.4.0, 20.4.2
DIAGPLAT-58ControllerOptimizing EventManagerBean.getEventDetailsInBatch to prevent Internal Service and Event details errors20.4.0
DIAGPLAT-425ControllerReceiving 500 internal errors when attempting to view snapshots in an application20.4.0
L4A-10645AuthenticationSAML encryption key is updated when a role is deleted20.4.0
L4A-11010AuthenticationLDAP TLS client contexts should default to the newest TLS version supported by the Controller's bundled JRE20.4.0
L4A-11361AuthenticationNested group functionality not working20.4.0
L4A-11846AuthenticationReset password button is disabled20.4.0
L4A-12066AuthenticationOptimizing LDAP sync 20.4.0
L4A-13322AuthenticationUnable to set an expiry date for account license20.4.9

LDAP group sync fails due to deleted groups being included in results

METADATA-8112Dashboards and ReportsShow error in Controller UI when a user doesn't have permission to create dashboards20.4.0
METADATA-8228Controller - PlatformThe CustomDashboardImportExportServlet no longer writes a reply to the client before committing the transaction20.4.0
METADATA-9221APMNo snapshots are created because the ADD stacktrace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.4.7
METRICSVC-5902Metric Service

The client connection pool gets saturated as the connections to the Controller are not cleared after a task is performed

MQS-1028MetadataExpression widget with business transactions with MetricHierarchy shows no data20.4.0
MQS-1203Metric Query ServiceAvailability metric appears to be different in MySQL when querying for 10 minutes after the 10 minute boundary20.4.10
MQS-1201Metric Query ServiceMQDC may not return the right metric data for a given time range
MQS-1207Metric Query ServiceFix availability is below 100% for high retention enabled case20.4.10
MQS-1209Metric Query ServiceAvailability metric appears less than 100% even when it is 100%20.4.10
REPORTS-591Reports ServiceApplication Health Reports show APPDYNAMICS_INTERNAL_DIAGNOSTICS events20.4.0
SERVER-6833Controller UIServer page displays total number of servers in the bottom right footer20.4.0
SERVER-7505Controller - Machine AgentAppDynamics Agents UI displays java.lang.NullPointerException error for Machine Agents20.4.0
SERVER-7725Controller - Machine AgentMachine Agent reports data continuously, but health rules on those metrics remain in a Cancelled status20.4.0
SERVER-7855Controller - Machine AgentMetric hierarchy REST API returns empty response for Root|* in hierarchy path20.4.0
SERVER-8249Controller UIOS icons are not displaying properly on on-premises Controller UI20.4.0, 20.4.3
SVCMON-639ControllerCreating a business transaction group causes a NullPointException20.4.0
SYNTH-5024Synthetic Browser MonitoringSynthetic Private Agent license usage for SaaS customers is incorrect20.4.0
SYNTH-5027Synthetic Browser Monitoring500 Internal Server Error caused by null pointer exception20.4.0
UIPLATF-9947Custom DashboardsCustom Time Range seems to be broken20.4.0
UIPLATF-6208Custom Dashboards Absolute Layout: Widgets aren't saved correctly after creation20.4.0
USERIMPACT-258ControllerRead-only users cannot access the Experience Journey Maps UI20.4.0

Known Issues

End User Monitoring

License service makes individual accounts' usage and term calls to the Events Service. 

