This page lists the AppDynamics mobile app enhancements for all releases.

21.9 Release

We up-levelled the AppDynamics App 2.0 to make our mobile app a more awesome experience for you. In this release, we fixed some minor bugs and added the following capability:

  • Deep links are getting smarter. You can now click on the web URL of any APM entity detail page and event screen on the mobile device, and it will open the content on the AppDynamics App.

21.8 Release

The AppDynamics 21.8.0 mobile application is released for General Availability. With our reimagined AppDynamics mobile app you can:

  • Customize home screen to monitor your most important entities and metrics at a glance 

  • View all events across entities and identify correlations through centralized event feed

  • See key monitoring data in detail with entity centric page and navigate between related entities with ease
  • Quickly identify potential root causes with Automated Transaction Diagnostics (ATD) support
  • Get alerted immediately for critical events through push notifications and seamless integration with messaging tools such as PagerDuty, Slack, SMS