This page describes how to integrate AppDynamics with the Scalyr module. This integration gives you a single entry point for viewing and analyzing data gathered by AppDynamics and Scalyr. With the Scalyr integration module enabled, you can launch Scalyr searches directly from the AppDynamics Console.

The Scalyr search includes context from the AppDynamics UI session, including the time range and IP or hostname of the node being investigated in the AppDynamics UI.

Enable the Scalyr Integration Module

To enable and configure the Scalyr integration: 

  1. Log in to the Controller UI as an administrator. 
  2. Select Settings > Administration.
  3. Select Integration > Scalyr.

  4. Click the Enabled checkbox. 

  5. For the URL, enter

  6. Click Save. 

Search Scalyr Data from AppDynamics

To launch a Scalyr search, Controller UI users must have:

  • An active browser session in the Scalyr UI.
  • Scalyr credentials.
  • Popups permitted in the browser.

Controller users can search Scalyr logs from the node dashboard, business transaction dashboard, or from segments of a transaction snapshot. The time frame passed to Scalyr varies for each context. 

Node Dashboard Access

  1. Navigate to a node dashboard.
  2. Select Actions > Search Scalyr.  

This passes a search for that node with the timeframe currently selected in the Controller UI.

Business Transaction Dashboard

  1. Select the Transaction Snapshot tab.
  2. Select Actions or right-click a transaction snapshot.
  3. Select Search Scalyr.

This generates a search on the nodes where the transaction occurred within the general time frame of the transaction execution. The time frame spans from 30 minutes before the transaction start time to 30 minutes after.   

Call Drilldown Access

  1. Select a Call in the drilldown view.
  2. Select Actions > Search Scalyr.

This generates a search on the machine on which the snapshot was generated for the time frame of that segment.