20.3 Resolved and Known Issues

Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-12329Analytics AgentDenial of Service vulnerability found in Jackson libraries20.3.0
ANALYTICS-12448Java AgentNode CPU spikes when running in Agentless Analytics mode after hitting Transaction Analytics license limit20.3.0
CDM-5998Android AgentAdd null protection while processing null response headers from the server20.3.1
DBMON-6131Database MonitoringThe ASC keyword in a custom metric query causes a query validation error20.3.0
DBMON-6004Database MonitoringThe Metric Browser displays incorrect hardware memory usage when the hardware monitoring for MS SQL server is disabled20.3.0
DBMON-4515Database MonitoringDB Agent does not capture the cursor metrics from Mongo DB20.3.0
DBMON-5628Database MonitoringThe Metric Browser does not capture the buffer and the cache memory metrics for a Linux collector20.3.0
DOTNET-4309.NET AgentMSMQ backends resolving to downstream tiers20.3.0
DOTNET-4000.NET Agent.NET Agent reports MSMQ Entrypoint as an exit call20.3.0
DOTNET-4242.NET Agent.NET Agent throws excessive errors on ADO.NET exit calls20.3.0
DOTNET-3536.NET Agent.NET Agent does not report WCF transactions if completion of asynchronous tasks result in an exception20.3.0
DOTNET-4452.NET AgentApplications crash in HTTP data collection due to changes in .NET Core 3.0.3 and
DOTNET-4524.NET AgentAgent is logging for Netviz Controller is not supported even when customer is not using Network Agent20.3.1
DOTNET-4230.NET AgentPOCO instrumentation crashing instrumented application20.3.1
IIB-228IBM Integration Bus AgentThe App Agent Version column lists the release number of the agent as in place of
IIB-36IBM Integration Bus AgentAgent initialization is extremely slow when instrumenting IIB920.3.0
JAVA-6554Java AgentLength of a string is limited to only 50 characters, when a URI is split using custom exit call naming rule with method parameters20.3.0
JAVA-6631Java AgentSnapshot data added using the Agent API that is omitted from snapshots20.3.0
JAVA-6923Java AgentE2E latency column missing for snapshots in the executor mode20.3.0
JAVA-6975Java AgentDefer bytecode transformation logging after class loader lock is released20.3.0
JAVA-7010Java AgentJava Agent API snapshot data collectors do not report statistics after the agent upgrade from 4.5.13 to 4.5.1820.3.0
JAVA-7031Java AgentBT level error statistics exclude HTTP errors20.3.0
JAVA-7091Java AgentEnabling EUM for Java Agent 4.5.18 for the undertow-io throws an error20.3.0
JAVA-7160Java AgentFalse stall transactions reported with webflux and Reactor netty20.3.0
JSNODE-19Node.js Agentjackson -databind library upgrade for the Node.js Agent20.3.0
NETWORK-6054Network AgentNetwork Agent installed on Windows installs the NPCAP loopback adapter that can sometimes affect user traffic20.3.0
NETWORK-6108 Network AgentNetwork Agent installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 fails20.3.0
NETWORK-6109 Network AgentNetwork Agent crashes if port 3898 is being listened to by another application20.3.0
NETWORK-6146Network AgentRequest to fix read timeout and provide option to customize logging changes20.3.0
NETWORK-6156 Network AgentNetwork Agent installation fails if a higher version of the Visual C++ Redistributable is already installed on the machine20.3.0
PHP-812PHP AgentPHP Agent installation on Apache logs irrelevant error messages20.3.1
PHP-806PHP AgentPHP Agent does not detect DB queries with PHP Data Objects (PDO)20.3.1
PHP-766PHP AgentCustom Match Regex Rule does not work with PHP 7.320.3.0
PHP-757PHP AgentIntermittent crash caused by SOAP client call interception in the PHP-FPM process20.3.0
PYTHON-6Python AgentAvoid issues with functools.wraps on Python 220.3.0
PYTHON- 39Python AgentRemove unused third-party Java library from python-agent-proxy20.3.0
SERVER-8069Machine AgentUpdate the JRE bundled with Machine Agent from 1.8.0_212 to 1.8.0_24120.3.1
SERVER-6366Machine AgentMachine Agent RPM upgrade from 4.5.6 to later versions is now working correctly20.3.0
SERVER-6705Machine AgentMachine Agent init.d start up scripts error is fixed20.3.0
SERVER-8100Machine Agentjackson-databind library upgrade for the Machine Agent20.3.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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Health Rules

No audit log is captured when you disable or enable the health rule from Controller UI




