If you are currently using the AppDynamics.WindowsAzure NuGet package to monitor your Azure solutions, you must upgrade to one of the newest packages on nuget.org, depending on your platform and the applications that you want to monitor. For a list of packages, see .NET Microservices Agent.

To upgrade your Azure NuGet package:

  1. In Visual Studio or other IDE, uninstall the AppDynamics.WindowsAzure NuGet package.

    For Azure App Service only: After you uninstall the NuGet package, you must delete the AppDynamics folder from the Azure portal and your Visual Studio solution. You may need to stop your application first before deleting this folder. During uninstallation, the webconfig modification that is responsible for filtering user requests against the AppDynamics folder is removed, but this does not remove the AppDynamics folder. You must manually delete this folder. You must also remove the AppDynamics-specific information from apphostconfig.xdt.

  2. Install one of the new NuGet packages.