Action suppression with object scope set to node resets to scope application when saved



Health Rules

OBJECT_UPDATED events show old values as 0 when a condition is updated in health rule



Health Rules

X of Y health rule based on wildcard custom metrics does not work when one metric is not reported




Logs from alerts is noisy and affecting the connection to node




Alert/event links do not open and display an error, post controller upgrade




Upgrade the Java library C3P0 to version


ALERT-6064AlertingUpgraded the C3P0 library in the Controller to version
ALERT-6489AlertingHibernate session cache becomes excessively large when the event reactor index is refreshed20.3.10
ALERT-6503AlertingEnable writing to digest tables based on flags20.3.11


Browser RUM

ZDT Controller restarts trigger re-transformation


AMCSEV-45App Monitoring Cloud ServicesIntermediate page is loaded briefly when user double-clicks an exception20.3.0
AMCSEV-47App Monitoring Cloud ServicesProcess snapshots are not filtered by a custom time range20.3.0
AMCSEV-433App Monitoring Cloud ServicesSearch option is not available the first time in Transaction Snapshots and filter options will not display20.3.0
AMCSEV-942App Monitoring Cloud Services

Customization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration




SQL data collectors are not enabled for analytics when saved from new HTML screens




Option to create SQL Data collector from APM snapshot is missing from 4.5.10 Controller version




Cannot collect SQL parameters from Analytics when you use the new HTML screens




Page Name control in Browser Request Business Journey milestone unresponsive




XLM export does not have values in daily reporting.




Cannot remove Business transactions from Transaction Analytics UI




Table widget is missing progress bar and toolbar




Missing widget titles in Analytics Search Visualization




Time series chart won't remove data series which exists in the previous page but disappears in new response


ANLYTCS_ES-3484AnalyticsClient connection pool gets corrupted and cannot recover, requiring Controller restart20.3.9
ANLYTCS_ES-3635AnalyticsRecreation of the client when the connection pool is corrupted20.3.12



Error graph shows correct information for time range greater than four hours




Libagent-based agents reporting version as are unable to register with the Controller




Customer time range selection is incorrect




Unable to filter the transaction snapshots list using the filter option in the UI



Browser RUM

Page Limit Ajax Request Warning documentation link does not work



Mobile RUM

Health rule violation summaries are not rendered when the health rule name contains HTML/XML elements



Mobile RUM

Health rule violation descriptions display incorrect health rule name containing HTML/XML elements



Cluster Monitoring

Metrics are now available when the time range filter is set to 8 days




Cluster Monitoring

Cluster Agent should respect pod limit set by the Controller



Cluster Monitoring

Incoming Cluster Agent requests are directed to the wrong threadpool



Cluster Monitoring

AppDynamics Metric Browser stops responding when cluster monitoring is enabled and a large number of nodes are registered



Cluster Monitoring

Default SIM health rules are being evaluated for clusters and pods leading to incorrect evaluation and health rule violations as depicted in the UI



Cluster Monitoring

Normal pods count is negative


CUSTOMDASH-9325Custom DashboardsCustom widget title is no longer displaying after upgrading to 4.5.1620.3.0


Database Monitoring

None of the DB collectors are reporting after Controller upgrade to 4.5.17


DBMON-6672Database MonitoringRemoved the DBMon Service from the Controller20.3.7
DBMON-6694Database MonitoringUpgrade the mysql-connector-java:8.0.13 library for the DBMon Service to 8.0.20 20.3.7


Health Rules

Event Summary page shows exception when accessed via link from email




Several ID blockers are skipped during the activation of the Controller




Invalid Account: Principal error is displayed when you load the events, post controller upgrade


DIAGPLAT-664EventsUpgrade the H2 database engine library in the Controller20.3.7
DIAGPLAT-667EventsUpgrade the Apache Commons library beanutil:1.8.3 in the Controller to 1.9.420.3.7
DIAGPLAT-681EventsUpgrade the mysql-connector-java library in the Controller to 8.0.2020.3.7
EUMPLAT-811, EUMPLAT-823Controller - EUMUpgrade the library jackson-databind to 2.11.0, and the libraries dropwizard-core and dropwizard-validation to 1.3.23 in the EUM client for the Controller20.3.7
JAVA-7529ControllerUpdate the Java Agent in the Controller to 20.4 20.3.7



New permissions added in a later release are not saved when added to existing roles




Cannot assign roles to the LDAP users when user attribute is updated on LDAP




Read-only user can access admin pages and see some admin entities




Error saving LDAP configuration if nested group attribute is an empty string in DB




User update operation leads to extra references in AuthEntityHelper.CacheRepository



Admin ConsoleOptimize account listing for the Controller Admin Console20.3.5



Email alerts are not generated as the notification configuration for AppDynamics account moves to invalid state


Including SAML config in Account DTO causes performance problems on controllers with many accounts


LDAP sync takes a lot of time in case there are more than 1,000 users with multiple groups assigned

L4A-12508AuthenticationLDAP sync fails while updating user outside of session20.3.7
L4A-12712AuthenticationUpdate the OneLogin SAML version to 2.5.0 in the Controller20.3.7
L4A-13321AuthenticationUnable to set an expiry date for the account license20.3.12

LDAP group sync fails due to deleted groups being included in results




Flowmap view and Detail screen no longer show mismatched data




The accounts to application cache is now consistent with applications cache and database




Server Health Status now shows correctly when the same dashboard is exported and imported




BT liveness data now loads correctly from Blitz




Admins can now enable the HSTS header as a setting




Metric Expression corrected in Custom dashboard




Downgrade metric ID log level to debug to 20.3.0


METADATA-8999MetricsUpgraded the libraries netty to version 4.1.48.Final and lettuce-core to 5.1.8.RELEASE20.3.5
METADATA-9120MetricsUpgrade the libraries apache-tomcat to 9.0.31, dropwizard-validation to 1.3.2, and mysql-connector-java to 8.0.20 for the Controller20.3.7
METADATA-9149MetricsUpgrade the mysql-connector Java library to 8.0.20 in modules of the Controller20.3.7
METADATA-9168MetricsUpgrade the dom4j library to 2.1.3 in the GlassFish application server of the Controller20.3.7
MQS-1032Metric Query ServiceNo data available when the custom time range is less than 30 minutes20.3.0
MQS-1161Metric Query ServiceSplit an insert statement for the Metric Hierarchy Store into smaller partitions20.3.9


Network Visibility

Error message needs to improve when user does not have permission to view Network agents tab




jsessionid no longer appears in URL and server log




Audit Report shows inconsistency when data is displayed in PDF and CSV formats




Unable to save the custom time range using the schedule report calendar fields


REPORTS-754ReportsRemove older unused version of the AppDynamics Node.js Agent from the Reports Service bundle20.3.7


Server Visibility

Server Visibility health rules work correctly with .NET compatible-mode enabled


SERVER-8254Server VisibilityUpgrade the Apache commons-httpclient library used by the Controller to version



Divide by Zero exception creates 500 error in Controller flowmap




Slow application dashboard flowmap



Server Visibility

SIM API not working for .NET agent in compatibility mode



Server Visibility

ID column in SIM table changed from int type to BigInt type



Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Business Transactions Missing Scroll Bar



Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Private Agent license usage for SaaS customers is incorrect




Functionality to set default landing screen is not working


20.2 Resolved and Known Issues

Controller Resolved Issues

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The company admins are unable to disable users.


Agent Resolved Issues

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BRUM-5889wrap() changes the context of Event Listener while calling pushApplyPopFromCausalityChain()20.2.0JavaScript Agent
CDM-5873Fixed a bug in the iOS dSYM upload script that would have caused an error when attempting to set the correct timestamp for the uploaded metadata20.2.0iOS Agent

Known Issues

There were no known issues in the 20.2 release.